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Posted in Should parents cane their children on 2016-10-27 13:22:33


It was the way my mom told me dad had been kept late at a meeting. That's all she said, but it was enough to make me think.


Posted in Should parents cane their children on 2016-10-16 14:30:58


No, I wasn't warned the first night that a repeat would get me caned. On the second night when I arrived home Dad hadn't come back from a meeting and it was only then did I realise what I had done. When dad got home it was no surprise when I got the caning.

Canings at school were always over shorts or trousers. My parents didn't cane me again after I had been caned at school.


Posted in Should parents cane their children on 2016-10-12 16:50:03


Yes I knew two boys who were caned for judicial punishment, though they weren't friends of mine. A frequent offense is vandalism, graffiti! And it is criminal law not civil law that the offenders are sentenced under.

I got more or less the same number of strokes of the cane, that is between 4 and 6 strokes every time, I think it was just how my father felt. The caning of 8 strokes is about right how you said it. I never wanted that many again. It makes me smile on here with polls suggesting 25 to 50 and even 100 strokes!

The caning for hair length and shirts untucked were not anywhere near as severe as serious offenses such as fighting, smoking or cheating in exams. The untucked shirt would get a couple of strokes from the teacher, more as a warning. For grade F the teacher would give you one or two strokes. He knew your parents would deal with you, most probably. But the serious offenses were only punished by the principal, vice principal or a specially trained Discipline Master. Of course the teacher could always have referred you to the principal if, for example, he caned you one day and you repeated the offense the same week! The canings from the principal were the ones the boys were careful to avoid. I was caned twice or three time in each year of Primary and Secondary schools by the Discipline Master for various offenses such as being late, fighting, or getting low grades in exams. The first when I was 10, and the last when I was 18. Girls, by the way, are not caned in schools. They only get detention. Detention is also possible as a punishment for boys if the principal thinks a caning would be too severe for the offense committed. A repeated offense could get the boy expelled. Parents were informed, so there was no way of hiding it from them.

Sometimes we weren't too careful with our shirts or hair and got a warning caning from the teacher. Of course the following day we had our shirts well tucked in or we would have had our hair cut.

The 8 stroke caning at home when I was 15 for the repeated offense of breaking curfew was of course for two nights running. After the caning I was grounded for the rest of the week and weekend.


Posted in Should parents cane their children on 2016-10-10 14:35:18

Hi Malc,

The last caning I got was for a C grade in physics before I went off to university. I was expected to get and should have got an A.

Another offence was breaking curfew a few times, (yes, I was still subject to curfew). And a couple of times for what my dad considered to be a bad attitude.

Also as I have said elsewhere on here, I was caned at school quite a bit for trivial offences.


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2016-10-09 15:04:35

Hi R.J.

The most common offence when I was 15 and 16 would have been getting home late in the evenings. That would have been followed closely by getting bad grades at school. D's and F's were a certain. An F at school also meant a caning at school. Sometimes even a C was considered bad enough for 'some attention catching', as my dad said. My last caning was for getting a C grade in physics when I was 18.

Letting my room get into a mess and not tidying it up when told to do so would also earn me a spanking.

And of course the one which seems to cover just about everything 'bad attitude'!

Spankings were always on the bare bottom and my mom always used a belt though I don't know if dad told her to. My last spankings from dad were with a cane.