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Posted in How You Cry on 2016-05-06 04:26:51

As I have said many times before I was born in the United States to a black mother and lived my first 5-6 years in that country, before my previously absent European father spirited me off abroad to be raised by him and my stepmother instead of my abusive and unstable mother. Though my life with my father and stepmother was very good, I sobbed myself to sleep every night for years, wishing to be back HOME in the US with my maternal grandmother who had adored and cared for me during my earliest years, never failing to stick up for me, when my mother beat and berate me. I sobbed for the only life I had ever known from birth night after night while initially my father or stepmother sat on my bed trying to comfort me. Finally they began giving me medicine to shut me up. For the sake of my own sanity I shut off my emotions at a very young age and was prone to temper tantrums, because I could not and would not accept how my whole world had been ripped from me so suddenly. As I got older I still cried, but softly so I would not be heard,because I didn't want attention or comfort. Nowadays I hardly ever cry unless my past comes back to haunt me in the middle of the night.

Posted in What kind of President is Obama? on 2016-05-05 03:09:15

First of all I am an American in the strictest sense of meaning, because I am a US citizen by both jus soli and jus sanguis. I am not however the typical American sheep. Because though I was born in the United States to an American mother, I spent only my first 5-6 years of life in the country before being taken abroad by my non-American father,who I have another citizenship through, to be raised European. I have another feature that gives me better insight into Obama is viewed and why that is unfair, because I also am a mulat, except my mother is Black and father is White. I view President Obama in the following way....

He is caught between a rock and a hard place due to his mixed racial background and torn between White and Black America, expected to work some sort of miracle for both sides. Let's look at his origins to explain his mindset and predicament. He was born to parents who though married never lived together and his mother took him out of state from Hawaii to Washington when he was barely 3 weeks old, never to see his father again with the exception of a single visit when he was 10. His upbringing was left primarily to his White Anglo-Saxon Protestant maternal grandparents who raised him as a White child with private schooling and many advantages. As a privileged child he later went on to a very good university where he first began to explore his Black side with little success before going on to enjoy excellent career success such as is expected of White men. The closest he has ever come to being Black is marrying a Black woman and still this is not enough to make him anything besides a White man in a brown skinned body with a strange seemingly Muslim name. He is incapable of fixing the issues that plague Black America,such as rampant crime, illegitimacy, and unemployment because he has no clue about how what it means to be Black. Yet he is expected to work a miracle. On the other hand when he does something to supposedly "help" Blacks he is labelled a racist by Whites, who believe he should be helping to restore and retain the wealth of Whites instead of bailing out a spoiled minority. He can't win no matter what he does to appease. His every action is criticized from a racially charged viewpoint. It makes no sense how color obsessed Americans are! President is doing the best he knows how to do.

Posted in Stereotypes of the USA on 2016-05-05 02:37:15

I speak as someone who was born in the United States to an American mother(black) and spent the first several years of life there before being taken abroad for the rest of my childhood only returning many years later as a young adult to visit. That visit was a short one and I couldn't be paid enough to reside in the United States ever again frankly although I retain the dual citizenship there. My father and stepmother were Europeans and gave me a European upbringing in the EU and also for some time "down under" in New Zealand. Totally different world! The countries were so much cleaner, healthier,and safer! No Frankenfood, much less violent crime,quality and affordable healthcare, excellent public school systems, friendly people of all hues, ultra modern cities, and breathtakingly beautiful countrysides, etc....I could go on and on about how nice life is outside of the United States. Returning there after so long away was a HUGE reverse culture shock and terrible letdown. It didn't matter if the people I encounter the States were Arab, Asian,Black,Brown,Green, White, or Yellow. It didn't matter where I travelled. The whole place was just horrid! Trash everywhere, obese and rude people who you couldn't trust take your eyes off of a moment, disgusting food, and all around soul killing. When I met with my mother there for the first time in many many years the FIRST THING I told her was that she should SERIOUSLY consider EXPATRIATING!!! So many Americans are threatening to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected as next US president and I think that's an absolutely brilliant idea! Hopefully the Americans don't take their degenerated culture along with them when they expatriate though.

Posted in Parental Rules on Teen Dating on 2016-05-04 02:47:20

For me specifically I absolutely could NOT date any American Black boys,although that was not a racist but rather a logical restriction. I was born in the United States to a Black mother and raised there for the first years of my life, but my father&stepmother are both White Europeans who took me abroad as a small child away from that environment. Nothing against Blacks in general, but was reasoned, if my mother as a 100% Black American woman didn't think the men were worth dating&having children with, why would I as only 50% Black American think that was a good idea,especially when those particular males have a reputation to be dangerous and lazy?

Aside from that special restriction the general rules were...

  1. Dating begins at age 13-14 and parent must accompany the first date.

  2. If you are a girl then your date must come to the door to pick you up and bring you back to the door after the date. If you are a boy then you are expected to go to the door of the girl's home to get her with very good manners shown to the parents and bring her back to the door at the end.

  3. Only allowed to date on friday and saturday until 22:30 hours if all homework is complete,you have good marks, and have earned the weekly pocket money by good behavior(this was given on saturday).

  4. Must surrender mobile phones at bedtime to be inspected for naughty texts(if found then no dating for several weeks and mobile was confiscated for several days as punishment) and to make sure there is not any late night texts when you have been told to go to bed and should be sleeping.

  5. Must invite over to home your boyfriend or girlfriend when asked to for questioning about the relationship and also give over the contact information of the other parents.

I think these were very excellent guidelines and always obey the rules.

Posted in Black Women Dating White Men on 2016-05-03 18:22:49

As someone who exists as the result of a relationship between a Black American woman and White European man I strongly disagree that a Black woman dating a White man is self hatred.Black women and White men relationships have been going on for FAR LONGER than Black men and White women relationships. Back in slavery and segregation days when a Black man couldn't even look or speak to a White woman, the ONLY interracial relationships going on between Blacks and Whites involved Black women. There were and are so many things that a White man can offer Black women that Black men(at least the American variety) never could. Dating a White man isn't and never has been about dating one's self. Rather it is about giving one's self a hand up in life and saving a lot of headache and heartache along the way. I don't hate my Black half, but you couldn't pay me to marry a Black American man,because they have nothing to offer and have turned nearly every major American city into a cesspool of crime and violence . I'll just stay in Europe where my father had the good sense to bring me to as a child and stick to dating European men like my father. If my mother wasn't such an idiot she'd have left the United States a long time ago too, but like most Black women feels that the Hell they go through there daily is normal.