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Posted in Strong Girls on 2016-04-07 22:17:31

I used to date a girl that was a lot stronger than me... We would often wrestle and she would always win without even trying. She would always taunt me and stuff after she won. Now that we've broke up, she actually still beats me up... The relationship was about a year ago, but now it's so much more embarrassing when she beats me up, she does it in public too, all the time. I don't know why teenage girls are so strong nowadays.

Posted in where are women superior on 2016-04-07 01:41:18

I think a better name for this poll would be "where are women not superior?" I mean seriously. Like every girl I know is better than me in just about every way imaginable. I just wanna know, are all girls this strong now?

Posted in are girls stronger than boys? on 2016-04-01 12:31:13

Same with me, I'm just a different size. I'm 6'2, but I'm so freaking weak. All these small girls are so much stronger than me and it's so embarrassing. They'll flex their crazy big and strong biceps and then ask me to flex and I just have to be like "no..." Cuz I literally have no bicep. No bump in my arm at all.

Posted in Girls Flexing Biceps on 2016-04-01 12:21:04

I am 16 now, I'm 6'2, but really weak. Girls almost two feet shorter than me beat me up. This one girl I've known my whole life loves beating me up, and I hate it. And she's my neighbor, so she could almost invite herself over and then come beat me up. She never realized how strong she was until I flexed in front of her (and had nothing) and then I asked her to flex, and her biceps were already peaked and split, in elementary school! Is that normal now? Or is this girl just crazy strong? Of course, she only got stronger. She was commonly recognized as the strongest person, boy or girl, in the grade, every year, even now, and she likes to brag about that. She'll often make me give her my money, or homework, or information, or anything she wants, and if I don't, she'll beat me up. She often walks around playfully punching guys, but it really hurts because of how strong she is. Anyways, now we're in high school, and she's even stronger, and I'm still weak. Her 4th grade self had bigger biceps than I do now (like seriously). She knows I always have money in my wallet, so at lunch she'll come over and force me to arm wrestle her (or else she'll beat me up), and put money on the line. It's not a lot of money, just like $5, but considering how long she's done it for, she's probably rich by now, and I'm broke. It sucks being weaker than girls like that :(

Posted in girls weight lifting and strength poll (girls only) on 2016-03-31 12:11:41

Gosh, you're incredible... Why is it that every girl I know is so much stronger than me now? Has it always been this way? But even they don't have numbers like that, I'm actually scared...