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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-11-06 16:37:20

Well you guys might be interested to hear what has happened between myself and Sophia's son, Jamie, in the last month or so since we last posted on here! Seeing as we go to the same school, I've managed to get him to a secluded part of the school playing fields (behind loads of trees) with some of my girl friends and we've all kicked, punched, kneed and squeezed his balls, and we even tried standing on them once! We often make him take his trousers and boxers off, and then abuse his naked testicles! It's such good fun!

I'm in some lessons with him too, mainly English, Science, R.E, History and Art. We always sit next to each other, and I normally reach over a few times and hit his balls and squeeze them, and sometimes I tease him by putting my hand on his balls and just leaving it there, making him wonder when I'll start squeezing!!

Once in Art, we had to make something which included cutting and sticking some stuff, so me, one of my girl friend Emily, and Jamie were working together at the back of the class, and we were all messing around and I "accidentally" punched him in his balls! He let out a moan and doubled over the desk! Both us girls were laughing! A little while later, Emily said she had an idea and moved onto the other side of Jamie, reached across, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers and then pulled his boxers down a little bit and got his $%!@ out! She then covered his $%!@ with glue and stuck a bit of ribbon around his $%!@! She told him to sit like that for the rest of the lesson, which was only about 20 minutes, and to our surprise, he did! It was so fun looking across and just seeing his $%!@ sticking out of his boxers!

Then a few days later, in Science, we were doing some kind of experiment which meant we had to work in groups of two or three! It was myself, Jamie and another one of my girl friends, Jeanne! While we were doing the experiment, we had to wear those stupid goggle things! Well, I made a joke to Jeanne about needing a pair for Jamie's $%!@, and she went and got a pair, unzipped his trousers and pulled his $%!@ out of his boxers and placed the goggles over his $%!@! But because we had to stand up to do the experiment, we had to take the goggles off his $%!@, which was a shame! It was so funny! At the end of the lesson when we were packing up, I hit Jamie in the balls with the bunsen burner and Jeanne hit his balls with a glass beaker thing! He groaned and froze in pain!

Later that same day, we both had English together with Emily, and we had to read a book. I was sitting opposite Jamie, and I kept pocking him in his balls with my feet, and then I decided to use his balls as a footrest! I kept moving my feet every now and then, and it was great watching him moving around in pain!

Then on Friday we had R.E together, and we always sit on the table at the back of the class. Anyway, we had to work out what some religious quotes meant and who said them or something, but Jamie, Jeanne and another girl friend of mine, Hannah, were sat together messing around! Anyway, every now and then we kept hitting Jamie in the nuts, and at one point I leaned across to talk to Hannah, and I dug my elbow into Jamie's balls and rested my head on my hand! I kept moving my elbow around, and I could feel his balls moving sometimes! He said "Ahhh you're burning my balls" and "Ooooooohhhh my balls, please stoopp". It was good fun!

Hannah then decided to sit up against a wall and use Jamie's nuts as a footrest, and she moved around and put her feet on his balls! She kept moving them around to hurt his balls, and it was really good fun watching!

Yesterday, myself, Jamie, Jeanne and Hannah met up and we went to the beach first of all! It was really cold down there, and my hands got cold, so I called Jamie across and then slipped my hands down his boxers to warm them up! Then the other two girls wanted to try it out, and they all ended up slipping their hands down his boxers, with the occasional squeeze every now and then too!! We then went to the local shopping centre and went into Costa for some coffee! We sat down and were joking around, and I started rubbing Jamie's crotch! Hannah pocked his nuts with her foot a few times, and Jeanne tried to rest her coffee cup on his nuts! I then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his boxers down a little bit and then rested my coffee cup on his naked balls, and "accidentally" spilled a little bit onto them! It wasn't that hot but he still moaned in pain!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-26 18:27:03

Oh we had lots of fun the other night! He couldn't make it home on Friday night because he said his balls were in so much pain, so he ended up staying the night at my house. I had a little play with his privates to try and make him feel better, which seemed to work a bit!

I asked him this morning if his balls still worked, and he said 'just about'. We're really close and as much as I enjoyed hurting his nuts the other night, I don't want to hurt him too much, so I don't know if we'll have another night like that ever again or what.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-25 18:40:41

I am the friend of Sophia's son, and on Friday evening, I had him and four of my girl friends over at my house, and we all had fun with his balls! Sophia, thanks for teaching me about his balls, I taught the rest of my friends and they all found it very fun!

We kicked him, kneed him and punched him many times, and we made him strip naked and then we kicked his naked balls three times each, so 12 kicks in total! We also made him get a boner, and watch hit flap around as we kicked, punched and kneed his naked balls!

We then tried squeezing his balls, and I showed the girls how to squeeze his balls really hard, and get the best results! I dug my finger nails into the balls, which made him cry! I also pulled down on his balls, and almost tried to pull them off!

We then went to the bathroom and we smashed the shower head into his balls a few times, and then crushed his balls in the shower door! I stood in the shower, while my three friends stood on the other side of the shower, they then held his hands behind his back and I shut the doors on his balls! I think we really caused him so pain, but it was such good fun!

We then moved over to the toilet, and rested his balls on the rim of the toilet, then dropped the toilet seat down onto his balls. My friend Amy then stood on the toilet seat with his balls underneath! He was crying a lot, but I knew testicles could take a lot of abuse before popping!

I think his balls still work, maybe I'll try in school tomorrow! ;-)