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Posted in Punishment on 2019-02-09 13:53:16


I completely agree with you.

Posted in How bad were you at school? on 2018-11-22 00:56:44


That's a good question. Other than detentions at school, I was never truly punished as a teenager. I think my primary fear was of disappointing them. I don't think they would have punished me for an isolated detention here and there, which is all I got in my first 2-1/2 years of high school.

I think my first detention that I got in 9th grade is a good example. It was terribly timed - the last day before Christmas vacation. I can laugh at it now, but at the time it was awful. I was a lowly scared freshman, and I had never really been in trouble at school before. Now I had to report to the fearsome dean of discipline after school and serve a long afternoon of detention. In the northern US, it gets dark at 4:15 at that time of year, so it was already twilight by the time I got out of detention and dark when I finally got home. Adding to the pall over the whole experience was the fact that since it was the last day before vacation, there wasn't even anybody much hanging around the school for activities and so forth, so the little group of us in detention were all alone in the building while we served our time. Lacking a better excuse, I told the truth about why I was so late when I got home. My mom was a little upset and scolded me, but took no further action. I don't think my dad really cared -- he had a more tolerant philosophy and thought it wasn't a bad thing for a kid to get into minor trouble sometimes, as he probably did.

After that, I was always able to come up with better excuses about why I got home late after detention. Sometimes, teachers used to keep the whole class after school if the class was rowdy and they couldn't definitely pin it on a couple of specific students. That led me to discover a good new excuse, since my mom didn't get upset with me when I said the whole class had been kept after school and I hadn't done anything wrong. So I started using that as an excuse, even when I had real detentions for things that I did.

The situation changed after the first half of 11th grade. I went through a stretch of trouble with 2 teachers in which I received 10-12 detentions in a little over a month. I think my parents would have been quite upset with me if they had learned that whole story, since that was much worse than an isolated detention here and there. And in my senior year, I had a couple of rough patches when I was in moderately serious trouble, though nothing bad enough to warrant a phone call home. So in those cases, I was more concerned about further punishment at home, which I did not want, and in my arrogant attitude, did not think I deserved. My attitude was that I had taken my punishment at school, and nobody had any business punishing me further.

You have an interesting background with having gone to so many different schools in a foreign country, especially one like Zimbabwe which has undergone such terrible upheaval and war. I don't have anything to compare. My former schools are all still open and seem to be doing well. I enjoy going back to visit my high school; I had 4 good years there and I feel very at home and comfortable there. It gives me a nice feeling to walk their halls again, even this many years after graduating. I can still look at the different classrooms and remember the class I had there, and who taught it. The facilities at that school have expanded significantly since my time, and it seems to be thriving. I am one of their relatively more successful graduates so they are very friendly since they're looking for donations. I make a point when I visit to violate their dress code; I'm still a rebel at heart. I even asked once if they were going to give me detention if I didn't dress right, and they got a kick out of that. I don't think I'd mind serving a detention even now, for old time's sake!

BTW man, happy Thanksgiving! I'm driving 157 miles tomorrow and back on Sunday, so we'll see if I can pull it off without a speeding ticket!

Posted in How bad were you at school? on 2018-11-18 19:27:35


Yes, a call to my parents would have been problematic. I could have handled 5 days detention, though it would have been a bit of a drag and probably limited the number of times I cut class. As it was, I only cut about 5-6 classes the entire year because I was concerned about my grades, so my cutting was not exactly rampant, even with the lighter penalties.

If I hadn't been able to sneak in the side doors when I was late, I would surely have gotten detentions for lateness sooner. I was never late on purpose; it was more a case of just being lazy and getting up a little late. I would have soon realized that a couple of extra minutes of laziness in the morning wasn't worth a long stretch in detention after school. I finally did get in trouble for being late the first day of my senior year, when I wasn't able to convince my homeroom teacher not to mark me late and send me to the dean's office.

Posted in How bad were you at school? on 2018-10-27 11:47:18


I was checking out my high school's website and I came upon the student handbook. It seems they've gotten stricter since I was there. The handbook says that for cutting class, a student is assigned to 5 days of detention plus there is a call to the parents. In my time, I only got 2 days detention for cutting a class, and there was no parental notification unless it was a chronic issue.

They have also taken away the senior privilege to leave campus during free periods. Once you arrive for the day, you must stay for the duration, though seniors are allowed to arrive in time for their first class and leave after their last class.

The other thing that caught my attention was the additional security. Students have to carry ID cards visibly and that card is used to open side doors. That effectively prevents students who arrive late from sneaking in side doors to avoid getting detention for being late, as I did many times. My homeroom teachers liked me and didn't send me to the office for being late, so I could get away with it as long as I didn't come through the main door late, which was monitored by the dean.

The dress code and facial hair rules seem pretty much the same as they were back then.

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2018-10-27 01:46:18


I guess we can let Rick chime in when he decides to reply, but I think in a recent post he said that you might have behaved differently in the confrontation with your dad about going to church if you'd been physically punished as a teenager. He has told me that my attitude would have been better if I had been physically punished also.

I really don't agree, nor do I think it's would be a desirable outcome even if he were right. I think it's good for kids to be allowed to make their own choices to a degree when they are still protected and the cost of bad choices can be contained.

That's funny that your music drove your mom crazy. That's pretty typical teenager stuff. My mom hated the music that was popular when I was that age. But I love the music from my youth. It always takes me back to the time and place when it was popular.

I remember "Godspell" was a fun and uplifting play. I saw a local performance of it when I was 14. I don't remember it well enough to compare it to "Jesus Christ Superstar," which I remember a lot better because I studied it in religion class and know a lot of songs from the soundtrack.

That's not surprising that the movie was banned in Rhodesia. That was a crazy system and the sad part is that what has replaced it is even worse. That's what happens when people are more interested in revenge than in living well.