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Posted in What is your opinion on nudity? on 2002-05-19 00:49:12

Other than in the bathroom or bedroom- I do not go around our house naked. I am married and father of 2 boys and 2 girls. My wife and sons would see me in the nude - but I would never walk around nude. I do sleep in the nude-- but I put my shorts on if going to the bathroom because of my daughters. I am active in the Y and do use the steam room and whirl pool in the mens area naked- and have been for 30 yrs. I am 46. I would never consider a nudist club or nude beach or anything like that. I am not critizing people who do- it would just not be for me.

Posted in Homosexuality: Your Opinion on 2002-05-07 13:21:12

to me, the only heart-sickening thing is that you would get in between friends just because of what you were tought was right and wrong. just because of "god" to me that is sad.

========== In Reply To ========== Thanks for the note. It's hard to make polls totally accurate anyways. Even posting it on the internet makes it biased to the upper-class. I've had people comment about that with polls I've made.

Well, it's early in the morning, and I can't sleep, so I'm gonna talk about your poll a little. Did anyone else not feel like any of the responces fit their oppinions for several of the questions. Of course, on things like this, it's hard to include all possible oppinions, so I'm not blaming the webmaster for that.

Since I'm up anyways and a little bored, let me share the answers I would have put if you'ld just been asking this to me and I could answer as long as I wanted. I'd love to hear other's "long" answers too. Just kind of interesting to go deeper on these issues.

  1. What is your general outlook on homosexuality?

The closest answer for me was "i don't like it, but I can't judge. That's only half true. I believe that as a Christian I have a moral responsibility to look at what God says in the Bible and judge right from wrong accordingly. I do not think I have the right to judge individuals, as in, judge to condemn...only God has that right. I do believe that homosexuality is wrong and a sin against God. I do not think it is unpardonable...Jesus payed for that sin along with the rest of the rest, and will forgive those who believe in Him as he forgives other sinners. And about not wanting to be around homosexuals...if I had to not hang around people who sinned, then I couldn't be around anyone, even myself, because all have sinned at some point.

  1. What do you think of homosexual public displays ofaffection?

I find them saddening...it makes my heart ache, because I know that by sinning they pull themselves further away from God, and are hurting themselves. It especially bothers me to see friends do this, because I know what they're doing is going to hurt them, and I feel so helpless to do anything about it. It's like watching someone who has lung disease keep on smoking...so addicted to something that's harming them. So, no, I can't stand to be around it...but for different reasons then a lot of people.

  1. What do you think about gay parades?

About the same way I do about seeing homosexual PDA's. It's flaunting sin, but most of them don't know it's sin...it's heartsickening.

Posted in Homosexuality: Your Opinion on 2002-05-07 13:18:08

in one of the questions it said something about the people who commit hate crimes. i believe you should add in a box to that question, because i do think they should be punished but i don't agree with the death penalty, u should add something a little less harsh than burning at the stake

Posted in homophobia on 2002-05-07 04:33:53

very true and to prove that fact even more studies have proven that every day men and their guns rape 33 women. that is scarry.

========== In Reply To ========== I think its just crappy when people are scared of people because they are gay. I'm straight, but still, when I ask some people why their homophobic, they say, "what if he/she tries to harass/rape me?" Straight people are just as likely to do these things as gay people.

Posted in How do you like to be kissed? on 2002-04-25 02:15:40

two things a: just because you have more "morals" than them u don't have to say it so rudely, because that just makes you lower to what ever level you think they are on, which if i may, they are perfectly normal feelings. the second thing i have to say is that what if there is a guy and and a guy? or a girl and a girl? u forgot to mention that. just want to open your eyes to that part of the world.

========== In Reply To ========== I'm a girl and from the results I seen from you girls, your FREAKS! I mean if you were on your first date with a guy and a guy kissed you, you would want him to touch you anywhere? I think you girls are freaks, they should at least be your boyfriend for a day. They could touch your butt your neck your legs but god anywhere, whatever. I think this poll was to see how girls and boys hormones are like. So this poll is dumb.