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Posted in who are the best rappers? on 2002-05-29 13:54:38

How in the hell could you rate Ice-T among the least scariest rappers. He resides amongst the REAL criminal underworld of California, like the gangs and pimps and drug dealers he is also ex special forces. You all respect that candy $%!@ hardcore $%!@ that's been around the past couple of years like a bunch of faggots. Whoever made this poll is an idiot. You don't know scary you just know hip hop mother$%!@er! I can't believe people like you, stay in the suburbs and keep your mouth shut. signed Mr. Jackson from Southeast DC the real streetlife we'll be out soon.

Posted in Britney Spears on 2002-05-06 11:38:49

========== In Reply To ========== I totaly agree, shes got a nice rack but otherwise butt ulgy

She be one ugly $%!@! She dresses like a $%!@ She acts like a $%!@ She is a $%!@ - and her rack be made of plastic, without it shed be a flat titless $%!@!

Posted in PE Uniform on 2002-05-03 16:54:36

Where was THIS??!! Hardly in America, was it?

========== In Reply To ========== At my school P.E. was mixed. The day we started they told us the the girls would be issued uniforms, but the boys would simply wear their briefs and no shirt. This has how it has always been at my school, is this the case for anyone else?

Posted in Enemas and You on 2002-05-02 01:49:10

I am in my 50's and have had two enema experiences. I did not like the experiences. Once when I was a senior in hs I had a problem with some bleeding. For the tests I had to do enemas at home the night before. There was an enema service at the clinic- but we knew a woman who worked there- and I was too embarrassed to go there. I had hardly ever gone to a doctor for anything so this was really a shock. I had no idea what it was like or how to do it. My dad helped me- and I recall we ahd to do alot of them. I was glad it was my dad thattwas with me as with anyone lese I owuld have been really humiliated. Just a few yrs ago my doctor decided it was the righttime to do some invasive test. Again I had to have enemas- I did them pretty much my by self- with a little help from my wife. Again, it involved a lot of enemas in one night. I hope it is many yrs or never before I havew to go through that again! I hated it. I am glad in each case I was able to depend on a family member rather than a stranger- or perhaps someone who knew me but was not a family member. Thanks

Posted in Parents and nudity on 2001-11-30 03:01:10

I am the father of 5 children all still at home, we do not go around naked in the house at any time. THe only excetion in regard to nudity- is with me(dad) and sons whether in using and having to share- bathroom , or perhaps in their bedroom, and they would be changing or getting ready for bed, and I would be in there.