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Posted in does anyone else still have to wear short trousers? on 2021-10-23 07:44:12

I was hoping that my mom would allow me this year to wear long jeans at least for the winter, instead she forces me to wear shorts at mid-thigh. I don't have long pants. I had kept two pairs hidden but my mom found them and she hid them from me so I can't find them anymore. She has already told me that I will always have to wear shorts until at least the age of 15, regardless of the season. After that maybe I'll be able to wear long pants. In my class and among my friends, I am not the only one who wears shorts to mid-thigh, but I am certainly the only one who continues to wear them even in winter. In this way, winter is torture for me. I am well covered with a jacket and cap on my head, but my legs remain completely bare. I am often embarrassed and I understand that dressed like this I am not treated like other boys, I am more easily punished for anything and I always have to do the most boring tasks to the great satisfaction of my sisters, my friends and even the other boys.

Posted in Bare feet on 2019-04-13 13:18:42

Yes, I as a boy must always be barefoot at home and also in the garden as in the surroundings. In the summer I have to be barefoot everywhere

Posted in Boys forced to go barefoot during the summer on 2018-08-30 08:49:16

Royston: I don't get whipped on the feet but only on the butt and thighs, but being barefoot to my sisters likes to take me to walk in the mountains along the stony and unpaved roads. They wears sneakers or even trekking shoes along with their friends and I barefoot, barefoot. Among other things, they have fun when, after several kilometers, my feet bleed and I have to slow down the walk. So they stop to have a snack and make fun of me because I'm slow and because I don't have the sack of snack with me. So they throw me the leftovers of their snacks as if I were a dog. After we continue the march and for me it is a constant suffering until the end. Besides, at home I get a punishment for slowing down the march. Difficult life for us boys, even if my friends really are not treated badly as I am.

Posted in boys in the nude on 2018-08-30 08:21:57

I'm not always naked, but in summer I usually wear only a pair of briefs. I have to give the briefs to my mother or sisters when they want it and they want me to be naked everywhere, especially when we go on vacation to the beach. At home they keep me naked for punishment or to show me to the friends of my sisters who enjoys when I am forced to take off my panties. I would not be embarrassed to stay naked in front of the girls, but the problem is that being naked I am more prone to jokes to giggles and also to spanking and whipping. In short, besides being naked, all the faults fall on me. Everyone says that it is normal for a boy of my age to be naked and that I should always be naked at least until the hairs grow on my $%!@. After that it is enough to wear the briefs at least until the age of majority.

Posted in boys in the nude on 2018-07-05 13:28:42

Ross 19: How did other people behave with you, seeing you completely naked on the beach and on the street? you were beaten only by your mother or were you beaten by others? How did adults behave and what did they say about your condition? And how did the girls behave towards you? And what did the other boys say? What did your sisters do to you?