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Posted in stepping on spiders on 2016-11-30 15:28:27

Here is a clip of actor Josh Green crushing a spider under his shoe that is the same size as his shoe! His friend seems annoyed but I would praise him and offer to dispose of the dead spider for him and beg him to sit and allow me to wipe the splatter of the bottom of his shoe and I'd say how cool and brave he was! Here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4shQaEN7jo. In this clip someone is playing with a big bug and then there friend come's by and instantly steps on it grinds it up and drags it into the gutter. The friend doesn't seem to care but I'd smile at him and say 'You should let me clean that bug splatter of your shoe buddy' and I'd kneel down and ask him to lift his foot up so I could clean the shoe for him! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSg0zia427U. And a guy and his girl are killing a bunch of maggots in their house together and they have trampled so many there is sticky goop all over the floor and and both of their shoes. I'd just thank them for killing them and clean the mess up for them and tell them that I'd have their shoes spic and span for them in an hour. Can't have 2 attractive youngsters handling slime ,can we?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HaOmJ6pwy8. I mist sneak a few licks and kisses of the boys shoe bottoms and sniff up both their shoe soles of the sexy young couple.

Posted in Pigs on 2016-11-26 00:52:32

At this one pig farm where a friend worked they kept pregnant pigs in small crates called 'gestation cages' and there is a trough for eating/drinking and a 'dung alley' behind to catch waste well when we were bored we would waiting till night when everyone was gone and put on our coveralls and boots and with flash light go over to the cages and stick our leg in the wide space bars and stomp hard on the face/head of the sleeping pigs! lol Then we would full force kick them in the face many times with the hard bottom of our boots until the pig was almost crazy!It was fun and I loved watching my friend do this..He also had a job catching chickens for another farmer and birds with broken lags,or bald patches had to be separated and killed after count and he would play 'chicken soccer' with some and with others he would crush their heads under his heels and kick them into the manure pile. I loved it,it was sexy as hell and lots of fun!

Posted in Animal on 2016-11-26 00:29:26

I don't care about animal abuse at all, in fact I like watching sexy people hurt and kill animals. Like at the 'Downer' pen at the stock yards a few people used to go and have fun kicking the crippled cows,calved,pigs,sheep,ect and standing on them 'dancing' on their heads,stomping on their necks,and having fun doing it! I enjoyed it to and I remember we all about 5 of us stood on a skinny cow that couldn't get up and the cow kept sticking its tongue all the way out in response to 2 or 3 of us jumping on its rib cage so I stomped and grind ed the dumb cows tongue under my boot and kept my boot on it for over 5 minutes! lol.

Posted in Big Women(men only) on 2016-10-17 23:44:56

Big bitches get laughed at alot too..Ive never been with one but I wanted to. Ive worked with some fat chicks who turned me on and I wanted to do their bfs too.

Posted in Comprehensive Smoking Bans on 2016-10-04 20:56:44

This is bull. Adults should be allowed to enjoy smoking products and they should sue to make sure they have a safe place to do them. Outside or in a 'smoke shack' rooftop patio or balcony is fine. Its a cultural thing that created business and jobs and some people enjoy it. Its that simple.