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Posted in Larger black males? on 2017-09-14 21:18:49

Everybody knows black men are superior in every way physically from strength to intellect to $%!@ size and sexual performance. Us white scum are like inbred defective worms...

Posted in Racism against Whites on 2017-09-14 17:40:29

I spent several days lately being 'supervised' by my boss teenage nephew who is being paid to 'watch me' and make sure I complete my assigned tasks. His name is Abraham and Ive been very nice to him kissing up to him and telling him how much I love and respect black people and hate my own race. I also did a few things that might annoy him so he would punish me and it worked. He bitch slapped me and kicked me hard in the $%!@ with his boot!

Posted in Do kids talk trash to you? on 2017-06-12 17:23:35

Around the property I help manage I get insulted and laughed at all the time. And I take it dry and even encourage it sometimes..it is a bit of a turn on to have them happily run me down like a non person and hear them openly talk about me like a retarded orge or some kind...cuz Im old and ugly (Ive had surgeries and my face smashed in many times)and i work with grass ,garbage/picking up litter and cleaning up dog poo from the property the kids will say 'Hey Dog $%!@ whisperer you missed some $%!@'! or 'You missed one right here' and they laugh and whisper when I go to grab it. And they say how they would never do this job ever (picking up litter/collecting the buildings trash/raking dead leaves)and how gross my job it and how ugly I am. and they make mess in front of me and kick things over ,ect witch I pretend to ignore. They also expect me to do repairs in the units witch I am not responsible for but sometimes I do and Ive unclogged peoples toilets for them and they just seem to think 'Better you do it than me' even after they still laugh at me and gossip. Im fine with it. They also ask questions openly in groups like 'Are you not married cuz of all the scars on your face'? Where you in an accident? Who beat you up? Does anyone ever call you Scarface? Do you like picking up other people dog poo? Does it make you mad to clean up peoples garbage? and lots more. I just answer that I have to do these things and I can't help why my face is messed up and no one wants to be my mate. they just whisper more....fine.

Posted in Worst ways to die on 2017-06-12 16:34:45

Getting caught in one of my glue traps has got to be horrible for the rats mice,and a few toads and snakes that I have caught. I love using them in my job and I always set out plenty and check them regularly and I do not release any or kill any I usually rougly kick them or throw them around and 'introduce' the rodent to the burning ember of my lit cigarette or some boiling water! (he he he he) Most I throw still alive into the organic waste bin. It makes me feel like I have power and a sneaky sense of satisfaction!

Posted in what animal would you be? on 2017-06-12 16:00:55

its obvious cuz of all the yummy poo I'd get to eat and play with!