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Posted in White women and interracial relationships on 2002-02-14 06:34:02

But I Thought...

Phil, all you've done is started another poll to play schitzo-posable-troll games again....

--"Now let me ask you this. Wouldn't it make sense for black men to date white women if they were indoctunated with white culture despite the racial differences?"--

But then you say....

--" Black women are not attractive by this I mean most. Also most black women are not feminine at all this is a major issue for black males to deal with because sexual attraction to a female depends a lot on how you really feel towards a person. When I was young and just getting interested in girls I could not help but notice that most women are slender and have a different mentality. I think for many black boys because they are looking for a mate who they are aroused by and is lady like white women seem to be perceived as a trophy or they are dating them because of skin color. Personally I believe that sexuality is innate the media can influence your mind to a degree but most black women really are not pretty. White women are promoted so much because they cause a strong response from men. Not to many men are attracted to black women. Most interracial unions for that reason involving black people are black men with non black women. The only time I ever see a white man with a black woman is when she is a model."--

But in other post you promote the idea that Black guys are the biggest takers of sloppy fat White women???? What gives? Why not just accept your screwed up mentality, take it off line, and feed your fetish for white rejected women to your hearts content? Why make it into a public campaign?

Posted in School Uniforms -Guys on 2001-08-28 21:41:34

I think school uniforms are fine. How ever you didn't mention anything about underwear. I hope it's just an over site on your part, and it is permitted. I can't beleave your not permitted to waer underwear!!!!