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Posted in Well dressed at home on 2016-09-11 21:32:18

Hi ClassicBoy4, Sorry for being late but I notice your comment only now. My dress code started 2 years ago when I moved from my old school to another one. My old school didn't required any uniform but the actual one do but only a withe dress shirt and some gray slacks.One day once I came back from school my father noticed how elegant and great I looked so he thought to change my wardrobe.The next day he brought me to a formalwear men shop,at the beginning I supposed that he wanted me to just stay with him,but I guessed wrong.He told me that we went there only for ME and that he wanted to renew my wardrobe.He picked a lot of long sleeved dress shirts and were only light blue or white.When I was with the shirt on he checked if the collar was tight enough by putting a finger between the collar and my neck:if the finger could pass the collar wasn't tight enough.Then he picked 15 ties with different colors and patterns and helped me to tie one(at the time I wasn't able to tie it),after he took some vest and sweater vest,a black bow tie,a tuxedo,some gray,black,navy blue slacks,two dress belt,two pairs of leather dress shoes,knee dress socks,a silk navy blue pinstripe suit coat and suit pants and for conclusion five blazers.When we went out I was already dressed with those clothes and he was very happy but thought that I still missed something:my hair(at the time I had quiet long and messy hair)so he took me to a barber shop and when I came out I had a neat gelled down and parted haircut.On the way home my father couldn't stop smiling for my new gentleman look and said me that a gentleman look require the same behaviour so he would use strict punishment and I would be required to respect him and my mother.The first three weeks were a disaster:I refused to wear those clothes because I didn't like that style...so every occasion I had I took off my tie or my blazer and change in my old casual clothes.When my father noticed it he decided to threw all my clothes in the trash and then spanked me till I cried,when he finished I was ordered to take a shower and wear some new clothes till bedtime when he told me that I had to took off only shoes and suit coat and remain in dress shirt and tie for punishment.From that moment my rules are: -I can't choose my clothes in the morning I've to let my father choose for me -I cant't take off any parts of my dress codes(i.e tie or suit coat) -I must wake up at 6 am and go to bed at 8:30 -My tie must be tightly tied with an half Windsor knot and must and at belt -My shirt must be all buttoned up and tucked in underwearand the collar must be highly starched. My usual punishment for break this rules is spanking on the bare bottom and going to bed with shirt and tie. Sorry for being so long but that's all my story ;)