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Posted in Shoes/socks/feet poll on 2011-08-14 01:28:01

I always take my shoes off at the door of my home, and expect friends to do the same. This is especially true for female friends wearing high heels that could make a dent in my hardwood floors! Shoes off please!

Posted in Lowering the Drinking Age to 18 on 2002-11-06 23:14:34

If someone is old enough to fight in a war at 18 then they are also old enough to drink a beer!


Posted in Girls, Shoes On or Off at home? on 2002-11-04 00:35:14

Nah, no slippers for me. I usually just wear socks or nylons.

========== In Reply To ========== Does no one wear slippers at home? I like to wear a pair of scuffs around the house

Posted in Girls, Shoes On or Off at home? on 2002-09-28 01:02:03

High heeled shoes and boots and platforms are not allowed in my house at all. No exceptions. If you don't take them off automatically, you will be asked to. If you refuse, you will be asked to leave. We even keep a couple of chairs at the door so that you can sit down to untie laces, undo ankle straps or unzip zippers.

Posted in school paddling and gender bias on 2002-06-19 23:38:34

Hi Cindy. Yes, I did have a similar experience to yours. I was also paddled for smoking on school property and I had to take my shoes off before the paddling. When I got to the office, the female principal told me to put my purse down and take my high heel boots off for the same reason. I then had to bend over a bench to receive my paddling. I got 5 swats, so you're lucky to have only received 3. I have to agree it was very humiliating. Paddlings are now done in the gym by the female coach, and the same rules apply.

========== In Reply To ========== I was paddled at school in January, 2001 for smoking on school property. There was really nothing unusual about it except that the female teacher who was present at the paddling told me to take my platform shoes off since they were rather high, and could cause me to fall or throw an ankle during the paddling. Since there was really nowhere to sit down and take them off, she undid the zippers for me so I could step out of them. I then walked over to the principal's desk in my socks and bent over for my 3 swats(normal amount for a first offense). It was humiliating! Any girls have a similar experience?