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Posted in School corporal punishment on 2016-08-17 23:58:27

Hi Rick,

Someone in my class started getting packets of cigarettes off of his older brother or sister and bringing them into school, it just started out with him and his friend smoking them behind the school at break time but soon the word spread and the whole class knew about it, of course it wasn't long before word reached the teachers ears, they said they had heard rumours some students had been smoking around the back of the school and could smell it off us and if anyone was caught doing it they would be severely punished as an example to the other students, after hearing this everyone stopped doing it for about two weeks.

Then one day we decided to take our chances me and 6 or 7 others went around the back and started smoking one of us stood around the corner and acted as a watchman if they seen any teachers coming they had to cough loudly. I still don't know what exactly happened all I can say is a teacher seemed to come outta nowhere and catch us, we were all taken to the headmasters office, made to bend over and touch our toes and caned over our underwear we all spent the remainder of break standing in the corner in our underwear with our hands on our heads because there wasn't enough corners me and a couple of others had to stand with our noses touching a little circle on the blackboard the teacher drew, problem was the circle was too high so we had to get on our tip toes to reach it, I ended up getting 4 extra strokes with the cane for failing to stay on my tip toes.

We were all twelve at the time except maybe the eldest he might have been 13. That was the one time I got it pants down in the office and the funny thing is I never even smoked I just went cause my friends were going. You are lucky you've never gotten the cane, it's the worst implement there is.

Among some of the bare butt paddling's/caning's I got from the history teacher was one for fighting, skipping school, lying/faking sick and talking back to her/giving her sass was automatically on the bare as was repeat offences (although there wasn't a lot of those) she was well aware I got even worse at home but I don't think she cared, I honestly think she might have enjoyed the power she had over me and as for her getting in trouble over it she had parental consent even encouragement and the school administration knew she was paddling me but they had no way of knowing if it was on the bare unless she choose to tell them. I think if the genders were reversed If I was a girl and she was a male teacher, that would have been more likely frowned upon.

My parent's never slapped my face either my aunt slapped my face a few times but my parents didn't believe in it, they strapped my hands with a belt sometimes though but mostly it was my backside or tops of my thighs that felt it. If I mouthed off I'd get spanked, grounded and my mouth washed out with soap, my parents didn't take any talking back. I agree that the butt is a better place to hit, I think the face is too dangerous, it's cool of your dad to make punishments private in my house me and my siblings would get spanked in front of anyone who happened to be their at the time and it wasn't very fun.

I was punished by one of my friends parent's a few times and I think mine were harsher maybe they where going easier on me because I wasn't their child though and my friends butts always looked thoroughly smacked and painful after punishment but I think mine usually looked worse and when any of us where grounded, I was always grounded the longest so I think mine were harsher.

Yeah I got a bunch of double/triple spankings, when I came home after getting spanked at school first thing through the door my mom would ask to see my dairy and if it said I misbehaved/was punished that day then she would make me lower everything and she would grab an implement usually the hairbrush and she would give me another spanking while I'm still hurting from the last one, then if she thought I needed another one she'd make me go to my room and "wait til my father gets home" I'd sit there waiting for what felt like forever then dad would come upstairs and make me strip below the waist and lie over two pillows in the middle of my bed and then he'd strap my bare backside raw with his belt I was always left a blubbering mess after a triple spanking day but sometimes mom would just give me her extra spanking and that was it our instead of getting it from dad, I'd be grounded or something.

The moniker? not a weird question at all I couldn't think of a name when I was creating my account here so I googled usernames and found Tan Stallion and just thought why not? that sounds ok and it was as simple as that but now that you mention it, it does eerily suit me I was a bit of a wild child/stallion once before my parents tamed me and the Tan part could represent all the butt tanning's they used to do so. I think you may have stumbled onto something, maybe my sub conscience choose it.

Good to hear from you again...


Posted in School corporal punishment on 2016-08-10 18:58:16

Hi Rick, cool to hear from you.

It's hard to say if the office or history teacher after school was better, in the office I got to keep my trousers on there was only one occasion at the office when I had to take them off and that wasn't bare bottom but was over underwear, so when it comes to clothing the office was preferable but I was usually punished alongside others in the office and that was embarrassing also I was more likely to get the cane in the office (and that's the worst implement there is).

I mentioned previously how my parents spanked me first thing after I got home from school if I got punished in school that day and an after school paddling/caning from the history teacher meant very little recovery time before I'm getting it again but at the office it could happen at the start of the school day giving my butt more healing time before I get it again at home. I think the office was better maybe it's because I got it over with and didn't have to wait all day in nervous anticipation for it or because I got it less and therefore have less unpleasant memories of it.

We got paddled together in the office we would either stand and watch as our classmates get caned or paddled then the next one would be up like an assembly line or we would all bend over at once as the headmaster walked back and forth behind us delivering strokes to our backsides, something I preferred about the office was the one lighting my bottom on fire was always male and that wasn't quite as embarrassing as having the history teacher do it.

When I was paddled alongside another classmate I tried my hardest not to cry, I bit my bottom lip real hard and tried to think about anything other than the pain but sometimes it didn't work and tears started streaming down my face but sometimes he cried too.

Yeah, I checked on my butt when I was in the bathroom, it was always really nasty looking deep red with bruises or in the case of the cane burning red stripes across both cheeks. I was afraid someone would come in and see me so I tried to make it quick. Only a few of my closest friends seen my butt after a after school paddling and it was cause they let me see theirs first. There was a wooded area on the way to my house which was our secret place where we would look at each others backsides after getting punished.

Mom didn't just use a paddle and belt she used just about everything mostly a big wooden hairbrush and dad favoured the belt when I was a teen but also used his hand sometimes, especially when I was younger. As a teenager I definitively preferred dad to punish me as opposed to mom, no question. That's why mom punished me more because they knew I preferred dad.

Did you and your friends ever exchange stories or look at each others marks? If so do you think your parents were harsher than theirs?


Posted in School corporal punishment on 2016-08-07 04:18:43

Hi Rick,

I did actually get sent to the office to get paddled a few times with other boys before my mom struck an agreement that the history teacher would paddle me after school, if the history teacher was absent I would be sent to the office as well and one time she was pregnant so for roughly a year my mom said it was okay if I got it at the office because not getting punished at all was unacceptable. It never really felt odd to see others going off to get paddled while I waited.

I hope none of my friends were upset I don't think they minded and even if they did they knew I would get it after school anyway, there was numerous occasions where a friend/friends waited for me after school to hear details I would always run into the bathroom in secret right after the paddling to try and calm down, my face was always really red and sometimes it was clear I either cried or was close to crying so I tried to hide all that and look presentable/respectable for my friends when I thought I looked OK I would leave the bathroom and go over to my friends who were waiting at the exist to the school and act like it was nothing even though my butt was hurting like crazy.

It was humiliating I would rather have gotten it from mom at home although moms spankings hurt more but they weren't quite as embarrassing and my friends didn't have to know I got them. Not all the paddling's I received at school were on the bare but when they were I couldn't look the teacher in the eye for quite some time.

Unfortunately the paddling's in High school were from that history teacher, it's high school I'm recollecting it was very embarrassing and I would've refused to bend over but I knew I was already getting more when I got home no matter what and was terrified of what my dad would do to me if he heard I refused a paddling at school I probably wouldn't be sitting down typing this today if I had.

Yeah I got the leather belt lots of times it was one of my dad's favorites when I was a teen, mom used it sometimes as well.

Thanks for your questions, Tan.

Posted in School corporal punishment on 2016-07-16 03:19:51

Hey Rick

My school did believe in sending us to the office immediately after misbehaving to get paddled and that's how everyone else got it but my mom was friends with my history teacher and was more comfortable with the idea of her punishing me, so she asked the school if she could give me my paddling's and the school said OK, so everyday just after the last bell rang and school officially ended if I had earned a paddling that day, I would go down to history class, tell her what I did and she would paddle me, (couldn't do it during school hours cause she was taking classes) the good thing about this was I almost always got paddled alone, the bad thing was my mom told her to feel free to give me it on the bare, to my dismay she sometimes found it necessary. Another thing I hated about it was if any of my friends got paddled during school it usually wouldn't be at the end of the day so there bottoms would get longer recovery time than mine before getting it again at home.

Yeah my school would make us empty our pockets and pull out our shirttails before getting it and really bend over and stick your butt out, I remember my school trousers tightly hugging my bottom during paddling so over trousers still hurt a lot, yeah I got paddled in high school I didn't really think me thinking I was too old was relevant because I knew if I stopped getting paddled at school I would still continue to get it at home anyway.

Thanks for your thoughts & questions.


Posted in School corporal punishment on 2016-06-20 06:23:15

Hi Rick,

When I said I had brutal welts on the back of my thighs and bottom I hope I didn't make my parents sound too cruel because while strict, they definitely had a loving side too them and they didn't mean to do any real harm just discipline me thoroughly.

Similar to your friends the idea of me getting my bottom walloped definitely got my sisters giddy and they snitched on me all the time in the hopes that they would get to see it. They would always snitch to mom cause they knew it was more embarrassing for me to get spanked by her, sometimes they would just lie and say I did something I didn't just to see me get it. I got most of my unfair spankings that way.

Sitting down on a sore bottom especially with spanked sit spots and thighs was always a good reminder to behave and as much as I hated it I knew I needn't it, there was plenty of times I was gonna do something I wasn't allowed too, when I decided not too because I knew if I was caught I would get my bottom beaten, so it was very effective and that's the point.

Like your father my parents were big believers in punishments being on the bare butt, it was much more memorable that way which made it more effective. Most of my school paddling's were after school before going home but I still know the feeling of sitting all day at school with a sore bottom because I hated going to school and would sometimes get spanked right before school for refusing to go or not being ready on time. After thinking about it, I wouldn't take back my punishments because without them, I may not be the person I am today and I like who I am.