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Posted in Kids and Smoking on 2022-10-01 09:28:05

I spoke to my sister today, and I asked her how Holly and Karens smoking is coming along. She told me that they are now smoking very well. Karen is now smoking close to a pack a day, and Holly is smoking close to a pack a day during the week. She told me that they are both smoking like pro's now! She told me that when both of them light up they both blow their imitational drag through their nose, which is a sign of a well-established smoker. My sister told me they just opened a discount tobacco store close by, so she is buying each one of them a carton of Misty lights and Marlboro reds 100's about once every couple of weeks. It's much easier than buying them a couple of packs at a time every few days. She also told me she is buying her son Johnny who is 5 years old a couple of packs of Marlboro gold 100's for him because they are a little milder than Marlboro gold king size. She told me he smokes about six cigarettes a day now.

Posted in Kids and Smoking on 2022-09-26 05:29:17

Well, we had a busy weekend this week. On Saturday morning, after the girls had their breakfast and morning cup of coffee and cigarette, we took a drive down to the tobacco store, to buy cigarettes. All the girls left the house with a freshly lit cigarette in their hand as we got into the car. When the girls (all with a cigarette in their hand), and I walked into the tobacco store there was a new girl working at the counter. She seemed kind of surprised seeing three elementary school girls walking into the store smoking cigarettes. I told her "It's ok, there with me They have all been regular smokers since they turned six years old." She thought that was cute. Mary and Julie snuffed out their cigarettes again in the green ashtray while we were there again. Cindy still had a way to go to finish her cigarette. I bought all three girls a carton of cigarettes and handed it to them as we left and told the girl behind the counter we'll be back in a couple of weeks. After we got home, Julie and Cindy went bike riding with their friends. A couple of weeks ago, I put a small basket on the front of Cindy and Julies bike, so they have a place to put their cigarettes and lighter when they go bike riding. Cindy had a problem keeping her Virginia Slim's 120's in her pocket because of the difference between her size and the size of her cigarettes they were falling out if her pocket. She used a couple of rubber bands to secure her cigarettes and lighter to her handlebars before I got her the basket. On Sunday my wife and I took Cindy and Julie to the flea market to look for some interesting stuff. Smoking is permitted there since it is outdoors. Cindy only had about three cigarettes in her pack when we left the house, so I told her to make sure she has an extra pack of cigarettes on her, so she doesn't run out. I wasn't worried about Julie, she had about three quarters of a pack on her, but Cindy is only seven years old and has to be reminded to bring an extra pack of cigarettes when we leave the house for several hours. Cindy had one cigarette on the way there, and two more at the flea market before we had lunch. We had the girls walk in front of us, so we knew where they were, and won't get lost. Julie had her pack of cigarettes and lighter in her hand, and Cindy had her two pack of cigarettes and lighter in her hand. I was interesting watching people's reaction walking by us from the opposite direction seeing seven-year-old and nine-year-old smoking cigarettes. Cindy stopped at one both to look at some toys, so she was holding her two packs of cigarettes and lighter in one hand and put her half-smoked cigarette in her mouth where it was dangling while she picked up the toys to look at them and talk to the seller. It was so cutie. When she stepped away from the seller's spot, with her cigarette still in her mouth, holding her two packs of V.S. 120's and her lighter, a middle-aged woman approached her and said to her "You shouldn't be smoking cigarettes". She told the middle-aged woman, "I don't know what else to do with them" My wife and I both laughed. Just then Julie pulled out a cigarette out of her pack and lit it up to support her sister. We all got home in the late afternoon, Mary didn't go, she thinks the flea market is a junkyard. She is half right. Half of it is junk. Later in the evening we had a nice dinner, and all three girls had one glass of white wine with their Sunday dinner and finished it with their after-dinner cigarette. Now they are getting ready to go back to school tomorrow.

Posted in Kids and Smoking on 2022-09-16 07:47:42

I spoke to my sister and my brother-in-law today, to find out how the family is doing. They told me that they are keeping a pack of Marlboro gold and a lighter next to an ashtray on their coffee table in their living room so their son Johnny can have a cigarette with one of his sisters when they are in the living room watching TV, He tends to have one or two cigarettes a day. They also told me that their daughters have increased their smoking on the weekends. On the weekends their daughter Holly who is six years old is now smoking a pack of Misty light 120's a day, and their daughter Karen who is eight years old is now smoking about a pack and a half of Marlboro red 100's a day on weekends. Whenever the girls leave the house now, they always carry a pack of cigarettes and a lighter with them wherever they go. Karen has her cigarette case that holds her cigarettes and lighter which makes it easier for her. to carry her cigarettes with her. They told me that Holly just sticks her cigarettes and lighter in her pocket and they stick out about halfway because she is so young and small. They said it really looks cutie. My sister said that about once a week, they go and have lunch at a couple of different restaurants in their neighborhood that has smoking patios so they can all have a cigarette after their meal and see people's reaction of a mother and her six- and eight-year-old daughters smoking cigarettes together!

Posted in Kids and Smoking on 2022-09-10 09:27:01

Our oldest daughter Mary who is 11 years old, went out tonight. She wanted to meet up with some of her friends at the mall tonight for pizza and see a movie. I drove her to the mall to make sure she was safe, since it's getting darker earlier now. It was warm tonight, so she wore a nice dress, and some hoop earrings about an inch and a half wide, as well as a little mascara and lipstick. She also had her purse with the side pocket that held her Newport 100's and lighter. We arrived at the mall a little early, so both of us decided to have a couple of cigarettes on a bench right outside the mall in the smoking section. after her friends arrived, and I knew she was safe, I left. I told her when she was ready to be picked up, to call me on her cell, and I would meet her at the same bench at the smoking section. She called me just before 11:00, and when I went there to pick her up, she was sitting on the bench having a cigarette with one of her friend's mothers who didn't want to have her sitting there by herself. I thanked her friend's mother for staying with her until I arrived. She said that Mary is a very nice young lady, and she enjoys her company.

Posted in Kids and Smoking on 2022-09-09 07:52:18

I spoke to my sister today on the phone today, and she told me her son Johnny who just turned five years old has been being left out not being a smoker and has been helping himself to his mother's Marlboro gold cigarettes when she leaves them on the dining room table. She told him if he wants to have a cigarette, just to let her know, and she will help him light it. She is afraid he might burn himself or start a fire. We remised about how when we were kids around eight and nine years old, and we would steal a pack of Pall Mall unfiltered cigarette's out of our parent's carton and find some matches we would find in the house (they usually had about five cartons at a time in their pantry) and go to the park down the street from our house usually early on a Sunday morning and smoke their cigarette's and hope they didn't smell it on us when we got home, they never did. Their cigarettes were very strong and nasty cigarette's. That is why both of us want to have our children smoke cigarettes out in the open without fear of shame or punishment!