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Posted in Do you scratch your butt? on 2002-06-05 15:51:02

I scratch my butt with a big gnarly carrot. Anyone else?

Posted in Pornography: Where do you stand? on 2002-05-30 09:10:51

I believe that it's OK if ordinary people (amateurs) want to show themselves, but about 95% of the professional porno industry (actors etc.) is a bunch of disgusting crap. And if prostitutes are arrested then they should be too.

Posted in Celebrity Legs Contest on 2002-05-28 19:52:06

Hallo Everybody! I did this poll for "legs lover" guys as me!! Personally i like muscular legs... i'd like everyone write here theyr own opinion! And, if you have, some nice experience about legs!! See you soon!! M.

Posted in IMPEACH BUSH in 2004 on 2002-05-22 16:52:17

Obviously, this is a Democrat sympathetic site. I AM SO GLAD that Gore did not get elected and we got rid of that philandering clown that preceded Bush. I shudder to think how Gore would have handled the crisis that we have been involved in. Anybody with half a brain can see that Bush was the obvious proper choice to lead us. As for the ENRON scandal, one must take care before they jump to conclusions. Bush has not been convicted of any wrong doing and only the liberal press and politicians want to make him a criminal. If Slick Willie could do the things he did and still stay at the helm of this country then Bush should not only stay at the helm but get re-elected too. I use to be a Democrat, but the Democrats don't represent me anymore and I don't want any part of their leftist style government. I gave 20 years of my life for this country and I'll be darned if I want some liberal running this country aground and putting us under the power of the One World Government of the U.N. Far as I'm concerned we need to kick all of the U.N. people out of this country and cut them off without a penny. I didn't swear to defend the U.N. charter but I did swear to defend the U.S. CONSTITUTION against all enemies both foreign and domestic (read liberals) Maybe it's time for another Revolutionary War to rid us of the enemies of the Constitiution. Send them packing to a country that's more akin to their way of thinking, like the former Soviet Union.

Posted in The New Underwear Survey on 2002-05-21 05:29:46

Here's a new swimsuit poll for guys and girls.