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Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-09-14 05:11:23

It just always has..but right now..I wish it weren't. I got spanked earlier and it's still stinging. :( Oh well,I'll get over it. But neways.. I have no clue.

========== In Reply To ========== Just a general question: Why is spanking an accepted form of punishment when punching your child in the face is not. Both involve inflicting pain upon another human being (which in my opinion is never excusable) and both involve the mental torture of a mentally underdeveloped person (which is worse than the pain).

If anyone can answer this intellegently I'd like to hear their response and create an open dialouge.

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-09-09 23:25:38

========== In Reply To ========== ========== In Reply To ==. Only instead of a hairbrush, my mom would spank me with a lexan paddle with holes in it.


What's your mom's paddle like: length, width, thickness? Easier or worse than other things you get spanked with?

Length:18in Width:heck if i know Thickness:i forget Better or worse:better I can't tell ya much. I try to stay away from that thing.. so i don't pay attention.

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-09-06 01:51:36

I gotta agree with Petra..

Mit wärme Grüssen, Ein hochschule Lehrer


With greeting warms, University a teacher

That makes no sense.

I do know German,thank you very much! Believe it or not,I pay attention in class to a * real * German Teacher!

========== In Reply To ========== A friend who reads this web site suggested I post this note. I'm 32, a parent, and teach Latin & German in a small private middle school/high school. Any new teacher, regardless of age or experience, gets a mentor teacher for the first two years, and I am mentoring a new 26-year-old math teacher, married and with a boy of his own. We both use corporal punishment at home on a very limitted basis.

With parental approval, corporal punishment is a last resort in our school, short of expulsion. Teachers willing to do it themselves are provided paddles made some years ago as a shop class project: 3/8" oak, 20" long, 3 1/2" wide, with three rows of holes drilled in them and beveled on one side, all carefully sanded and varnished. I don't think there's more than one or two paddlings a year, but these paddles are very effective!! A senior boy got it about a month ago, last period, and we've slightly joked about the guy going to basketball practice with his behind still burning!! At least the principal *did* tell the coach, so the boy would not get a hard time from the coach in practice. One day I discussed school corporal punishment with he teacher I'm mentoring, and I half-heartedly joked to him that if either of *us* ever needed it, we could go to the other to get it. Little did I think he'd take me seriously! But several days ago he asked me to come to his room after the janitor had locked the building and left for the day, and when I got there, his paddle was on his desk. He told me he had wronged a girl that day, apologized to the her and called her parents to apolize to them as well, and his apologies were all accepted in Christian love. While he had not paddled her, he thought he deserved a hard teen-ager's paddling for what he'd done, and would I please give it to him! I finally agreed. He locked his door, and we moved to a corner where you could not see from the hallway, and he told me, "Take charge." We prayed briefly, not only for the girl and her parents but also for him. Then I made him take off his tie and shirt, pull his T-shirt up far enough to pull one arm out of the sleeve, so his T-shirt would hang on his shoulder, then take off his troussers and pull down the back of his underwear, and when he was ready I grabbed him by his left arm and paddled him as hard as I could! After about 10 licks he burst out in a mixture of yelling and crying, but I gave him 25 good ones, by which point he was feeling enough pain and anguish that I decided it had been effective.

I made him stand there for five minues without rubbing his behind, during which he gradually calmed down while it continued to "burn." We prayed again, and afterward he thanked me profusely and has continued to thank me yesterday and the day prior. Apparently it was very therapeutic for him.

Might I ask if anyone else here has had such an experience? Was it as useful? I'd be interested in thoughtful comments from either young people or adults about this experience and will read this web site for the next several days to read your comments. Thank you. Mit wärme Grüssen, Ein hochschule Lehrer
Posted in Bedwetting : Did you do it? on 2002-09-06 00:18:24

wow..everyone's so0o0o talkitive about this subject!


[oh btw..that's called sarcasm for the slow ones]


Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-09-04 03:23:25

Well Jen, I hope you've learned you're lesson. I would have gotten the same thing. Only instead of a hairbrush, my mom would spank me with a lexan paddle with holes in it. You deserved it.

========== In Reply To ========== I am a 17 years old and yesterday i cussed in front of one of my teachers at school! I go to a private christian school, and i got paddled 10 times by the principal, who sent a note home too!! When i got home my mom washed my mouth out with soap and then paddled my bare bottom with her stupid hairbrush!! I feel i am way too old for spankings but my mom won't change!! I have been paddled 5 times this year already!! I also feel that i am too old to get my mouth washed out, but my mom does it to me all the time!! I am not treated like a 17 year old!! This really sucks!! What do you think!!