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User: Heather M.



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Posted in Female body hair (for girls only) on 2002-11-13 00:35:06

Hi Heather and all who read this (Im a different Heather). Anyway I have dark pubes but just as you, I shave every where except my pubes. It is rather difficult to keep it all inside bikins but if a little shows its ok with me and my boyfriend loves it. HeatherM

Posted in Nudity at Home Poll: Women Only on 2002-11-09 21:20:13

Your so right! Being nude especially around family should be the most natural thing in the world. Only one of my sisters and I are currently nudist in my family. The rest don't understand what their missing. And if you get a thrill from being looked at, then thats just a bonus I suppose. Stay naked!

========== In Reply To ========== Men like a round breast and round hips because that is the mark of our womanhood. And, our round bellys when we are pregnant.

Just as I like men with broad shoulders, strong arms, small bottoms and a fair amount of facical hair.

You are so on the money correct on so many polls girl.

Posted in Wearing skirts and flashing your panties on 2002-11-09 04:50:45

========== In Reply To ========== I am 14 and always wear micro minis. I also go without knickers at all times when not at school. I have a 15 yr old brother and love to sit around when he has friends over. I am tanned,slim,pretty and very sexy.

You go girl!

Posted in in home nudity with family on 2002-11-09 03:10:14

I go like that when I must wear clothes at home.