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Posted in Challenge me! on 2018-09-02 10:04:07

OK so one of the challenges was to post an online truth or dare message section... If Lou doesn't answer the question then she will have to complete the dare - unless I decide that the question is a bit too personal and decide she doesn't have to answer it.

So over to you... :-)

Posted in Challenge me! on 2018-08-20 20:56:10

CHALLENGE - Go clothes shopping blindfolded, whatever you buy is your outfit for the following day. You are not allowed to wear anything that you didn't buy and your fiance can only help with finding your size.

FORFEIT - :"Be blindfolded and pick your clothes online, chose a full outfit - top, bottoms, shoes, jacket if necessary and an accessory / jewellery etc.

Strip naked and lock your wardrobe before opening the parcel once its arrived, you now have no choice but to wear whatever you chose "

CHALLENGE - IYou have a month from when your fiance sets you this challenge to practice usingû your feet and legs to do things you'd normally do with your hands and arms... You'll then spend 48hrs continuously with your arms tied behind your back

FORFEIT - You will have an accident where you break both arms and will be in casts from your fingers to your armpits for 6 weeks

Posted in Challenge me! on 2018-06-17 08:11:05

Challenge One week wearing bikinis and flip flops only - nothing else, no matter where you go, what you do or what the weather does

Forfeit "You choose - either 2 weeks in full chastity, including the belt, bra and thigh bands... Or 1 week in full chastity as above but also the neck collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. Your fiance can restrain you in a different position every night "


Challenge 48hrs naked - if any friends or family call in then you are not to hide from them or cover up

Forfeit Re-shave your head every week for 6 months minimum


Challenge Do this in order - do not skip through, or else go straight to the forfeit.

1) Chose one of the following... Your love of wearing casts, going barefoot or bondage.

2)Now come out to your friends and family that you love whichever you chose. "

Forfeit If you failed to come out to your friends and family, or skipped straight to the forfeit, then whichever option you chose corresponds to your forfeit...

Casts - you will put in a cast of your fiance choice for 6 weeks.

Barefoot - you will go barefoot for as long as he decides, minimum of 2 months

Bondage - you will be restrained in a different position every night for 2 months minimum or as long as your fiance decides. You will also wear the chastity belt, bra and thigh restraints "

Posted in Challenge me! on 2018-06-09 07:48:44

New challenges added... Haven't done any in a while!

Challenge Post an online truth or dare message section for let's say a week. People can post questions that you have to answer or complete the dare.

Forfeit If you refuse to answer the truth then you must complete the dare.

Challenge Every morning when you wake up you will roll a pair of dice. The number it lands on is the number of items of clothing you get for that day. Shoes and socks count as 2 different items. If you roll a double then you will spend the day naked

Forfeit Only allowed to wear a one piece swimsuit for a week

Challenge Your challenge is to challenge your best friend (the one who wore the fake leg cast) to see which one of you can go barefoot for the longest.

Forfeit If you fail to get her to agree to the challenge or if she goes barefoot longer than you do then she gets to choose your punishment... Either you go barefoot for a year, or you go barefoot and wear nothing below mid thigh for 6 months... You can only wear shorts, short dresses or skirts for that time

Challenge Be lead around a shopping mall by your fiance with a dog leash attached to your neck collar. If anyone asks you why you're wearing the leash then you should reply that it's because you spend too much money if left to go shopping alone. You should be attached to a post for tying dogs to somewhere public for at least half an hour while you're finance goes inside

Forfeit When at home you can only eat or drink out of a dog bowl with your hands behind your back for a month

Posted in Challenge me! on 2018-03-13 18:38:45

Hey... Have replied in the giving up control poll