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User: Barry


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Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2001-10-07 20:35:04

Hi Steve,

sounds like you got BIG problems, mate.

You get a MINIMUM of 12 - that's an awful lot. Does he have a maximum?

I reckon you have a case for the NSPCC.

I get the Tawse sometimes and have had as many as 24, bare backside. THAT was more than enough, but it never made me bleed.

What did you do wrong to get a beating this time?

How many did you get??


========== In Reply To ========== Thanks Billy, It's nice to know I'm not alone, however, I can't risk getting e-mails, just in case dad finds out, I'm sure you'll understand. He does monitor them from time to time. He would literally kill me if he finds out that I've already been on this message board. I'm already due a beating later, my sister's already threatening to find something, I've been lucky and escaped punishment for the last 3 days. We could talk through this message board though - tell me your story.

Thanks again

Posted in Nebraska on 2001-08-17 23:47:54

Nebraska, Nebraska.

All I know is my cat is annoyed because I put a webcam up on top of my computer hutch where he likes to sleep.

Neat poll.

Nebraska, Nebraska.

Posted in ULTIMATE OPINION POLL on 2001-07-02 06:48:54

The poll is much too long! You should have made at least 2 polls instead. Most of the questions are good though.

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2001-05-11 23:57:22

When my three sons and my daughter were little (sons 7, 9, 10; daughter 11) it was the practice at our house that the kids got hand spankings on their bare butts when they misbehaved. My wife usually gave spankings during the day when necessary and that always meant over her lap with shorts and undies/panties down. In the evenings when I got home from the office my wife always informed me of any infractions by the kids and in most cases I again took the boy or girl to their bedroom, made him/her strip naked and applied another sound spanking to their little bottom. This usually meant 20-30 hard and loud smacks until their buttocks and thighs were blazing red. Always the kid screamed and hollered that also the neighbors could hear that one of our kids got his bare bottom blistered. This was not an unusual situation since all the neighbor children also got regularly spanked and sometimes even harder than ours. During the 1960s and 1970s spankings were common occurrences in most families.

I am certain that even today many parents still punish their children with spankings on their bare butts.

It would be nice to hear from other parents and what their experiences were or still are.