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Posted in Being treated like the youngest on 2016-03-24 08:16:19

I live with my aunt and her kids. my cousins are 17 and 19. and I'm 24. It all started when I once wet myself in my aunts car and since then I'm treated like a baby. my aunt and both my cousins spank me and sometimes even diaper me esp when going out in public so i don't embarrass them by wetting my pants in public. even for my regular check up they take me to a gynaecologist who treats me like a baby. she even tells new ways of punishing me to aunt like soaping my holes down there and breast feeding me in public places. she even takes my temp rectally after putting me in diaper position, and then gives my injections in both of my $%!@ cheeks. she leaves me with her son my cousin so he can practice all the new sex positions he learnt on me. mostly I'm under his table with his $%!@ in my mouth blowing it while he skypes with his friends or watches movie or played video game. then he $%!@s me hard while spanking me. my sister likes to have me around too. she likes to babysit me. even her girl friends. they spank me in different positions for fun and then make me suck their boobs. but everyday I've to go to bed with my aunt. after daily nap time spanking she checkes my temperature rectally and sits to breast feed me. I suckle on her big nipples while she reads or talks to her boyfriends on phone.