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Posted in LED ZEPPELIN vs METALLICA on 2002-08-04 18:49:25

========== In Reply To ========== metallica is simply the best band over: now let's review every stage: first overall: of course METALLICA now for the guitarist i have no doubt that jimmy page is better than kirk hammet. but for the vochals for god sakes robert plant's voice sucks, and james hetfield has simply the best voice. anyway good poll

$%!@ that Metallica doesn't stand a chance against Zeppelin. I don't even care if you have an opinion, you don't have one unless you can back it up. Think about how much Zeppelin accomplished for being around for such a short time. John Bonham is easily the best drummer of all time, my backup is Moby $%!@, it is simply the most amazing drum solo I have ever heard. The reason I believe that Zeppelin is better than Metallica is because they play all sorts of different music from Blues, folk, heavy metal, and soft rock. Metallica just gets up there and plays as loud and as fast as they can. One more thing Robert Plant's voice definetly doesn't suck it is the most moving voice I have ever heard.

Posted in BEST OF LED ZEPPELIN on 2002-08-04 18:41:49

========== In Reply To ========== You sure left out a lot of songs.

I'd probably pick "That's the Way" as my favorite, but "Your Time is Gonna Come" would be a close second, followed by "What Is and What Should Never Be", "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?", and "The Crunge".

I think you meant "their" rather than "there" too. Don't skip school .

I agree you did leave out a lot of great songs. My favorite Zeppelin song would have to be Bring it on Home.