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Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-11-07 17:01:25

Hi Mr. Rick sir

Last time we spoke I was enjoying my summer and looking towards my Senior year at school. With Halloween behind us and even a Halloween ball I am looking towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. After Christmas we start working towards those all important exams. But with so many other things I want to do things on my plate days are scarcely long enough Sometimes I am up in the early hours sliding out from under that slinky silky sheet and sitting naked on my chair in front of computer. Sitting there is quite liberating and it feels totally different from when you are doing your homework there. School has been busy and they are working us hard but everything else has been busy as well. I just knew I had to write to you to prove I had not fallen under a bus.

Kirstie's Halloween costume was a black and orange witches hat long orange hair long black gown and warts and spiders on her hands and arm. She was scary. (Always is) She wanted to cover me in green slime but I got out of that. It was funny walking to the school all dressed up in fancy dress.

I know Kirsty is good for me in many ways and at many levels. Even my mom and dad think that. They say she makes me behave better and act more like my age. Whatever that means. I think I am good for her too. I know I try to be, to be the very best for her I can be. That matters, and it is not just about what goes on inside my shorts. She keeps me sane, and is the antidote to my best friend Krazy Ollie. He is a dynamite friend but does have some crazy ideas. I like him a lot but it is a different kind of friendship from the way I feel about Kirstie. Ollie and I used to share a little bit of intimate sex play but I think lots of guys do growing up and I think it prepares you better for what happens later. Embarrassing to talk about but no regrets. Ollie is the kind of friend everybody wants. He is good for me, keeps me running and I guess I do the same for him. Good for each other I suppose. Two very good very different friends.

Although school has never been allowed to paddle students in my generation in yours is served a purpose. Our Dads, Ollies and mine know that even today a paddle at home on a boys briefs clad bottom achieves the same purpose. I can remember Ollies Dad telling us to take our shorts off. (you too Jamie) I bet that never happened when you were at school!. Home punishments grow up with us, and Moms spanked us some when we were little. By the time we were 12 or 13 we preferred to have our skivvies down in front of Dad even though he would probably spank us harder. I do not want you to think that the paddle was used that often. By the time we started high school the belt was the hazard to be aware of. A time out on the naughty chair was the usual way of de-escalating a situation but Mom and Dad seem to have appropriate punishments for every situation. No, you do not need to whip a boys bottom to achieve satisfactory results, a change in in attitude, a change in behavior. But like you I can remember those timeouts in my bedroom with my stomach churning waiting for Dad to get home sure of what my fate would be. And sometimes it was and sometimes it was something different. And I will tell you, Mr. Rick. Mom never had to polish the naughty chair. My bottom gave it all the polishing it needed!!

I am both looking forward to and quite scared about going to college next fall. I think what I have been learning at home about looking after myself and what I have learnt at work about taking responsibility for myself will help me a lot. I know that even in a dorm there will be household chores that somebody has to do and that somebody is me. I have been learning to keep my room tidy and operate the laundry. I already know how to shower and wash my hair. I do that at least once a day .and so I will carry on doing that. I do not think I could live on pizza and Coke so I guess there will be some dishes to wash but I have been doing that for years. Keep clean good personal hygiene and teeth brushed. Clean shirt and shorts each day as now and even if I wear distressed jeans I will show more respect than that to my professors, and dress up smart and sharp on my dates. I think know why these principles come naturally to me. Something to do with the way I was raised and partly to impress I suppose it is mainly to impress Kirstie and show I am young man with values and standards and worth her taking the time over. I hope principles and manners will stay with me as I grow and mature. That is what Kirstie expects from me and so what I hope for myself. I hope those lessons and traits my parents have spent years trying to teach me will be enough to see me through. I am not that bratty snot nosed kid any more and I hope my increasing maturity will begin to show that.

Many high achievers believe that anyone can do anything they want to if they work diligently. Unfortunately that is not the case. However hard you work if you do not have the ability you not realize your dreams. I know that a lot more goes into a college application than just your academic record and charitable or volunteer work go down well as dors taking on responsibility as I do on the school council and having had a job earning proper wages also helps. I am not telling you where I am applying but somewhere that is not too near home nor too far. I do not want to go more than 250 miles or less but that still gives me plenty of choices.

You know me. I work hard and if I hitch my dreams to the stars who knows how far I can go? I hope that by the time I am your age I will have memories like yours to look back on. I guess it is up to me to grab opportunities that come my way as iI grow older. I think growing older will open more doors and give me a chance to find something I really want to do which will make a difference. Perhaps I should be President!

I hope I have enough common Sense and self-discipline not to do things that get me into trouble, get me punished but I am still 17. It would be embarrassing to have to tell Kirstie or Ollie or anyone that I was grounded or worse still spanked. But if I pressed all the right buttons I guess it could happen. No no I am not going to do anything stupid with the car. Having it on occasions is a treat that I do not want to lose. Mom and Dad accept that I am a licensed driver but that does not them from saying I am a menace on the road. I guess they are just worried for me.. So keep my nose clean, keep out of trouble and things will stay good.

I hope it never happens again but I remember how much that leather belt hurt my bottom so I am not anxious to provoke Dad a stage where he thinks the right solution is have my shorts down for a bare bottom whipping. I will do what it takes to avoid that. Even be good!

Any time with Kirsty is good time. Things happen that you cannot imagine both inside and out and she makes me feel, feel different, special and I know I am. Add she is too. In those special times we do not need to do anything or say anything. Just being there is enough. Perhaps that is the time when we are closest. Forget about the physical. For us this where it is really happens

Thank you for your good wishes i hope things are going well for you

That is all for now and in any case I need to get ready for school..

All the best


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-10-31 21:10:04


It is the longest time since we have talked. Things have been getting along nicely on many fronts. Even that D I got at school is seen as an uncharacteristic play that will not seriously tarnish my GPA so long as it does not happen again. Well I will make sure it does not happen again. I am looking ahead towards Christmas but before then we have Halloween and Thanksgiving.

We are a bit old to go trick or treating but I do remember dressing up and going wishing the neighbors a happy Halloween in exchange for small amounts of candy. They always pretended to be scared. by our costumes.The last time I went out I was punished when we got home for too much mischief in my tricks. You could not go out alone now but is seemed safe enough for a group of us to be out on our own. We were every other day.

But looking back made me think of Al. His mom sometimes looked after us. I remember being in the bathtub with Al and I cannot remember hesitating when told to pop in the bath with him. We played and played and when we stayed over always shared a bedroom. We graduated to strip and forfeit games. He only $%!@ed me once. I was 15 and downstairs with nothing on. I had probably lost my clothes in a game. I could have pushed him away way but who is going to forgo a w** once it starts? He carried on until my jizz squirted out. Some of it landed on me the rest on the floor. That was last time we saw each other naked. Happy days. I wonder if he remembers it as fondly as I do. I think we all do things like that. . The actual work I do at the burger shack is not that exciting but the jingle of money in my pocket and a bulging billfold certainly is. Kirsty knows I am not earning now and so she has lower expectations. Besides for us our relationship is how we feel about each other how much we like each other and not on how much we spend. I do not think she would care if I was penniless so long as I was me and cared for her as much as I do. School is tough but the work is engaging and interesting. I like the added responsibility and privileges of being a senior and I try not to let that element of respect and even hero worship from younger students go to my head. Kirsty knows how to bring me back down to Earth and stop me getting too big for my boots. I am glad she does not do it the way my dad used to do it but it is just as effective.

I know you go to school to learn but I learnt a lot of other things from working through my summer vacation, important things that you could not learn in any other way. But now I have been there and done that maybe it is time to move on. Who knows where I will be or what I will be doing by next summer. Maybe thinking about college and getting worked up about moving. I am already thinking about how I will keep connected with Kirstie.

Kirsty and I share many secrets and experiences on many levels about all kinds of things, mostly things we have done but we do not keep secrets from each other. I think one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship is trusting each other all the way. We do not always agree about everything but we have enough respect for each other to work things out and we do agree about important things and will only move things on when we are both ready. But although I dream of one day doing it I am sure we are not yet ready. I do not think we need to do that to prove our love for each other. One day? Who knows? For now I will just be a horny boy who gets his kicks lying naked on his bed giving his boyhood some action and dreaming dreams of paradise.

I know there are things that it is better for our parents not to find out and I hope they never do. Kirsty and I have done some things we would never tell anyone about but we are not ashamed of them we enjoyed them and we have no regrets. There is no more you can ask for. And what our parents do not know cannot hurt them

Everyone seems to think it was hilarious that Kirsty pulled my shorts down at the beach. She knew I had nothing on underneath. It was embarrassing being there stark naked on the beach her laughing her head off while I struggled with my shorts and then fell over. I can see the funny side of it now and it gave me something to think about when I $%!@ed although in the final event I was thinking about her and me hidden among the sand dunes. I think we make a good couple and I hope we will be together- forever is a very long time but I cannot imagine I would ever want to marry anyone else. Only thing is I once thought the same about another girl. As I have said before we are together doing well and happy. Why compromise or complicate that? As Louis Armstrong said we have all the time in the world.

I could never stop thinking about girls ever since I first became interested in them. But it was a long time before I found there is no magical technique in talking to them- they are the same people they have always been - or even asking them out that first special time. Of course there is only one girl I think about now and I think about her nearly all the time. I know a bit more about how to be myself now and I have a lot more confidence so I do not find it as hard as I once did. Yes I still get hard just talking about her- but not tongue-tied any more. She makes me feel I like to feel without needing to be there and that is a happy thought. That happy thought has often led to dampness in my shorts or white jizz squirting out of my whim wham without hardly needing to be touched. One day my semen will have purpose. I know boys cannot stop thinking about girls. I wonder if one girl in particular thinks about me. Oh Jamie that cute kid it is fun to hang out with. I hope it is a bit more than that. I am hard but just dressed writing about her. Have you ever needed to strip because of something you are thinking about the computer?

I have never needed to wear a condom for protection but I have tried putting one on a few times just to make sure I can as the first time I do need one I will be very excited and may fumble. I am still too shy to buy them from the drugstore where they know me and my parents but they do not ask many questions at the clinic. I thought a machine would ask even less even if you pay a bit more. Most of the time I let that gooey love mess go and I wipe it off my body.

Every boy needs imagination time, a time to indulge himself and dream himself the way he would like to be doing the things he would like to sometimes losing track of exactly where he is or where it is going. Maybe that is the best fantasy of all because all unknown. It can be good, it can also be scary. Growing up I guess. You may not have needed one Mr. JB but sure as hell I will always take the protection a condom offers until it is time to produce some Jamie or Kirstie juniors!! :-))

It is not so much what you think about as how you think about it. I like Kirsty in many different ways and there are things it is good to think about that are healthy and wholesome and things that are not good to think about which are unhelpful and unhealthy. The way you think about someone and respect them is a part of your relationship and at this stage I really do not think it is good for me to be jerking over her because that really is not the way I think about her. You know, my friend a special friend but never one I want to use abuse or hurt.

Ollie has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We have grown up together and shared everything. We have been in and out of each other's houses so often you sometimes wonder which is home especially when our parents treat us more like brothers then like friends. I could not ask for a better buddy then Olly. He was over here yesterday and we played computer games in just our underwear. Underwear because that is how we have always played even though as younger teenagers even they often ended up on the floor as we experimented and played with each others naked bodies. I do not think that will happen today. It is something we think about the talk about in the past. I will not say it' plays no part in our lives but it seems much less important now and anyway we both have girlfriends so- I think Olly will probably be my best friend for the rest of my life. He is an awesome guy and I owe him so much even if he liked risky pranks punishment pranks a little too much when we were of spankable age. He is an awesome awesome guy and I know I'm lucky lucky boy have him as a friend, best friend who I wish was my brother.

I am glad the things I started to settle down again for you and that God is sustaining you through such a difficult time. It is a deep learning experience when you know you have to trust god for everything and believe whatever happens it is it well for you. Think of the story of job who lost everything.

I think the best way is to continue your routines hold on to things you know and try to focus on those. The things you do people you know and the belief you hold will pull through any dark times and as my dad said to me part of Grandma lives on in me and so long as I remember her she will always be there. Somewhere. (Jamie if you look behind the cookie jar I think you will find... usually some treat) You seem to have had a busy time so many things to do and it must be difficult to juggle them all together especially when you are really thinking about something else.

Kirsty wanted me to cover my whole body with green slime to celebrate Halloween but I said I would save it for the fancy dress ball on Friday. I can do a lot with hat mask make up and fangs so may I can get out of that. Girls have invited us to an underwear party and I do not know if I should wear briefs or shorts. Kirsty likes me to wear briefs but I think it would be less embarrassing to be in shorts with other girls. On black Saturday we are organizing a pajama party. It is amazing what you can do when your parents are out. Ollies parents have told him and me they are trusting us to make sure there are no drugs smoking alcohol or what they call hocus pocus or hanky-panky. We have told them we are just friends and I suppose we are. But it is a big responsibility for two 17 year olds. Great to be trusted. Maybe growing up.

That is it for now. Keep well



Happy Halloween. and November will be better

Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-09-27 20:29:38

Hey JB

The sun will rise and the Moon will set, the leaves will soon turn colour and fall. It is all part of the eternal regeneration and renewal that takes place and keeps us virile and thriving. I have been very lucky, a lucky boy. At school I have done well in the classroom and on the sports field, I have great friends and a great family. I have had my ups and downs of course and I am quite surprised to have made it to Senior year but I have. I expected to be punished over that D but we sorted it out and it will not happen again. I have known since I was 10 ii that a D for effort or behavior would get me a pants down spanking at home. But Dad is a reasonable and fair man and he knows I do not tell lies. So we talked it through and worked out a way forward. So I am confident and happy about school even though I would still rather be selling burgers and ice cream and admiring the scenery I liked having money in my pocket and knowing that the money I was spending on Kirstie was money I had earned myself and I was not relying on allowances and a begging bowl. I think Kirstie appreciated that too. Yes, lots of pretty girls passing by the shack and sometimes rising me up. But Kirstie does things to me that nobody else can do. She is good to me and good for me. No one else even comes close. We do things together that no one else knows about, are our secret. We are not ashamed of what we are doing and there is nothing actually wrong with it. But there are some things we do not want to share with the world and in particular would prefer our parents not to know about. Independence Day was a long time ago but it an important day for all Americans. It reminds us of who we are and what we believe, and that we are free. I want saw the American Revolution described as an uprising in the colonies. We celebrated it as we always do, and flew the flag, even though we did march or follow the band, or listen to the mayor's speech. We were too busy having fun for that. You know, this day is for everyone. It was good to be trusted to be treated like an adult and given real responsibilities. It was a bit of a busmans holiday for me butt charred burgers and burnt corn and potatoes cooked in the embers always taste better at home,

In between shifts Kirstie and I shared some good times over the summer whenever we could get away. I do not know why she decided to pants me that day but in a way I suppose it was funny. It was not like she has not seen me naked before but she was just feeling silly. I was so shocked I just stood there at first before thinking to pull up my shorts. That is when I fell over. Kirsty thought it was hilarious. There was only one thing on my mind as I jerked myself off that evening. I think we make a good pair, a good partnership. One day... Well maybe one day but not today. We are having too much fun to want to complicate things.

I do not how it is that at I get all gooey inside when I think about or talk about Kirstie and when she is there or I am talking to her the world is dizzy and the stars spin and I hardly know where I am. Even now I sometimes get tongue-tied struggle to get the words out and feel flustered and embarrassed. Did that ever happen to you? With a girl you liked? Quite a lot. Well a lot! Yes, supercharged. Sometimes I am still wearing shorts when I finish a message but more likely by then I am naked. But whether it is into to my shorts or a Kleenex play time is never far away so usually I will need one or the other. You know how much I like to be naked at my PC, but quite often my fingers wander away from the keys and mouse. Kirstie can twist me up anyway she wants and I will always beg for more. That is what makes it gooey. In my mind or in my shorts, Do we complement each other? I think so. I hope so. Today and tomorrow. Maybe all our tomorrows!

I think a boy needs to have imagine time where his hopes dreams and fantasies mingle and merge. Of course I think about things I have done Bu imagine time is more about things I would like to do or hope to do without bothering that the likelihood of that happening is very low. I always carry a condom but the expectation is that it will be a long time before I need to use it. It could cause a lot of problems if I got into a situation and did not have one. We were taught how to put them on at school. I did not want to be embarrassed at the drug store so I bought mine from a machine. Next time maybe I will have more courage. I thought a lot about Kirstie while she was away, but I think about her a lot anyway. And if she thinks about me at all I wonder what she thinks. What boy can ever know what a girl is thinking? I was embarrassed in myself that I $%!@ed over her thinking in an unhealthy way but I could not help it. I do not think I will tell her about that. I do not think girls get that same urge to $%!@e at every opportunity. But it is exciting to think that she might be thinking about me. Ollie has been the best friend I could ever have wished for. We have shared a lot of growing up, many experiences since we were quite small. We like each other a lot of course but in a different way to the way I like Kirstie. We have always presented each other as we are the good the bad and the ugly, had no secrets from one another and tied bonds that will probably last forever. Is awesome to have somebody like that, with him I can be just the person you are with no masks and no makeup u, a boy who has seen me cry and seen you at your best and your worst at vice versa, a boy whose Dad is not afraid to punish you when you misbehave, a boy who you like, like to hang out with, skinny dip and camp out with and with whom I got quite intimate in our early teen years. Yes, experiences we shared and grew through and learnt from. Yes, we both remember them, sometimes laugh at them but usually leave at the back of our minds. I would trust Ollie with anything even my life because I know he would never let me down. It is hard to know something like that about a friend but I do and it is hard to have a friend like that but I do. It is always will always be there.

I hope things are beginning to settle down for you.

All the Best


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-09-25 10:42:28

Sorry to hear your sad news

I have much to tell but you it can can wait until things settle down. I will write later.

Really sorry and hope you and your family are bearing up. I


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-09-13 16:03:33

Did Hurricane Dorian hit you hard?

Are you okay?

With so many doctprs appointments I feel like I am falling apart