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Posted in Wetting or messing your pants in public on 2016-04-08 15:28:00

When I was in kindergarten I used to have a baby sitter that I really hated (she's actually a really nice person) for no reason. One time I got really mad at her for not letting me have ice cream before dinner, so I just pooped myself right there, and then she had to change me.

Posted in Finding cum in weird places on 2016-04-06 17:00:24

One time I had no clean underwear, so I asked my friend if I could borrow a pair, and when she gave me the panties they were all crusty, and me being a horny teenage girl I continued the legacy.

Posted in In the woods on 2016-04-06 15:46:45

Me and my friend were walking on a hike that lasted 6 hours, and we both really needed to pee and poop. A little nudge, and then I would let loose. I was feeling really bad because I was about to poop myself, but then i notice a wet stain on my friend's shorts. She eventually just took her hands away from her crotch and let loose. It got everywhere, and I could see it staining her previously white socks. I then heard a giant fart and she just squatted, grunted and then her face went all red. It smelled really bad, but that was before I let mine go. I had originally planned on holding it in and keeping my white leggings white, but that was before some random 30 year old accidentally bumped me and pushed me over. I had really bad diarrhea that day, so my poop was a greeny brown mess, but I enjoyed it. Me and my friend just walked back in our newly brown stained pants.