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Posted in Barefoot at friends on 2016-08-15 15:41:20

I have a friend who always wears socks in the house, He also says you can take your shoes off and walk around in socks if you want. I then asked if i could take my socks off, he said Yeah. I took my socks off and walked around barefoot sometimes he would also do the exact same thing. Took his socks off and walked barefoot.

Some of my friends are often barefoot in the house and say "You dont have to take your shoes off" to which i said, "But i like being barefoot" and they usually are ok with me being barefoot.

Usually in my house friends do what they want (Most of the times thats go barefoot) usually theres more boys than girls but the girls sometimes take their shoes off and walk in socks and rarely barefoot.

Hey, I love ripping paper

In school i wasn't the only one. Everything i threw in the bin was ripped up, in fact this girl once said can you throw this in the bin for me, so i ripped it up and she told me off for not throwing it away in one piece, (I still dont know why i mean she asked me to throw it in the bin for her).

Every year on the last day of primary school the teacher would give us back all our folders and books and said "you can do what you want with these" so when i got home i got some of my friends (5 Boys and 1 girl) over and we just ripped up all of our homework and books one page at a time. What we tended to do was instead of keeped ripping in half we ripped each page into tiny strips and ripped into tiny pieces. Sometimes some of the girls leave their books on the table so we take them and offer to give them back and say "If you dont take it we will rip it" So usually that's what we do.

On the last day of secondary school one of my friends asked me and a few others to come round his and we will rip up all of our homework which we did.

Even in college once all my exams were done i spent ages in the Library just ripping up my classwork one page at a time.

Even the leaflets we get in the post are ripped up and thrown in the bin as soon as they arrive.

Posted in boys who take shoes off in school on 2016-07-24 15:02:37

I used to always take my shoes and socks off in the library and in lessons its fun and Nobody gives a care. Sometimes people so the same thing.

i used to paint my nails and even leave them in my bag the whole day.

Posted in boys who take shoes off in school on 2016-05-29 21:31:29

I always take my shoes and socks on in School and college.