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Posted in To all guys with under arm hair on 2002-06-01 20:10:51

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you're a 17year old man, and 17y.o. men have hairy armpits. it's not a big thing. it's your pits, so you decide if you wanna look like a hairless boy.
but i like bein' a man.


Posted in The Best In "Star Wars" on 2002-05-22 00:00:18


Posted in Avengers vs JLA plus best movie! on 2002-05-20 04:57:56

Having "Daredevil", "Hulk", and "Fantastic Four" in the list are unfair. ""Daredevil" and "Hulk" haven't even come out yet. However, the Fantastic Four never saw the light of day because it wasn't meant to. The producers made it for a budget of, like, $2.50. The only reason it was made is so they had to start shooting by a certain date, otherwise, they'd lose the option to have the rights to do the movie. It was never meant to be seen by anyone, it was just made so they could make a newer, better one in the future. Ang Lee will start on it as soon as "Hulk" is done.

Posted in X-MENS BEAST on 2002-05-20 03:26:25

What do you mean by changing him? This "next evolution" thing they have going on? I haven't read an X-book in a couple years. But I recently picked up the Ultimate line. Which change are you referring to? The original change when he went from human Hank McCoy to the blue-furred Beast, or this new one in the "New X-Men" or "X-Treme X-Men" lines where he goes from blue, furry, and cool to blue, furry, and stupid looking? Or the "Ultimate X-Men" one where they turned him into the "classic" blue-furred Beast? Whichever, I don't like the "New X-Men" one. It looks ridiculous. It looks stupid. I don't enjoy anything going on in the X-books as of late. Hearing of Cyclops' death, the demise of most of the other X-books, and all this other crap with a bunch of characters I've never hard of, it's a bit unnerving. I do subscribe to the Ultimate line, though. I enjoy that. I think Marvel has just recently gotten back on track. They just need to bring back the class X-Men stuff.

Posted in Music poll-Nü-Metal on 2002-04-26 01:00:14

It's Les Claypool. Not Wes Claypool.