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Posted in Barefoot at a friends house? on 2017-10-15 15:27:17

I dont have this rule but i have one friend who does, When i go to his house i take my shoes and socks off, and leave them by the door, anyway one time he came to my house and instantly took his shoes and socks off, and came into my room in his barefeet, (By his own choice) and asked if i minded him being in barefeet. I was like I dont mind I love being barefoot too.

I usually take my shoes and socks off in a friends house (Rules or not)

Posted in Shoes off in the library on 2017-09-17 21:43:32

Did she wear her shoes without socks, and Just take her shoes off, OR did she Take her Shoes and Socks off,

And what about you ,

There was this guy in my class who was always ripping paper. He had bough big books just to rip them up. (Cos he was my friend he'd let me rip some of his pages. He said im slow at ripping and added "Must be a white thing"

I started in a similar way when i was 5 i would rip paper up and start again with homework if i made a mistake, i would say 65% of papers i threw away from ages 6-10 were ripped into tiny pieces and a couple were just ripped in half now all of them are ripped into smaller pieces.

Posted in boys who take shoes off in front of their dads on 2017-07-24 10:28:38

I always take my shoes and socks off in public I dont care.