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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2017-04-07 15:42:44

Hi Mackenzie, great to hear from you! Sorry it's been a while since you posted, I haven't checked this poll for ages! I'd love to hear some more stories from you and your brother though! How old are the two of you, and what else have you and your friends done to your brother's willy and balls?!

Recently I have had my son sit next to me on the sofa, naked, and I knelt down in front of him, grabbed his balls and squeezed as hard as I could, and pulled them apart from each other, and tried to pull them off! It was such good fun hearing him screaming and groaning in pain! I also once lit a match and held it under his ballsack, and he was moaning about the pain, and he thought I was going to burn his nutsack, bless him!

I often make my son get naked when he's at home, and if he sits next to me on the sofa, I like him to have a boner! I put the ring around his willy and that keeps him hard! It's such good fun!

Look forward to hearing more from you soon :-)

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-25 18:28:37

Lol you would love to have me as your mother! I can confirm that my son's nutsack is most likely constantly sore, but I find it so amusing it doesn't matter!!

Sounds like your girlfriend has lots of fun with your balls as well then! Your balls must be sore all the time, seeing as your mum, girlfriend and two sisters whack them around so much!

I think girls will hit a boys' genitals if they can see them, and if they can't! When I was young, I used to hit boys in the nuts all the time whatever they were wearing. I'd hit them with their school trousers on, shorts, jeans, trackie trousers, boxers, or when they were naked. Growing up with two brothers, I got to hit their naked balls a lot! I find it fun to hit a boy in the balls when he has trousers of some sort on, because it adds to the fun that you can hurt him without even seeing the target!!

I hit my son in the balls all the time, regardless of whether he has clothes on or not! I have hit his naked balls several times in the past, and it's just so fun! As I've said to Mad Woman, I shave his pubes off regularly to keep him clean and shiny down there, so it's easier to squeeze his naked balls every now and then!

My son went to his friends house on Friday evening and she had three or four of her friends over as well, and they all had fun with his balls and willy apparently!

SavannaCabana, has anyone else ever hit your balls, or played with them? Friends, aunt, cousin?

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-23 17:35:14

Hmm yeah sounds like your little sister has had lots of fun exploring your balls, and playing with your boner!!

Mad Woman, sounds like you had fun playing with your brother's bits a few years ago first thing in the morning!!

Yes my son has gone over to the girls' house after school today, because her parents are out all evening for their anniversary or something, and she's invited some of her friends over to have some fun with his bits! I don't know exactly what she's got planned, but I'm sure I'll find out before long!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-18 18:48:26

Yes I had such good fun today, and I know this girl will experiment with my son's balls a little bit more, because she told me she knew a lot more about them now, and she still wants to find out a bit more! I'm sure she will tell all her girly friends in school tomorrow, and no doubt they will want to at least see my son's bits, and probably have a little play with them too! I'm proud!

Oh it's funny watching a hard willy flap around like that!!

I'd heard about squeezing a boys' willy really hard and he'll $%!@, but I didn't know it was true before today! I think you have to squeeze really really hard to make it happen, but it's such good fun when it does happen!

Oooohhh, sounds like you had fun with your brother the other day in the shower then! I bet you liked seeing him fall to the floor just because you were pinching his nuts! It's good fun though!! If you pinch one of his balls dead on, it's not just really painful for him, but it can sometimes pop his nuts!

Sounds like you had lots of fun with your brother this morning, and a good way to wake him up, especially if he just sleeps in his boxers!

Have you ever played with something called Icy Hot or Bengay? I had some Icy Hot in the cupboard, this was a while ago, and I made my son get naked, laid him down on his bed and tied his arms and legs to the bed. I then rubbed the Icy Hot all over his balls, and all the way along his hard willy! It was really good fun (and good fun feeling his privates), and it was funny because when the pain kicked in, he couldn't do anything because his hands were tied above his head! Great fun!

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2016-09-18 15:18:30

Wow, it sounds like you had a lot of fun yesterday with your brother and little cousins then! And I bet they had a lot of fun learning about a boys' private parts!

It's funny how sensitive their balls are though, and even a 2 year old can bring them down to their knees with their balls in their hands!

I've had a lot of fun today! I knew my son was friends with a girl at school, so I told him to bring her over, so he arranged it all with her on Facebook, and, let's just say, I taught her a thing or two! I made my son get completely naked, and then I walked her through his private parts. I picked his willy up in my hand, which was soft at the time, and said "This is his willy. He pees through the tip here, and it's also where he $%!@ from". I then picked up his balls and said "These are his balls, there hold the $%!@. If you hit them, even lightly, it really really hurts boys, but is really good fun for us girls".

I then asked her if she wanted to experiment with my son's willy and balls. She smiled and said "Yes please" in an excited voice. I got my son's willy ring out of the draw and showed it to her. I told her that if you put it around his willy, and push it down to the base, it keeps him hard and pushes his balls down. I let her put the ring over his willy, which she found very good fun! She then took his balls in her hand and started squeezing. My son was moaning in pain, and she started moving his balls around in her hand, and twisting his balls around!

She then started pocking around at his balls, and watching how they flapped around when you touch them. By this stage, his willy was rock hard! I then said I'd show her how to kick his balls.

I made my son spread his legs, and I showed her how to get a good kick, right into his balls. It was good fun to watch, especially as my son's naked willy and balls flapped around all over the place! I then told the girl to have a girl to have a go kicking his balls. She had a hard kick, and really hit his balls hard! It was good fun!

She then asked what would happen if she squeezed his willy. I told her that I'd heard, if you squeeze it hard enough, you'll make him $%!@. Her eyes lit up, and she looked at me with a dirty grin, and asked if we could try it out! I said "sure", and he got my son to stand up, with his legs spread, and I grabbed his willy. I then started squeezing as hard as I could, but nothing happened. The girl then grabbed his willy, a little rougher than I had, and started squeezing really hard, and after a little while, some $%!@ did emerge from the tip of his willy! We were both laughing, but my son was crying!!

I then wanted to show her what it was like to pinch a boys' balls. Again, we made my son stand in front of us with his legs spread. I then wrapped my fingers around his balls, just by the base where they join his body, just underneath his willy. Then, with my thumb and index finger, I pinched down on his right ball. He howled in pain and started crying and saying it was "so painful". I then let the girl try it out, and she too had a good pinch, and really pinched down hard on his balls! She found it lots of fun too!

It was really, really good fun teaching this girl, who is a similar age to my son, how sensitive a boy's balls are, and showing her different techniques to hurt them! I'm sure she'll continue practising on my son in the coming weeks and months! I told her she should come over more often to hurt them, as I do it all the time!