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Posted in Guys kissing guys on 2002-04-08 18:26:06

========== In Reply To ========== oh I think it's a big turn on when boys kiss other boys :) My female friends think so too

OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Lost bikinis on 2001-11-15 19:30:15

When I was in 10th grade, we went on a school outing to a water park. We took it in turns to go down the waterslide and I was last. I came down and landed theatrically by leaping to my feet with my arms swept up behind my head.Everyone cheered and it was only as I started to walk over to them that I looked down and saw I'd lost my bikini top. Every single guy in my class had seen my bare breasts !!! I was SOOOO embarassed . No guy had ever seen them since I was a little kid.

I've got a big mole just under my left nipple, and after that all the guys called me Mole - having to explain why was torture !

Anyone else had anything like this ?

Posted in School swimwear on 2001-10-20 20:35:58

Yes, it does ! I'm 13 now , and when I was in primary (a private school), we swam naked in co-ed lessons up to age 10, then for last year of primary we (girls and boys) could wear bottoms if we wanted to. We had to share a shower afterwards, though, so we were still naked in front of the boys. I didn't mind when we were little, but by my last year I had little boobs and a few hairs down below, so it was kind of embarrassing, tho' the guys were still bald and tiny at that age, of course. ========== In Reply To ========== We were made to wear just bikni bottoms for co-ed swimming, tops weren't allowed - the justification I think was that we didn't have anything to cover up. It got really embarrassing when my boobs started to sprout in my last year at primary school - all the boys could see, and see how I was developing. I'm now 24 - does this still happen ?