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It's odd as well. The first 3 men I dated, I treated them as equals but it never got serious between us. Then I asked a friend and she said I needed to get my boobs out and put my purse away. Didn't seem natural but it worked

Posted in Halloween 2016 (women) on 2016-10-11 16:14:38

Sexy Topless, microskirt no knickers, full face plastic mask - take it on and off; Topless, microskirt no knickers, full face plastic mask - take it on and off; Naked in heels and mask; show lots of everything, but a bit hard to recognise as a full-face mask usually

Posted in Office workwear for women on 2016-09-11 14:20:20

Absolutely, it's ridiculous that men who can't control themselves blame women for looking good. One day last week, after men had been complaining, I decided to dress down in the morning so they could see how miserable it/they made me. Loose top, no cleavage, loose skirt, flat shoes. Then at lunch I changed into my usual and let them see how it transformed me. Tight blouse, medium cleavage, very tight slightly low-slung skirt with 6 inch heels.

Posted in Friendly affection on 2016-09-05 06:07:50

I'm same roughly. A close friend is a close friend. I love to sign xxx xxx and snuggle really close with any close friend. Hug either big or huge - I prefer the latter but one or two of my male friends don;t like me vigorously bouncing my breasts into them and don't want hip contact - the others do. Walking - arm around waist/bottom. Sitting - close or in lap.

Posted in Compulsory high heels on 2016-08-05 21:03:14

6 inch for me almost always - though no requirement. A lot of parties I attend do require heels - some say 4 inches and some say an amazing 6 inches