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Posted in Are you a computer nerd? on 2002-06-11 17:25:16

Anyone who can fix their computer themselves is a computer nerd? You've sure lowered the bar there!

Posted in computer programming on 2002-06-11 17:21:16

HTML (ignoring DHTML) may be a very complex, especially if you have to work with a bunch of thinkheaded browsers rather than just following the standards, but it's still simply a markup language. CSS2 can get a little advanced, but if it's a programming language, people who create Word documents are programmers too. ========== In Reply To ========== Hmmm..

You raise a good point. However, consider that the author may have been refering to shell scripts or batch files for the Linux and DOS questions.

Also, HTML is as much a programming language as SQL, PHP, or ...dare I say... latex. It is not a formal 'programming' language as it were, as it does not support the ideas of data flow or control blocks... but it is a language which assists in taking raw data, and manipulating it in such a way that it is different. It takes input, processes it, and produces output. This is as much a programming language as any other I can think of. (Also, anyone that I know who has said that HTML is not a programming language, has not tried to program a major website... gove it a shot... design a website of 20+ pages, all of which look decent.)

Anyhow, you are right on one thing. The author is definitely a novice, and it is apparent. But that is no reason to ridicule. We were all novices one.

I think that its super important to embrace other potential programmers, and have them discover what it is like, rather than shunning them until they are pros.

- Grib
Posted in Most Useful And Least Useful Computer Software on 2002-06-11 17:13:20

Half of those I've never wasted my with at all. There's all completely useless. Sorry, I can't pick just one.

Posted in What Operating Systems Do You Use? on 2002-06-11 17:11:41

I use both Linux (Debian) and Win98. I guess it doesn't really matter, since you didn't give an option for Linux.

Posted in Computers - what do you have on 2002-06-11 17:09:53

I don't know where to start (at the beginning, I guess)...

CPU Type: Pentium and Athlon. CPU Speed: 100 (laptop), 166, 200, and 400. How 'bout checkboxes next time? Access: Why not make that 28.8 or lower into a 36.6 or lower?