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Hi Louise thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm not shy about exposing myself whilst $%!@ing after all it's a natural bodily function. My girl friends all like watching me pee and I sometimes just whip out my $%!@ and pee right in front of them whilst we are in conversation. It's super fun

Hi, it's not uncommon for me and my friend to pee together out in the streets especially when we have been out and done a little drinking. We pee side by side spraying up a wall in town or if I an really desperate I'll just unzip and pee right there as I'm walking.

Posted in Going barefoot at school on 2021-09-08 04:16:08

Vicki, I think you should go for it and see how long you can go into winter without needing shoes it helps if you are barefoot throughout autumn and get your feet used to the colder temperatures. I'm in the UK and my last two years were sixth-form and the uniform rules were relaxed and we could wear what we wanted so since I preferred to be barefoot anyway out of school I decided I'd be barefoot full time.

Posted in Going barefoot at school on 2021-08-30 22:48:06

Vicki that's really cool I think you should spend your entire last year going to school barefoot even in the winter months. I spent my entire last two years going to school barefoot and I enjoyed every minute of it .

Posted in Chastity Devices on 2021-08-24 05:31:17

Sounds amazing and I bet your chastity cages are super comfortable for long term wearing