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Posted in PE Uniform on 2002-03-20 23:50:49

I went to a comp in north uk in the 80's there wernt very strict rules about kit except in gym it was white shorts,on the field it was any shorts and top. As for underwear we were not told what to wear but many of us (10 out of 30) would not wear anything under shorts after a PE teacher commented how un hygienic it was to keep same 1's on afterwards.a few of us lads wore j/straps when we did athletics (ie when jumpin rather than running)I was aware of showing more than i wanted.

I am mostly a freeballer now and at that time would often not have underwear on anyway.

Posted in Do men wear thongs? on 2002-03-20 22:10:27

I often dont wear any underwear but if I do it is a thong for me. soft cotton from Debenhams look good,feel great.

Most folk dont care what you do or dont wear underneath as long as its clean.

Posted in School swimwear on 2002-03-20 22:03:12

My school in the north of uk had its own good pool,all kids had swimming at some time in the week age 11-16. Girls were allways in swimsuits boys in shorts/speedos or anything decent for these lessons . There was also the chance for some to go to the pool before lunch which wasnt open to just any pupil. Me & mate allways went when we could if we were the only ones or any others were cool about it. the 'teachers' would allow us to lose the speedos. they would do sometimes. There really was no pervyness about this,never felt threatened by teach. It was actually another kid who just went in nude once,& no one really bothered about it.

it was fun,& I'm still good mates wi my mate.