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Posted in Would you go barefoot? on 2022-02-18 06:40:04

I am always barefoot in the summer when I go on vacation. Most of the kids at the campsite where I go with my family are barefoot. At home I remain barefoot even in winter, but I rarely go out barefoot in winter except for short journeys or when I have to remain barefoot as a punishment then, in order not to always remain locked in the house, sometimes just to go out barefoot. I am very sporty, I practice swimming and basketball, as well as going for a run to train.

Posted in School Swimwear on 2021-11-20 09:04:54

yes, of course you get used to it, after all you continue to swim naked amidst the laughs and winks of the girls. I wish I could ask another boy to go to my place. I would definitely find someone, but this has to be chosen by the girls. I have no escape, as long as the girls find someone else they prefer to me. Girls wear one-piece swimsuit.

Posted in School Swimwear on 2021-11-07 13:04:07

Yes for me it is not very funny, but by now I'm used to it. The female gym teacher pretends not to see and I don't feel like stressing it too much because the girls would definitely say that I take my briefs off of my own accord so I would risk punishment.

Posted in School Swimwear on 2021-10-24 06:24:04

When we go to the swimming pool with the school, I show up with briefs like the other kids. Unfortunately I was chosen by the teacher to collaborate with the girls who force me to be naked. If I don't take them off on my own initiative, they tear them off me by making continuous assaults in the water until they tear them off and make them unusable for later. So I can safely say that during the pool hours I am completely naked for most of the time.

Posted in does anyone else still have to wear short trousers? on 2021-10-23 07:44:12

I was hoping that my mom would allow me this year to wear long jeans at least for the winter, instead she forces me to wear shorts at mid-thigh. I don't have long pants. I had kept two pairs hidden but my mom found them and she hid them from me so I can't find them anymore. She has already told me that I will always have to wear shorts until at least the age of 15, regardless of the season. After that maybe I'll be able to wear long pants. In my class and among my friends, I am not the only one who wears shorts to mid-thigh, but I am certainly the only one who continues to wear them even in winter. In this way, winter is torture for me. I am well covered with a jacket and cap on my head, but my legs remain completely bare. I am often embarrassed and I understand that dressed like this I am not treated like other boys, I am more easily punished for anything and I always have to do the most boring tasks to the great satisfaction of my sisters, my friends and even the other boys.