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Posted in ww II facts on 2002-05-23 16:14:42

Gays, lesbians? This term was unknown during the wwII. What about 6 mln Poles, 20 mln + Russians and many mln others? This is the fact, which jewish control "historians" don't even want to talk about. Why does others can't have the right picture about their deaths? Most of you or maybe all of you who post here did not know about those other numbers, which are also official numbers, but forbitten to talk about in US.

========== In Reply To ========== Actually, I just remembered something you might be interested in. According to something I read recently (unfortunately I don't recall where), historians say that 6 million Jews, plus 4 million other folks all died in Holocaust-related killings during WWII.

The "other" refers to gays, lesbians, gypsies, physically disabled people, mentally disabled people, and others whom the Nazi regime thought were "polluting" the pure Aryan race.

So, that makes the grand total 10 MILLION! Even worse! :(

Posted in ww II facts on 2002-05-15 16:04:21

========== In Reply To ========== BTW, it was 6 million Jews who died, not 4 million. Apparently the person who made the poll also has problems with math!

You are wrong, he is right. 4 mln not 6 mln. Even this number is maybe to high.

Posted in PE Uniform on 2002-05-09 17:10:58

I find two things amazing about this poll. In the first place, according to the results, 26% of boys and 20% had to do P.E. naked if they forgot their kit, and secondly no-one has commented on this. If the results are only partly true, I think it is incredible that boys and girls would be asked to go naked. Some, it is true, would get a kick out of that, but most would feel utterly humiliated. And what about the parents' reaction if they knew? Any comments on this?

Posted in Swimwear on 2002-04-19 05:12:15

Naked is definately better.Since everybody already has skin why bother to buy an expensive suit just to show off in?There is no better feeling than to swim or just sunbathe while nude.

Posted in What kind of swimsuit are you wearing this summer on 2002-04-19 04:59:19

You should have had the choice of nothing as many will be swimming Nude.