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Posted in African-American consensus toward white people on 2017-06-09 20:08:56

Everyone knows that black people hate us white trash crackers and can't wait to get their well deserved revenge! They will have fun hurting and making us grovel and beg for forgiveness and we will get kicked around by them everyday-and I agree will all my heart.

Posted in guys as human punching bags on 2017-06-09 16:28:02

During several periods of being locked up for sex abuse on minors I had times where I got beaten up enough I was like a living punching /kicking dummy. I admit I enjoyed it at times,if the inmate was hot or cute.

Posted in At the mercy of someone younger on 2017-06-09 15:56:21

In prison me and one other inmate who was also a sex abuser were under the supervision of a little short,freckle faced 18 year old blond kid with buck teeth! He was well liked by the 'Pod Boss' and the 'Quarter Man' on our unit and everyone liked this kid and me and another pervert were told to obey that kid as if it were the 'Quarter Man' and to never disrespect him (his name was Tyler) nor say or do anything against him and we would be beat half to death or stabbed. So as me and this other pervert were the lowest of the low in there ,when the Pod Boss was angry at one of us he would announce to the pod that I was to get a 'Smashing' after 'chow or count' in the toilet/shower area. and Tyler would hoot and holler and high five everyone laughing,and say 'Ha Ha,I'm puttin on a show for everyone in the $%!@ house after chow time,admissions free!'and strut around mocking us two lowlifes. Then he'd causally walk by me and arrogantly say something like 'If your not in the $%!@ house when I give the word I'll get my boys to bring you in and you will kiss the bottom of every toilet and urinal in the main $%!@ house and I'l make you lick my cell floor afterward!' and strut away happy. So he would call out and I had 3 minutes to be in the washroom/showers and he'd be there with his friends laughing and mocking me and holding a nice big heavy work boot/saftey shoe or someones black rubber rain boot (never his own shoes-that way he can get rid of the weapon-evidence simply by handing the boot to its owner) and make me stand in a blind spot put my hands in my pockets and stand still with my face up and begin hiting me as hard as he could usually with the heel bottom and smash me 10 or more times square in the face or across the head on both sides joking and hamming it up the entire time. The other men usually enjoyed the spectacle the size and age difference,the bossing,the pain and fear and stress on a hated sex pervert...Im sure it was fun and entertaining to watch me get so badly abused by some kid half my age and size! and he was also a cutie!

Posted in guys that have been sucker punched on 2017-05-02 21:34:06

Ive been sucker punched and kicked from behind many times. In prison when out of my cell or pod I never knew when the next fist or boot would come and smash me. Some guys got me several times. One really athletic black kid gave me a few unexpected spin kicks that connected hard on the side of my head. even knocked me down as I recall.

Posted in UGLY (ugliest!) male celebrities on 2017-05-02 19:17:01

and I know they are right because I have been to prison on more than a few occasions and in prison I was assaulted multiple times by both CO's and other inmates on the pod. So I have had my face beat shapeless,nose flattened,drooping eye,surgery scars for broken jaw,ect,half my teeth broken or knocked out. So most people have no problem asking me 'What happened to your face?' or 'Who beat you up?' or insult me when they are angry calling me names like Troll,scar face,butt face,$%!@ face,and mocking me for being a building maintenance worker who collects trash,dog $%!@,leaves and grass and has to clean sewage and take care of rodent and insect traps. So I get no respect cuz of how I look and as someone who quite likes being dominated at times being so inferior makes people more likely to treat me like than. So I don't really care.