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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-15 21:24:01

Well Man Woman, I'm very pleased you've finally been able to do that to your brother's willy, and I'm pleased you had lots of fun doing it! Do you think you'll do it again?

When my son got him from school this afternoon, I had a friend around, and I made him strip naked in front of her, and we each had a little play with his willy and balls! I let my friend slip the ring around my son's willy, which she found very fun, and I let her grab his balls and lead him around the house, which she also found very fun! I then held my son's arms behind his back, as she used his balls as a punching bag (with the odd occasional squeeze too!) it was good fun!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-14 21:26:05

Woah, it sounds like your sisters and your mum have lots of fun with your balls! Does your little sister never hit your balls or anything? Have your mum and sister ever hit your balls together, as punishment maybe?

I quite often make my son get naked, and then I slip a ring around his willy, which keeps it hard for longer, which makes it easier to squeeze his balls! I do this a lot! But I do sometimes reach my hand down his pants, especially when he is wearing loose fitting trousers or shorts!

I quite often squish my son's balls! I'll just move them around in my hand and give them a little squeeze, or dig my finger nails into them, and it's great fun to feel them squish!! Once I stomped on his balls, he just had his boxers on, and I was barefoot, and I felt his balls squish into the floor, I thought I'd popped them, but they live on, and have been kicked, punched, kneed and squeezed lots of times since!

Do you have anymore stories about your sisters and mom hitting your balls? Does anyone else hit your balls? Cousin maybe?

Mad Woman, pleased you had some fun with your brother's bits after school yesterday, and pleased you managed to have some fun with his hard willy! Did you take some photos of his school tie on his willy?!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-12 18:56:37

Wow it sounds like you've had lots of fun with the boys at your school then! Did he like having his willy yanked? As long as you rewarded him afterwards or something?! Hmmm!! I like the way you had your hand on his nuts and occasionally squeezed them! That sounds really good fun! It's always good when your really good friends allow you to do something like that! Do you regularly get to play with his bits? As long as you don't lose the love you've got for your brother's bits!!

I think I might well do something like that to my son yeah! I know most of the comments on that question were telling him not to do it, but I think it would have been a great idea, and I'm sure it was the best way for his sister to relieve some of her stress! I certainly love hurting my son's bits!!

My son is sat on the sofa next to me this evening, and he's completely naked and he's got the ring on around his willy! His willy is as stiff as I think it's possible for a boy's willy to be! I keep teasing him, as well as hurting his balls every now and then! I just love it! I've taken some photos which I'll send over to you tomorrow!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-12 18:08:41

Yeah I expect it could be quite painful for a boy to get his willy trapped in the zipper on his trousers! Would be funny to watch though! Try it and then you'll find out!

Sounds like you had lots of fun aiming for your brother's and cousin's balls over the weekend then! Did you girl cousin enjoy it as much as you?!

Wow sounds like you've had some fun with the boys at your school then! The putting the money on his crotch and then making the girls try and get it sounds like so much fun, and I hope enjoyed being able to yank on his willy too!! Is there anything else you've done with the boys at school?!

That question is so cool! It sounds like a great thing for the girls to do to their brothers when they are stressed! Just pay them to do everything to their balls and you'll feel so much better! Would you ever do anything like that to your brother?

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-11 18:18:21

No I didn't manage to on Friday night as my son had football practise at school for their game on Monday night. I haven't had chance this weekend either as we've been busy with other family!

Hmmm, sounds like you had lots of fun trying to trap your brothers willy in his trousers a few years ago then! As I said, I think you should try it again, as you've got more experience now, and his willy will be bigger, which will make it easier to trap!!

Yes it sounds like you had lots of fun with your cousins today then! What did you and your female cousin do to them today? I hope you had lots of fun, and I hope you managed to see inside their pants as well?!

Do you ever hit some of your male friends at school in the balls? When I was at school, there was a boy who I was friends with, and my and one of my girly friends persuaded him to come into the toilets with us one day, and we pulled his trousers and boxers down and played with his willy and his balls, and also had a go at hurting them, which was really really good fun!