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Posted in More catfights.....!!! (round 1) on 2005-03-25 10:06:17

Brillant poll! I look forward to taking part in your next one.


Posted in CELEBRITY BREAST SIZE POLL - Category 1 on 2004-02-15 21:59:01

========== In Reply To ========== You make a very good point Fling. Thinking back to the early episodes of Buffy I can see what you are saying.

Many thanks for pointing out my overside with Leslie Bibb. It's all a guessing game as you say and it looks like I made an error there. I think maybe in keeping the choice to three options was perhaps a wrong move. Looking back I should of perhaps gone for my gut instinct and spread it to five options.

A poll came out in January of 2004 for UK breast sizes and now they rate C cup as the national average. Something to do with the food we eat. Just when you think you got it right the goal posts move...

Thankyou for your observations and information Fling. Greatly appreciated.

All the best.


Posted in CELEBRITY BREAST SIZE POLL - Category 2 on 2003-08-06 23:06:16

========== In Reply To ========== I have no idea who is taking part in this poll as to voting on breast size but many of them either do not know anything about the actresses, breast size, or just are prejudice for some reason.

Anyone who has seen Julia Ormand in any screen appearance - and has any concept of breast size - would know that, at the very least, wears a C cup and possibly a D. And even though Demi Moore has had numerous breast surgeries, there is no way her breasts would fit in a C cup.

Charlize Theron is one of my favorite new actresses - she is very beautiful. But her breasts are certainly not her best feature.

Many of the voters seem to have Ashley Judd (another one of my favorite actresses) and Gwenyth Paltrow catergorized correctly. Perhaps there are many men who don't know how to estimate breast size.

Some great observations and you could well be right. I know for certain that I am no great judge of breast sizes but you are certainly right about Julia Ormand. I remember watching her in a film she was in, it was about an 18th century actress that was taking part in a epic play. In the film it showed her nude and she was definitly a C or D. She was really good in the film as well and the nudity was just incidental to the plot.

With Demi Moore I got no idea now how she shapes up. I read she got them boosted to a C years ago but the Hollywood gossip columns now talk about an op she had to reduce them again.

As with most voting polls. There is bound to be a certain amount of prejudice though how much I guess we will never know.


Posted in CELEBRITY BREAST SIZE POLL - Category 2 on 2003-08-06 22:54:26

========== In Reply To ========== There are some voters that are rediculous - There is no reason that Heidi Klum should have such a high percentage of B voters - that is absurd. I think it is also interesting to see that only 14% of people prefer D cups, yet the two girls with the nicest voted breasts are the two largest breasted people (according to what people believed in their voting).

A very interesting point and having checked the poll every once in a while over the last few weeks I agree with what you say. It's kinda strange. Maybe there is some kinda difference between what people prefer in their real life partners and what they actually prefer in their celebrities.


Posted in CELEBRITY BREAST SIZE POLL - Category 1 on 2003-03-28 15:40:51

This poll came about from reading an article in a paper and I thought it would be interesting to get people's assessment of a whole range of celebs.

Below is the article from the British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star, issued on the 06 MAR 2003. It reads:

BABES with C-cup boobs are the breast of the bunch for fellas.

Sexpots such as Jennifer Lopez, Liv Tyler and Claudia Schieffer are the perfect size, blokes reckon.

They left bustier beauties like E-cup Kelly Brook and less curvy beauties like B-cup Naomi Campbell roundly beaten in a men’s mag poll.

Girls with C-cup assets such as Friends start Courteney Cox, Tomb Raider heroine Angelina Jolie and Mr Deeds babe Winona Ryder won the support of 51 per cent of fellas.

And the magazine declared: “Yes, it’s official. Huge hooters are a liability…the C-cup is Britain’s favourite”. Second favourite in the survey for men’s monthly Front were D-cups, with 22 per cent of the votes. They include sex sirens like former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra and Page 3 legend Sam Fox.

Sixteen per cent of men preferred a much less rounded B size.

That will come as good news to catwalk queen Naomi Campbell, tennis smasher Anna Kournikova and screen lovelies Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Michelle Pfeiffer.

It will also cheer up millions of ordinary British lasses as the 34B is the UK’s most common bra size.

Amazingly, a mere eight per cent of fellas plumped for E-cups such as Daily Star discovery Kelly Brook, now forging a screen career in Hollywood.