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Posted in Is it good luck to stand in dog poo? on 2016-09-28 17:54:23

If you step in poo and its clinging to your shoe,I know what to do,let me clean your shoe for you,because I love you,with my lips and tounge I will clean every trace of poo from the bottom of your shoe!

Posted in Is Racism Bad? on 2016-09-28 15:12:19

I am a Black Supremacist. And I am white euro-trash and I realize this because it is so obvious especially now. People of African decent are superior to whites and Asians in every way. And they have the right to use violence and threats ,force to take power and control from whites. They need to arm themselves,rise up and kill or capture all whites in positions of power and cripple any white capable of resisting. Then they must transfer all wealth to themselves and forcibly segregate the white/other population so that they can reduce the excess-non productive population of useless white,babies,elderly,retarded,disabled,ect by denying them food and medical care and work the rest of the white population until nature get rid of them. They could be moved to the 'useless' zone and fed garbage until they croak! That is positive,justified racism Black Pride!

Black Boy,Do you like to use white woman for sex and maybe money? You should do it they are not as smart and you can make them love ,honor and obey you,even start to hit them and pimp them out to your buddies for more cash for yourself. Im a white guy that knows black people are superior in every way and they have earned the right to use white girls for sex or anything else.

Posted in Prisoner's Rights on 2016-09-28 14:52:46

The only rights I had when I was a prisoner is suffer and suffer some more!

Posted in Guys Kissing Guys on 2016-09-28 14:50:31

I would just love to engage in hours long deep kissing sessions with just about any guy. I'm quite an ugly bugly so Ive had sex with less than 10 people -the most sex I ever got was at a gay bathhouse glory hole when I must have sucked at least 50 $%!@ of all colors sizes and tastes. It was wonderful!!!