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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-11-20 17:29:33

Yeah they had lots of fun with Jamie's boy parts in school the other day and yeah when we had History on Friday they sat on our table with us, and they kept hitting Jamie in the nuts with us and playing with his $%!@! They were amused about how hard his $%!@ got from having some girls playing with it and touching it!!

Have you ever hit your brother in the balls when he's naked with a boner?!

I think some of the other people in the class saw us hitting him in the nuts, and saw us get his $%!@ out of his boxers, but I don't think anyone else saw our teacher hit him in the balls! No other teachers have ever hit him in the balls in the lessons, but our young female food tech teacher once had a quick play with his $%!@ after the lesson one day! We had it last lesson of the day, and we'd made a cake! When we were sat down at the tables filling in our sheets about what we'd made that day, me and Jeanne were sat on either side of him, and Jeanne reached down, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his flies and pulled his $%!@ out of his boxers and stroked it for a little bit! Of course, he got hard pretty quickly and there was a little bit of sugar left on the table, which I put on my finger and sprinkled over his $%!@! It was such good fun, and one or two of the other girls saw us with his $%!@ out of his boxers and smiled or laughed! Then our teacher came over at the end of the lesson to collect the sheets of paper, by this stage pretty much everyone else had left, and she said to us "why are you three still here then, you're normally among the first to leave!" and Jeanne and I sort of said "we're having too much fun miss", and as she came over she saw Jamie's rock hard $%!@ sticking out of his boxers and smiled! She then stood behind Jamie, reached down and grabbed his $%!@ and started playing with it! She was stroking it up and down, up and down and rubbing his sensitive head! His eyes were closed and he was moaning with pleasure! She then started playing with his balls as well, and me and Jeanne were laughing our heads off, and our teacher seemed to be enjoyed herself too!! Eventually, Jamie lost his load over the table and us girls all laughed! We then went home, and I said to our teacher quietly afterwards "maybe you'd like to have some more fun with Jamie next lesson" and she said "maybe Lucy, maybe" with a cheeky grin on her face!

Then the next lesson, we had it last lesson of the day again, and we had to do a theory lesson, which meant lots of writing and "planning". We got Jamie's $%!@ out of his boxers pretty quickly though, and we were playing with it and admiring it, and he was rock hard after about five minutes! The teacher noticed and she smiled at us a few times as she walked past! At the end of the lesson, she came over to our table to collect our work, and she was talking to us about our plans for the next lesson, and once everyone had left the class, she once again reached down and grabbed Jamie's $%!@ and started stroking it, up and down up and down! She made him turn around in his chair and face her, and she started playing with his balls too! She said "You've got a nice package here Jamie, I can see why these girls like it so much!", with that Jamie smiled! She then knelt down in front of him and kissed his $%!@ a few times, and commented on how hard it was!

Almost every time we have food tech last lesson of the day she will have a quick game with Jamie's $%!@ and balls, and sometimes she tries when we have the lesson earlier in the day, but it's harder to not be seen!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-11-19 21:59:14

Yes we invited the girls from our History lesson to hang around with us at lunchtime on Thursday, and we went down to the back field behind some trees, and they had fun kicking Jamie in the balls, and we then made him unbuckle his belt and we pulled his trousers and boxers down and they played with his $%!@ and balls! They also kicked his naked balls twice each, which was great as Jamie had a boner at the time, and it flapped up and down as the girls kicked him in the balls!!

Well, one day our History teacher was helping us with the work, and we had Jamie's $%!@ out of his boxers, and of course, he was hard! I hit him in the nuts once in front of her, and she smiled, but tried to hide it! As she was about to get up having explained the work to us, I said to her "do you want to hit Jamie's balls?" while holding his $%!@ in my hand. She smiled and said "I'm not allowed, sorry", but I could tell she wanted to, so I said "go on, you know you want to!" and she did give in, and reached under the table and quickly punched him in the balls! He doubled over the table and groaned in pain, but I still was holding his $%!@ in my hand!

Sounds like you had some fun with the boys at school yesterday then, and it's good to know there are some boys at school who let you hit their balls, even though I doubt they have much choice in the matter! I bet it was fun using Jack's balls as a drum kit, and just smacking them! I'll have to try that with Jamie one day! Were his legs spread right apart too?!

And it sounds like you had lots of fun with your brother and the girls brother today then, and teaching her how to hurt their balls! Did you show her a naked pair of balls and talk her through every inch of them too?!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-11-15 21:20:07

Yeah I might see if we could do that, or I might talk to them and see if they'd want to have a quick game during the lunch break or something! I reckon they'd enjoy themselves nearly as much as me and my friends do!

As for the teachers, well yeah, I reckon some of them, especially the younger female ones, would want to have a quick play with his $%!@ or hit him in the nuts a couple of time! It's funny watching their reactions when they see us hit him there or playing with his $%!@! You can tell they find it amusing!

Well yeah, Jamie's $%!@ is normally hard whenever we pull it out of his boxers, regardless of what we do with it! We got it out during Science today and just admired it for the whole lesson, occasionally we'd reach down and have a quick play, but normally it was just there to admire!

Pleased you have some fun with the boys at school, and pleased some of the girls at school manage to have fun with your brother's balls as well!

Today, as well as getting Jamie's $%!@ out during Science, we also kicked him in the balls a few times at lunch time, and in Art this afternoon myself and Emily kept on hitting him in the balls, or "accidentally" dropping things on them, like glue sticks or scissors! It was good fun!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-11-08 21:11:25

Yeah I reckon the girls in History that time would have wanted to have joined in with us if they could have done, as they were giggling and whispering to each other, and I knew they were talking about what we were doing with Jamie! I reckon our teacher probably did want to have a closer look and/or a quick game! We had History again today, and we again sat on either side of Jamie and kept hitting him in the nuts, but we kept his $%!@ inside his boxers today!

Yeah a few teachers have seen us hitting Jamie in the balls, and some have told us off, while others have just ignored it, and some have even giggled a little bit! I think some of them have seen us take his $%!@ out of his boxers, and I know one of our female teachers who was helping us with some work, obviously knew his $%!@ was out of his boxers before she came over to us, and she kept peeking across at it, rather than looking at him! It was hilarious to watch!

Yeah it sounds fun attaching the clothespins to your brother's privates, and I'm sure you had lots of fun attaching them, as well as looking at him with them on! Wrapping the elastic bands around his $%!@ sounds like good fun as well, as I knew that sort of thing kept him harder for longer, and of course, made his balls easier to get at! I like teasing Jamie in the same way, especially outside of school, so that he gets a boner, and then I'll crush his balls and it's great seeing his boner disappear and him suddenly going from heaven to hell!!

My girl friends and me usually hit Jamie in the balls loads of times, either punching him, kneeing him, kicking him, resting our feet on his balls, hitting him with objects like water bottles, and once we held him by his arms and legs and rammed his balls into a lampost! That was good fun!

When we get his $%!@ out during school, we normally either end up playing with it, which of course means he gets hard, or we'll draw on it with our pens like the other story I told you about, or we'll rest things on it for a joke, or we'll just get it out of his pants and leave it there to admire!

Outside of school, we get up to similar things really, although sometimes we do a little bit more because no one can tell us off! Like when we all shoved our hands down his boxers on the beach, or when I spilled some of my coffee onto his balls! It's just so fun!!

Do you hit any boys in the balls at school, and do any of your girly friends ever come over to your house and have fun with your brothers balls?

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-11-06 19:27:47

Yeah I see Jamie outside of school a fair bit now actually, and I always manage to find a way to play with his balls in some way or another!!

Yeah my girl friends love playing with Jamie's balls too, and they seem to enjoy it as much as I do! Sophia taught me how to hurt a boy's balls, as you know, and I taught some of my girl friends how to hurt his nuts, although some of them already knew from past experiences or from having brothers!

I don't know if anyone else saw us pull Jamie's $%!@ out of his boxers on the occasions I've written about above, but another time when we were in History, myself and Hannah were sat on either side of Jamie and we kept hitting him in his balls a few times throughout the lesson, but at one stage were unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers and pulled his boxers down a little bit and pulled his $%!@ out! We were playing with it, and drawing on it with our pens!! Some of the girls who were sat opposite us saw what we were doing, and they were giggling and smirking! I think the female teacher saw as well, because she walked past us and we saw her looking, but trying not to look, and she had a smirk on her face as if she was trying not to laugh!!

Oh all us girls loved shoving our hands down Jamie's boxers on the beach, and the funny thing is, it actually helped to warm my hands up! I think he enjoyed having a group of girls all wanting to shove their hands down his boxers, although the amount of times we all hit his balls, or pulled his boxers down to get his $%!@ out, he's probably used to it by now!!

It sounds like you manage to have lots and lots of fun with your brother, and his private parts! And it does sound like he is a good brother by offering up his crotch to you whenever you want to have a quick game!

I've read through the other threads, so I know what you and your brother get up to, but are there any stories you've got from more recently, maybe you've done something to his balls which you hadn't done before?! I always try and use my imagination when playing with Jamie's privates!!

One time at school, I had kicked him in the balls so he was laying on the ground, and I pulled him onto his back and the walked over to him and walked over his balls! He was groaning and wiggling around in pain, but it was so fun seeing his reactions when I walked over his balls!!