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Yep. One time I was at the $%!@er checking out packages and this tough looking older guy taller and bigger than me and looking mean,he unzipped in the urinal next to me and I just stood there trying to see it and thinking he was too out of my league when he turned and suddenly punched me hard in the jaw turning my head and grabbing me and cursing next thing he's shoved my entire face in the urinal he just $%!@ed in and cursing me as a 'creepy washroom faggot' and the side of my face is pressed into the drain at the bottom firmly while he growled a few more apt insults then dropped me on the floor and flashed a police id card in my and told me he was a cop and next time he's going to drown me in the toilet for smiling at him. Then he booted me hard and strode out. I just looked at the urinal I had just been tasting and left.

Posted in Reincarnation on 2017-06-12 15:27:40

I was either a latrine fly or dung beetle in my past life-cuz they love poo just as much as I do!

Posted in Finding out about your past life - if you had one. on 2017-06-12 15:25:17

I would bet that in past life,if reincarnation was actually true,I would bet a million bucks that I was either a Chrysomya megacephala (oriental latrine fly) or one of these Scarabaeus viettei (witch is the Dung Beetle) Why you may ask? Well I love the smell and taste and look and feel of $%!@ (or Poo,crap,feces,turd,waste,dung,pucky,ect,ect) its just Delicious!!! And in my next life I would do anything to be a member of the Blowfly family so that I could live on $%!@!

Posted in Burning Hot on 2017-06-12 14:49:39

Jamie Foxx,You are superior over any white actor of any time before or since. I place a respectful kiss on the sole of your boot. (I know I would never be allowed to get anywhere near you to do that,but I can wish,can't I?)

Posted in Best Black Movie & Performances of the Decade? on 2017-06-12 14:44:30

He is totally the best and sexiest! Jamie Foxx,Sir ,I place a respectful heartfelt kiss on your boot.