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Posted in Haha! Just a Joke. on 2018-01-24 19:25:40

.How do you make a faggot happy? . . . . . .You dump a gallon of hot yogurt on my back.

Posted in The Anti-White Movement on 2017-10-06 19:44:47

Im a white trash cracker but I beilve blacks are superior in every way and I wish they would get going and stage a take over or at least regular black against white actions and get away with it They (Black Lives Matter,Black Panthers,Black Hebrew Israelite) are already taking advantage or the political climate to make examples of whites -and getting away with it! I say GOOD! If it is a angry black teen giving an old white cracker a sucker punch or group of black brothers swarming and beating random whites chanting 'Black lives matter' and stripping them or kidnapping whites for a private 'racial history lesson' and a justified $%!@ kicking on video,anything at all I say 'Yes! Black Power! Take every chance to get your revenge! Make us Caucasoid $%!@roaches suffer even more! Militant black people should stomp out the euro-trash race like a poisonous snake under their boots. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Posted in Voluntary Slavery on 2017-09-15 19:03:17

I would give up my human rights and submit to object status and worth less than pets/livestock and I would let them use or dispose of any white trash man,woman,child,baby or even kill it. Its what should be happening soon....

Posted in Males and Physical Violence on 2017-09-15 18:55:40

I just got a beating the worst in quite a while from my new bossy little teenage 'supervisor' for calling him 'Bossy Boots' and referring to him as 'a little bossy boots black kid' and half hearted complaining about how he has been treating me witch I actually am loving especially seeing this kid grow in confidence until he truly feels superior to whites and way above white trash fags like me. But he doesn't like this name it annoys him a lot and the 3rd or 4th time I used it he gave me a hard right hook sucker punch and warned me not to use the phrase 'little bossy boots' about him (he's a short young man 5'3' maybe :) and he's sensitive about his height. well much latter that I accidentally let it slip out when talking to his mom and he took the phone from me hung up put the phone down and with a $%!@ed of scowl jumped by in the air and gave me a round house spin kick hard to one side of my face then another and I was on my $%!@ on the floor trying to crawl awy and begging he kicked me sharply in the solar plexus with his shoe causing me to gasp and sputter with made him laugh and he filmed a bit of it on his phone mocking my suffering then kicked me flat on my back and stood on one wrist while he warned me about worst beating i would get next time and not to 'call him faggot names' or he's gonna put me down. I love and respect Abraham cuz he's a special person I love him and respect him for life.

Posted in the return of slavery? on 2017-09-14 21:31:24

Im all for a return of slavery with black people owning and using whites for their benefit after stripping whites of all legal rights ,protection and assets. I think they should be allowed to buy or sell whites of any age at any time and whites get no education,only basic medical exams/vaccines(to prevent infecting black people),no right to home or privacy and no family rights and no right to be alive unless your owner wants to keep you or decides to sell you,dispose of you killing you.