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Posted in Spanking boys in the nude on 2015-12-03 00:19:48

We do have a Canada Day which we Celebrate our Nation's Birthday on July 1st When I was in grade school I got the strap on the palm of my hands on one occasion but in hind sight I think I deserved it on more occasions. Parents and step parents are still allowed to spank as per ruling of the SCC Supreme Court of Canada esp age 2-12 with hand but there are some dumb down public even dumb down cops. Not sure how you feel about your spankings now but I look back and am thankful knowing I deserved at least most of my spanking though I hate them at the time. In your case you can feel you deserve them and still not like getting them. I have witnessed another boy on our street get his bare bottom spanked by his mother (just after he bit my hand). I did not feel sorry for him. Ever been fully naked for a spanking I have. So you have a brother who is spanked too are you two ever spanked together. I have some older brothers as well as a twin brother and on a few occasions we got spanked together. States like Texas and Arizona still allow spankings in public schools but I think they are rare and usually I think the student is given a choice between the paddle or something else like a 2 day in school suspension so the student really can't complain. I also polar bear swim that is swimming in winter in icy cold water. So you are in New York\ as in the City or just New York State. I was raised in Ontario but now live out on our West Coast.

Posted in Spanking boys in the nude on 2015-11-26 20:32:35

Hello Ricky Well hope your mom did not call you down for a spanking. Being a Canadian we celebrate our Thanks Giving 2nd Monday of October. I wonder why we celebrate it at all since the Pilgrims did not come to Canada in the Mayflower 2! We do not celebrate July 4th up here it is just another day for us and all countries expect yours. I hope it is a while before you next spanking too. I am curious were there any other red bums in the shower Tuesday other than yours? What is the most number of red bums in the shower that you saw. There could be red bums in the girl's shower too unless you and the girls shower together. Which might not be such a bad idea as you would get to see their front's as much as them seeing your 's all the guys would have erections in the shower ha! ha! In grade 8 showers were optional for me not mandatory until High School (I did not take Gym the first year) and when I did I was not spanked as often in my school gym was only ever second day do not know how often you have gym. I remember one time my dad giving a belt spanking on my bare bum and making me write an apology to my teacher in Grade 7 or 8. I do not remember the details of what I did but my dad and likely your parents would never make us write an apology for being on our best behavour in school.(we Canadians write some words different like extra U s and centre instead of center) and in the early grades I got the strap once might of deserved it more times. Is your school allowed to give spankings or you in a State that does not allow it. I know most States all private school to spank but leave it up to the districts. If not have you ever been given an after school detention or recess detention or something that. Would getting spanked at school or a detention after school result in a spanking at home? Is anyone else in your house spanked or u an only child. I recall one time age 9 or 10 I got an naked spanking in the basement for fighting with my older brother . My dad gave me the spanking and was using either a yard stick or a thin piece of wood about the same length of a yard stick! But my dad just referred to any piece of wood as "the stick" Now need for a paddle made for spanking and with 12 holes that paddle is clearly useless for paddling a canoe. If your mom did call you for a spanking hope you write about it on here including if you were sent to bed early.

Posted in What effect did childhood spanking have on you? on 2015-11-23 22:18:10

both my mom and did gave me spankings I earliest one I recall was over mom's knee bare bottom at age 4 or 5 the last I recall was from dad age 17 or 18 with a stick (the first was just a little hand spanking) My twin also got spankings. a couple instances when we were young and small enough that we still bathed together my twin and I got spankings in the bath tub and it hurts more when your bum is went one X from our mom with her hand and the other incident dad came up and gave us each a few spanks each on our bums with the stick! As for any resentment towards them no not for the spankings I received but a little for any things like embarrassing me in front of house guest and friend (that was my mom) or their double standards and playing favourites but no parents are perfect cause humans are imperfect there is also lots of sweet memories.

Posted in Spanking boys in the nude on 2015-11-12 23:20:40


Sorry you got a spanking Tuesday but maybe you did something to deserve it. Hope your classmates did not make fun of you just cause your bum was red. Which paddle did he use? Does the one that hangs in your room have holes? Is it round or long? What is it made out of. I heard lexan paddles really sting. Lexan is a type of plastic btw looks like glass. Surprise you had school yesterday as it was the 97th anniversary of the end of World War One. Maybe you live in a neutral country like Switzerland. What level of school are you in? How old are you? If you want to learn more about my childhood/teen spankings in private. Let me know .

Posted in l got spanked today on 2015-10-30 23:18:07

dear Hayley

whow that is a strict curfew was that caning Bare bottom? fully naked? what time is your curfew and is it court imposed or just mom imposed? I got spankings growing up a lot of time bare bottom or fully nude. had a ten o'clock curfew only cause a stupid bylaw in my city at the cottage no curfew at all. I got spankings from age 4 or 5 until my late teens how old are you and is anyone else in your house spanked wanna chat in private about spankings or other things let me know amollon2000@yahoo.ca