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Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2020-02-03 13:27:00

Hi Mr Rick

It has been a busy few months with all the turmoil around the world. The impeachment which was bound to fail, the rattling of sabres with Russia China north Korea Iran... And the general day to day razzmatazz of TV host turned president. And here in England fiasco follows fiasco and chaos ever since the Brexit referendum in 2017. Now I am not old enough to vote but I am old enough to have an opinion. It is hard to decide whether the United Kingdom would be better in or out of the European Union experiment. However yesterday was the first day of the future out of Europe. Chip sent me a message on WhatsApp quoting from a Tale of Two Cities. The first 12 words explain the situation. It destroyed the careers on three prime ministers, divided the country, re invigorated the Nationalists . This is not the end of the story. Then there are Princes Andrew ad Harry no longer carrying out royal duties and and and… Interesting times maybe but also dangerous times. It is hard to find good news.

I am still attending School everyday day but there are seldom lessons all day and as final year students we are treated almost like adults and can come in late or leave early if we have no class. But I find it easier to hang around and study at school where there are no distractions rather than trying to write my assignments at home.

I am looking towards University and have already visited two. I am also thinking about a gap year where I will spend half the year working and half a year spending the money I have earned.. With any luck I will be able to travel, maybe to South America. That is suitably different romantic mysterious and exotic at least in my mind's eye. I do not want to do what everybody else has done or get cheated out of a genuine experience by the gap year industry.

Delectable girl and I why are still doing well after a disagreement and some awkward times. We are through those now but what I am not sure we can ever repair things completely. Do not get me wrong. Lucy is the only girl I Have Eyes For, and she is the one who fires my mojo. But somehow here is something some sparkle missing. I hope we can get it back and be the friends we once were.

She he came to church with me me. Or did ed I go to church with her? Nothing much happened, not nothing just nothing much. That good night kiss was the kind of kiss other boys can only dream of, and and both of us ate some humble pie. I am not very good at saying I am sorry even when I am but she understood that and said that it was what she had wanted to hear. Delectable girl? Too true. This boy delectable? I hope so. We have been so much to each other that I hope we have a future.

I hope you are happy in your retirement. I think it is important for for older people to keep active and embrace the things that surround them even though they changed and evolve. My grandfather acts as a guinea pig/model for university researchers who are assessing the impact of of new technologies including virtual reality and robots on older people and how they react and relate. Have you ever thought of doing anything like that?

I hope to hear from you


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-09-13 12:28:40

Hello again Mr. Rick

The summer holiday seems to have gone in a flash. It seems like only yesterday that I was packing up my books rummaging through my clothes looking for shorts and t-shirts and preparing for my summer job at the childrens holiday club.

We are already back at school but Monday was the first day of regular lessons. Of course as older students we have fewer lessons and spend more time in private study. One of the corrals in the library has become like a second home to me. No one disturbs me there and things happen when I am all alone and get bored.

So this is my final year at high school before introducing myself and launching myself on a big wide world out there. But it is a year away and there is a lot to do before that happens. There is a lot that I need to learn as I leave home that they do not teach us at school. Leaving home may sound a bit dramatic but it is the first step on the rest of my life, a necessary step along a well-worn pathway. Even when that happens I will not be leaving everything behind forever. I will have to make hard choices. This year is all that making sure I am ready for that, and make the grades to go to the right university when the time comes. It is also time to start thinking about careers and the future. That will surely influence my choice of courses to take to point me in the right direction, trying to open doors rather than restrict my options. In England your first degree is usually your only one so you need to get it right. Hey, first thing is to get there!

As kids our lives revolved around doing things with our families but now it is much more about doing things with our friends. Chip and I are both active guys play hard work hard enjoy life and keep busy. I smiled when you described my life with Lucy as a training ground for the future. I suppose is it possible one of us will meet somebody else one day who will take us in a different direction. But I know what I learn now will help me in the future as husband or even a dad.

I know I am lucky to have a Dad like mine. I have I said that many times. I value his sage advice even though I do not always follow it. I have always had great respect and love for him and by now I am thankful that he cared enough to paddle me pants down when nothing else seemed appropriate. I am not sure a young dad starting now would do that. I felt bad when dad whipped me but it did not happen very often and was always well deserved. Many people have consigned paddling kids to the past but many still believe a paddle is still useful part of a dads arsenal. Would you still do that if you knew you would get beat?

I hope that as I get older I will have more chances to travel to see new places and experience new cultures. There are not many truly wild places left, but there are some pretty neat places that I have never been to, new to me which I would enjoy exploring myself. I have told you before that there are some wonderful places in the United Kingdom. You could lose yourself here for a week or a month sir without visiting Amsterdam Paris or Rome! I am glad you are getting time to visit old haunts and new ones, meet up with family and friends but always be happy to come home and be home because it likely what you have given your life for and your home is yours, YOUR place. Give me 26 letters and I will tell you everywhere I want to go. Perhaps a bucket list! I am sure that when I am older I will have opportunities to travel beyond our visit to New York. My dad says travelling will open my eyes and broaden my horizons.

Chip and I are no angels but then you probably never thought we were. But we are no naughtier than our friends and some of them are naughtier than we are. Generally speaking we are well behaved and do what we are told. But sometimes we are naughty and I think that that had gone to your school sir or one that allowed corporal punishment I would sometimes go home with a sore bottom. I and Chip knew the meaning of lowering our trousers and briefs or boxers to get it on our bare bottoms. So not much different if the sore bottom was delivered at home. No better. No worse. Just different.

Yes I can remember long days at school when I knew that I was going to have a painful evening when I handed the discipline note to my parents. I practiced forging their signatures but I was too scared of how I would be punished if caught to actually try it. As I said most of the time Chip and I behaved at school. Why would we not?

Thankful for your good wishes

Best Wishes to you


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-07-26 16:54:32

Hi Mr. Rick, sir

It is an exciting time to be at the end of what you call high School junior year. It is a time of choices and changes which will probably affect the rest of my life. There are so many different things do fit in in but if university is as exciting as you say I am going to love it. New friends, new tastes new activities new classes new challenges and new opportunities, who would not be looking forward to that?

But it will be hard leaving home and find everything I have ever know as I have grown up including mum's good home cooking and dad's role model parenting skill is gone. School and University maybe my job for the next few years but a career is some way ahead even if I have enough ideas now to guide me to an appropriate in university course

There cannot be many homes are where kids do not have responsibility for certain chores- taking out the trash collecting the mail, the dishes and we are no different. Everyday chores for everyday day .and extra chores- there are always some needing to be done-extra chores if you are in trouble. It is just getting along as a family. Chip and I are both active guys with a busy social life. There are guys who have always been your friends but once you have a special girl like delectable Lucy she deserves your time and attention. Believe me Mr. Rick sir, I can hardly think of anything else! The best thing about ice skating is holding her hand as she pulls me across the ice ha ha ha. Ice skating does not do much for me but I will do it because she wants to do. I would do anything she wanted.

It is good to have a Dad you can rely on, one who will be there with you in good times and in bad and help you grow into a fine young man. He may not have all the answers but he will do his darnest to help you with those guy things you need to know. I do not think anybody has the talk anymore but anything you do not learn in the schoolyard is covered at school. Even the girls had to put a condom on a ceramic pp. But a dad must be someone that you can trust and respect and who tells you the truth even when it is hard for one or both of you. He expects the same from us. How Dad will die one day. Until then he is the fount of all wisdom and one we can always turn to. Ok so maybe he whips us sometimes but even Chip does not get it very often anymore. Yes, Dad is surely a boys best resource.

We all get those urges as we pass through our teenage years and learning to control them is a part of growing up. But hand on willie you learn a way of releasing the tension by the time you are 13 or 14. At the moment I have no thought of doing the final deed with anyone other than my wife or wife to be but who knows if I will still be a virgin by the time I get married? If I do... know how to avoid certain consequences that could follow and I am not stupid. Many couples live together for years and get on fine. But I think children deserve two parents who have made a commitment to stay together. I think married couples make the best parents. As a 21st century dad too, I will develop my own parenting skills. I have learned a lot from my dad but there are a lot of things that have changed and will change. What was appropriate for him and I may not be appropriate for me with my own kids. By the time my kids are the age I am now it will likely be the middle of the century. There have been more new inventions in the last 100 years than in the whole of human existence.

Spanking your brother or a friend is fun. Spanking your son for discipline is not fun at all. That is what they tell me, and as it should be. Provided there are other appropriate sanctions and I think there are there should be no need for me ever to spank a son of mine. In your generation Mr. Rick the paddle or belt across a boy's bottom was seen as an effective way to punish a boy but not anymore. You could be right that there is not a boy alive who would not benefit from that but it is not going to happen. It may live on within the archaic rules of some states or some schools but most of them are like mine. I have never been to a school where is allowed w Ehen it has been needed dad has dealt with it in an appropriate. If I had been Dad Chip would have been spanked in New York. Maybe dad is moving with the times more than I am. Because he is a 21st century dad too. You can learn a lot about being a dad from a dad but in the end you have to go your own way, be your own man.

I would think any red-blooded 17 year old would hanker after adventure. I know there are fantastic places like the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China the Taj Mahal and the Grand Canyon. But there are some spectacular places closer to home. that equal those tourist hotspots. Yes I want to travel, explore the world and beyond but until I win the lottery and pass out of school it will have to be in my dreams and, something that I hope will be a part of my future.

It sounds like you had no nonsense disciplined at school and a healthy respect towards your dads spanking paddle and later his belt. He knew how to tan your hide when needed. You were probably not spanked that much at home. Most of the mischief a boy gets up to goes punished. If you know your dad will spank you and that it will hurt he should not need to do is very often. And let's face it. No one is naughty all the time. Most of the time most of us are being good. Until you get together with your buddies or mates. Then naughty becomes fun. Even for a naturally good boy like you Mr. Rick. But more likely dad is making bows and arrows for us in the woods lighting a BBQ in the backyard taking us to sports or on holiday wrestling or playing football in the yard (not much difference) making us laugh helping us to put together our models and being dad. Whatever the rights of wrongs of it... parenting and spanking I do not think there are many homes where it still goes on. Not even ours I hope. A parent can punish you good even if he OR SHE do not spank you

Exams are okay if you do not get stressed. I did okay across the board. Summer has started and we told the kids in the holiday club to bring swimming trunks because they would be getting wet. In the hottest after we he ever had we have to keep them cool and hydrated. They loved playing under the sprinklers. We did too.

It is always great to hear from you


Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-06-07 17:49:58

Hi Mr Rick

It was never supposed to be like this, this busy. I did not realise there would be so many things I had to do and so many things I wanted to do. Everything seemed to take more time, a little more time than I had planned. School work, regular home chores, job social life and girlfriend. Anything worth doing is worth doing properly. People will appreciate you taking the extra time. Even though it is only June we are getting to that busy end of year exam season. We have something called AS levels which more or less determine which courses you will study in your final year, final year of High School, and which universities you apply to. Anyway, it is good to talk with you.

I have always been quite good on roller skates but ice skating is beyond me. I go because that is what Lucy wants to do and hey, who wouldn't do something if it meant spending time with your best girl and holding her hand? From what you say there would have been a bonus in falling on my backside. It would be better than awesome to have Lucy making my bottom feel better. Oooooo! . I value my dad. We do not always agree but he is still the best resource I could have. He can talk about dad things and boy things from his own experience, and because he is not embarrassed to talk about what he knows concerns me I am not too embarrassed to ask. You will not always give me the answer but he will give me enough to go on, enough to guide me in the right way. But he will be there at the end of the day if things do not work out. Dad does so much for you. But I have probably told you all that before

I am so hot on Lucy that I would gladly open up that gift bottle right now. But there are reasons not to. Most of all I think it would damage our delectable relationship which is based on many things but at this stage we're not thinking about the sex. There is much else to enjoy before taking that step. Who knows? I still keep a condom in my wallet! I wonder if it will still be there by the time I get married. I know Gabsy lost his virginity a year ago but I do not think they have done it again since. I think he is regretting it, regretting that he no longer has a first time to give. I will think about that, hard.

I guess it is perfectly natural to have those urges and there would be something wrong with boy if he did not have them. It is just something that happens. I never thought of Chip and me were each the result of a night when dad felt the urge, and mum did too. And one day, maybe, in the right place, the right time and with the right person I will have the urge to lay the foundation for another generation.

One day I will travel. New York has only made me want it even more. It is something to savour and dream about for the future. There are many wonderful things right here in the United Kingdom but I would really like to see more of the world, see how other people live and see some of the greatest wonders of the world. I am sure they are not greatest just for the hell of it. Maybe I should join a circus or travelling fair!

Some people say that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who go out and look for them and work hard to get them. The greatest inventors of the world have not sat back hoping something will happen. Sometimes it works and sometimes you lose your shirt.

You have asked me several times if I would have whipped Chip for his misbehaviour in New York. I have always thought I would, especially if I had told him I would. But I am not so sure. I do not think there are many modern parents who would consider the belt an appropriate punishment any more, even those who were raised with it themselves. I thought he would be punished and so did he but... I said this before but that is why dad is Dad and I am Radley!

So maybe not as a 21st century Dad, but my Dad is old enough to think that boys like me and Chip sometimes need or needed a good hiding on our bottoms, and he delivered.

Some day when I am a dad? Some day. I think a Dad has to make all kinds of tough decisions

Were you naturally good or was it the threat/promise of dads paddle or belt that encouraged you to behave at school or at home? When I was young the likely consequence that would follow being caught seldom crossed our minds. We did not even consider that we might be caught. We were not scared of dad but we had a lot of respect for his authority. Firm but fair. No we never had it at school but if it is true that all boys benefit from an occasional spanking then yes, it would have done me some good and surely modified my behaviour. Chip? Definitely. He gets away with everything. I think a spanking at any time would do him good.

My briefs are not that different from my swimming trunks and when she heard me approaching Lucy turned over and lay on her front. There was little more there than was in my imagination. It could have been a hot play session but that did not materialize. But yes, was more temptation there than a 16-year-old boy needs. More than a 17 year old boy too. Maybe you we were unwise to sunbathe next to naked but nothing happened so no harm done and hey, you grow and learn and once you stop growing and know everything you are an adult! We are not there yet.

My bedroom is my own place my special space. What I do there is up to me. My parents know what boys are like but I do not think they know exactly what we are up to in our rooms, but mum once caught Chip and Ross both naked in Chips bed! It is the ultimate place to work out your fantasies and satisfy your dreams. You have been a boy so you know what I am talking about. Why else does a boy go to bed naked?

That is all. Please keep in touch. All the best.


PS I have not mentioned the Trump or the political issues in Britain and Europe. It would run to libraries

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-04-24 16:46:25

Hi Rick

Somehow the gaps between posts seem to be getting longer. I wonder why that is.

Holding hands with delectable Lucy would give me confidence whatever I was doing. I think roller skates are easier to manage for me. I was 9 or 10 when I got my first pair. Before that I used to slide on ice or down the corridors at school on the soles of my shoes.

Every boy likes to show-off a bit with his best girl present but it is embarrassing if you fall flat on your face. Especially if you are S1 She helped me up off the ice and did a bit more than just dust off my sore knee. It might have been more comical for everyone else if I had fallen bounced on my backside but it would have been even more embarrassing for me. I wonder if Lucy would have dusted down my bottom it that had happened!

The best part of what nearly happened with Lucy is that it did not happen. We will learn from it and make sure it does not happen again. My dad knew I was talking about something that had happened to me when I said just suppose my friend... What would you tell him? Having him know makes it easier to talk to him about it. I thought he was going to have a fit but he was calm and caring, offering support and no more advise other than to be careful, and talk to your girlfriend about it. I was surprised at how easily he seemed understand where I was coming from and that he understood about boy urges and what can happen when you' are alone with the girl. I had no idea dad could help me like that. I think that Dad and delectable Lucy will lead me to a better future. With no regrets. I think my dad understands me better than I thought he ever could.

I think it is a sign of maturity learning that just because you can do something does not mean you have to do it. Yes one day I could be a dad and I would rather a son learnt the facts from me rather than the rumors in the schoolyard. I guess my dad thinks the same. Congratulations on the restraint you showed as a teenager, keeping that special gift until you were married. I wonder if I can do the same.

.I will keep my eyes open and look for opportunities to travel. I have been told that there are hidden gems in every place and in most cases whatever you expect you will find something different. Travel broadens the mind in so many ways. My Aunt made a living out of teaching Americans posted to France how to live work and behave in Europe. One day I am sure I will hitch my pack on my back and set out to explore the world. Maybe join a circus. My cousin has just spent a year in Australia and since then she has been to Singapore the Philippines Vietnam and now she is in Thailand. She has been away 16 months and will probably only come back if she runs out of money. Could I do that? Delectable Lucy and I go round the world together? Wow!

Maybe dad was a sassy mouthed kid like me but it is hard to imagine that now. I do not doubt that Grandpa caned dad because he used a cane on me once when I went too far one time when he took me and Chip camping. I was left home the next time. Some life lessons are so important a dad has to make sure you learn them. Some you will likely just pick up, some your dad will talk to you about but some you will probably have to learn on your bottom. There are not many boys who are such angels then do not sometimes get that. Or need it. I know that if I had been dad, I would have whipped Chip's butt in NY for his behavior. That is what I expected. That is what he expected. But as I said in my last message that is why my dad is Dad and I am Radley. In the end he made the right decision. I wonder if I would do the same if I had to face that decision with my own teenage son, I am not sure that is a viable option anymore for a 21st century Dad.

If you got hided you probably deserved it and knew you did. Somehow or other, sometime or other most of us probably benefited from that kind of experience through our growing up if it does not happen much any more. I might have chosen to take the wood paddle rather than serve a detention but at my school they would probably decide as if that was your choice the detention was of a batter punishment. As I am now I know the belt is the thing that hurt most, but I am not scared of it. Now I never had the belt when I was 12 but I was S**T scared of the paddle and how much it hurt. What the brush/ paddle did so effectively was spank a younger boys bottom and gave me all the pain I could take I and then some that is why I dreaded it so much

Chip is naughtier than I was but gets away with more, more last chances and more final warnings, sometimes even getting another last chance! That is what happened in New York. But of course we all messed about, played pranks and got up to mischief. We did not have much money and had to make our own entertainment. I will whip you until you cannot sit down.is a figure of speech as much as skinned alive but dad never really meant he would actually leave you or Chip bleeding on the bottom from a spanking or whipping taking off a layer of skin. Hearing those words focused our attention- it was his way of telling us we were going to get a good whipping but at the same time telling us he loved us more than anything in the world (except Mum) Words like that raise the ante raise the tension but a Dad who really skinned you alive would have a lot of explaining to do!

If school has been allowed to paddle me I am sure they would have done so and probably more than once. My dad believes that a boy who misbehaves at school needs punishment to be reinforced at home. So it was never a picnic having to hand over a discipline note because there was always the chance that dad would make you take your trousers down before dinner. Hot diner! Ouch! If I had to face the cane at school? I do not know which I would prefer but I would hate either. Of course, if you hate it enough you do what it takes to avoid it again. I am surprised that it is still allowed in some American schools.

It was warm enough to sit in the sun on Easter Monday. Lucy wanted to sunbathe topless and I sat uncomfortably in my briefs wanting to take them off but knowing that was not the right thing to do. And this time I made the right choice. It is good to make time to party, but important to allow enough time to enjoy taking your best girl home, and to give yourself some relief some release before you try to go to sleep. I bet you did that when you were 16.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and look forward to hearing from you when you have time.

All of the best