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Posted in Sex between married couples on 2002-04-04 14:21:29

Interesting Poll - nice to know what goes on in other people's bedrooms. But it fails to ask the most important question, which is age of couples. When I was in my 20s, and before children, my wife and i would have sex at least once a day, more at weekends. But now we're in our 50's and very happy to have intercourse a couple of times a week. it's not as vigorous as it used to be but it's got a wonderful sensual quality to it, and certainly our $%!@s lasts much, much longer!


Posted in This is your sex life on 2002-04-03 18:13:06

My favorites are smelling the good, musky butthole of a woman on all fours with her butt cheeks parted. It's better when there's $%!@ hair there.

Posted in Girls againts boys on 2002-03-26 06:33:08

That happened to me too. I was 17 at the time and she was almost 16. We were wrestling when her parents weren't home. Somehow she got on top of me, I'm still not sure how. She straddled me and then put her hands inside my shorts, just when I was ready to buck her off. She grabbed my nuts and just held them. I didn't dare move, even though she invited me to fight a little harder. She had me by the balls and she declared herself the winner.

Posted in Would you Vote to Remove Bush from Office??? on 2002-03-08 02:50:20

Howard and his friends must be morons why would they spend hours voteing on their own polls many many times

Where was Lucy Liu on the list?!