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Posted in would you let your son swim nude. on 2015-10-04 17:11:16

I've done all I can to encourage my friend to swim nude, stopping short of being annoying about it. He has tried it and claims it really does nothing for him and feels no different than when he's wearing swim shorts. I tend to doubt that claim since he seems to have a strong compulsive need to wear clothes at all times, even when hanging out around his own home completely alone, and considering in the heat of Arizona he'll run the air conditioning 24 hours a day and run up the electric bill but won't go nude to maximize cooling and comfort. Even when there's no chance anyone else is going to see him naked (he doesn't care if a close friend does), he seems to be afraid of the nudity itself even if he won't admit it. Oh well, to each their own.

Posted in would you let your son swim nude. on 2015-10-03 15:19:05

That's exactly where I went! When I was visiting a friend in Phoenix in 2010 and again in 2011, we went for a road trip that took us to T.R. Lake. It was getting towards dusk and the sun was down behind the mountains on the west side of the lake. We found a place to pull off the road, and made our way down through the cactuses (cacti?) and scrub trees down to the rocky shore. I stripped off and carefully got into the water, because there were a lot of rocks and also fallen spiky trees under water. The water felt fantastic! My friend isn't a naturist so he swam with underwear on, and complained about how cold the water was (pffft...Arizona people...anything cooler than bath water is like the Arctic Sea to them :P ) . Got some amazing photos of the moonrise over the water to the east, too! I also found some lovely places out in the desert and up in the mountains to roam around nude for a while, just thoroughly enjoying nature.

Posted in would you let your son swim nude. on 2015-10-02 06:23:14

I'm only relaying what I learned from other naturists on sites like Netnude. I've read numerous times over the years from naturists recommending checking with a forest service ranger station to see if they have any rules established prohibiting nudity on the region they're in charge of, or certain portions. While it's not a law specifically, it's my understanding that each national forest area, and/or the various regions within a large national forest area that each has its own ranger stations, can implement their own rules in addition to the ones in effect nationwide. However, I haven't personally spoken with any national forest service ranger station on this specific question (the only thing I ever asked them was whether there was any sort of fee for camping out in the middle of nowhere, and they said no for that particular forest area).

Thanks for the link to the swimming holes website. Unfortunately the map doesn't show anything right near me, but it'll be interesting to see what I can find (or contribute, since I found a fantastic place to go skinnydipping in Arizona).

Posted in would you let your son swim nude. on 2015-09-30 15:40:59

Not always true. First, the local park ranger stations overseeing a particular area of federal land can establish their own individualized rules for that area of land, and that often includes making rules against open nudity. However, I tend to think that would be put in place more in the frequently used places like public campgrounds. I once went wilderness naturist camping in some national forest area, far away from anything and anybody, and I'm sure there were no forest service rules against my nudity. They surely would have had rules against it at the established public campgrounds a few miles away.

Second, sometimes the state or local government does have jurisdiction within federal land in matters that are not covered under federal law, in this case being laws against public nudity. Not always but sometimes.

It's something you'd want to check on by calling the nearest ranger station to where you plan to visit and ask them if they have any rules against open nudity on that land and/or if the state or local police have jurisdiction on that federal land to enforce state or local laws against nudity. While it would feel like an awkward call to make, it would be much better than having to call an attorney for defense. There are federal lands where you can freely go nude and nobody can bother you. I've read numerous times about people hiking the Appalachian Trail or canoeing in some federal waterways, completely nude, and meeting and interacting with forest service rangers with no complications whatsoever about their nudity. It's too bad we don't have that much freedom in our daily lives without having to go all the way out into federal lands, but hey, we'll take what we can get!

Posted in nudist family on 2015-08-14 15:08:19

Hey Nakedrhode, did your kids ever start becoming more clothes-compulsive as they got into their teens? I've read many times from naturist parents that their kids started wearing clothes more in their teens, and/or abandoned the naturist lifestyle once they got into adulthood, so I'm just wondering how common that happens.