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Posted in Halloween 2016 (women) on 2016-11-24 16:20:05

It was hilarious. That awful smell was so amusing. Normally we have to try to be so feminine and attractive and this is the one night to be stupid. The whole venue had been covered in a mixture of foul sprays! Allegria it was hilarious that you covered your costume with Liquid $%!@ spray! Then my bf and I both covered our bedsheet ghost costumes in a musty dead smell. And then there was that horse! The theme was clearly a mixture of scary and disgusting, which is perfect for Halloween!

Posted in Masked parties pt 2 (for women) on 2016-11-03 12:59:54

For me, it's more about glamour and I'm certainly more of a flash and cover merchant!

Posted in Halloween 2016 (women) on 2016-10-11 16:10:32

Scary An old man! An old man! Ghost

"So not revealing and totally unrecognisable - but I do tell my partner and close friends in advance and they do the same" - true for me too

Posted in Office workwear for women on 2016-09-11 14:08:45

Agree, a loose skirt looks weird. Most women where I work wear tight skirts - it is pretty but also smart. Just enough of an emphasis on the bottom, especially helped by heels! Sometimes we show some flesh too, normal where we are, but that's for other polls. My skirt is usually really tight to increase my wiggle and flaunt my curves

Posted in Friendly affection on 2016-09-05 06:04:01

I agree - I love affection and what matters is how it feels - is it sweet and caring or is it sexual? When I walk with my brother, he almost always puts his arm around my waist and caresses me, including a bit on the bottom. I just put my hand on his bottom and pat him softly. It's a brother sister thing. I have a couple of close male friends and they hold my waist too - one asked me not to pat his bottom, which I thought a bit of an odd request. But he explained and reassured me he was a real friend, so we now just hold waists.