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Posted in Kids Taking Their Socks Off at a Friend's House on 2017-07-23 16:52:13

I always take my shoes and socks off at the door and my friends often Come round and just take their shoes off, but most of the time they take their socks off when they come into my room and throw them across the room, and I got sick of the mess so i ask them to put them by their shoes, Now sometimes they just take their shoes and socks off by the door just so they dont have to bring the socks back later.

I started ripping paper when i was 6 i used to always rip paper in school and my best friend was throwing a paper in the bin so he ripped it in half (I mean thats not enough) so i told him to rip more times so he did. Even now we are 20 and we still rip papers, Even the school books and course work. get ripped to bits before we throw them,. In fact if we dont need it we rip it to pieces.

I dont let paper build up in my bag i have a ripping session every week and if see something i dont need rip rip rip rip rip bin,

Posted in Shoes off in the library on 2017-06-30 22:47:31

I like to take my shoes and socks off in the library (Usually on the computers), I was the first person to do this (but a few do now) A few boys used to take their shoes off but i was the first boy to be barefoot, a few girls go barefoot but they wernt wearing any socks originally (Now a few boys take their socks off too when sitting on computers but put them on to go to the printer or the bin) I dont i just leave them off, I often walk to the bin and throw the paper in the bin barefoot, (it only takes a few seconds to RIP UP a paper and put it in a bin)

The only time id put my shoes on is to go toilet, (OR fire alarm)

Posted in Kids kicking off their shoes in class on 2017-02-07 14:14:38

In college i used to always do lessons and study in the library in my socks, but now i cant stand being in my socks in class or in the library, so i take them off to and study Barefoot, Other boys notice and some do it too but not as often as i do, its fun and if anyone notices just smile at them.

Posted in Being Barefoot at a Friend's Home. on 2016-12-23 15:05:33

I always take my shoes off when entering a house and most of the time socks too. i love being barefooted.