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Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-10-23 17:23:20

Hello JB

Maybe you were wondering if I would ever reply where I was what I was doing. It is nearly a month but I am still here still beavering away and trying to cram in all the aspects of being 17 I need to keep busy 25 hours in every 24!

It is nearly November and those heady days of summer holidays were a long time ago and school is school and term is term. We are still doing new stuff at the moment but after the Christmas break we will start reviewing and revising all we have done over the last 2 years ready for our A level exams next summer. We are still looking at world history, the British political system, although that seems to change every day at the moment with the turmoil of Brexit and the theory of Economics. Although taught as separate subjects these are all mingle together. Oh yes, we also have our electives and quite a lot of free study time- some use it as playtime some use it as sleep time and some actually go to the library and study. I think most are like me and do a bit of each. Maybe school started easy but it did not stay that way for long. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving although I know we have things to be thankful for. We save our turkeys until Christmas. But we do have black Friday although it is now usually called Black Friday week! On November 5th we celebrate with bonfire night and fireworks. This commemorates the unsuccessful attempt by Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators to blow up the King and Parliament at the state opening of Parliament. I have been to a lot of fireworks display without, really understanding what it is we are celebrating as we burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes and ooh and aah as sparkling and coloured sparks shoot out in every direction and rockets explode in the sky. A hot dog or some French Fries (we call them chips) and a hot drink complete the evening. The cold night gives you a good excuse to hold hands or snuggle up mmm. Yes, Lucy and I are looking forward to that and some quality time is together. It is sometimes hard to be good when we feel the way we. I do but the truth is this time we are sweet even though it would be hard to explain what we have done to our parents

And I heard about some shocking hurricanes this season and I am glad you were not badly affected. It must be soul destroying to find your house blown away and all your belongings destroyed or littered. At least in America you have resources to rebuild. There are many places in the world when they have nothing.

Sometimes the sun shines and sometimes is rains. You never can tell. But you know autumn is coming because leaves are turning colour and the nights are getting darker. Too much heat is seldom a problem in England and as soon as there is any heat people and services wilt and go out in the midday sun. Have you ever heard of Noel Coward? I know you to not like the heat much but most places in England do not even have air conditioning, and you can still get to sleep at night just by opening the window.

It is a wonderful World and there are so many beautiful places. You do not have to travel halfway around the world and see terracotta Armies grand canyons the Taj Mahal or a Statue of Christ the Redeemer gazing down on the city Many of the best things are nearer to home. Americans flock to Europe for just those experiences. We have beautiful mountains too, maybe not as high but just as awesome and majestic stark and hauntingly beautiful. Some of them are hard to climb but sure as heck the view from the top makes it worth it. You can enjoy driving through mountains but I think you need to feel the ground beneath your feet to really connect with them. I will always go back. Thank you for the geography lesson. I have always been a bit wary of geography. Mr. Reed the geography teacher was the first person to send me to the Dean for misbehaving at school. The Dean gave me after school detention for the next day and dad give me something painful that evening. It is funny what you do when you are 12

To me something pleasurable usually means my clothes are in a heap on the floor and I am lying naked on my bed on my back with my hand working my willie. Of course I would like to be doing something with one particular delectable girl but since that will not happen this is the next most pleasurable thing I can imagine ooooooooo uh uh uh aaahhh I wonder why boys like $%!@ing so much. Oh oh my boxer shorts have just fallen from my knees to the floor. I am not surprised. I sort of helped them down. I will be done and dressed long before Chip gets home but I will probably catch him at it when he gets changed. Although he is happy to get his hands on my willie he does not like me to watch him wank, er $%!@ing. I wonder why. We all do it.

I hope things are settling down for you at home for your family and for you. God sometimes seems to move in mysterious ways but you have to believe that whatever happens to you is what is best for him and if it is best for him it is probably the best for you too. Father Michael told me that when I was having a tough time. I hope emotionally physically and spiritually you are able to remain strong learning from what is happening and looking to the future. He told me that too. Sometimes it is easy to be brave at the time but then it hits you hard later on. I think coming home could be the hardest part of all.

Yes it is exciting being in the last year of High School. The teachers treat you differently and you feel you know the space and own the place. The Dean told us we have a big responsibility to provide a good role model for younger students to. I have decided that I really want to go to university but I also want to take a gap year first, to go out and see what the world is all about. I think I will come back a lot more focused about my life. Like you said find something you care about work for that with all your heart soul mind and body. Then you have the chance to succeed. I know that sporting and academic honours come easy at school and may be harder in the big wide world. I do not expect this.to turn the way I did for Ben in the Graduate. But at university I will prepare myself and my life so be sure I make the right choices both now and then- the right university right course the right friends, and the right motivation, But there is still this final year of high school to see through, and I hope I do well enough as well as I know I can do. Dad used to spank me if I slacked at school butt now is it down to me. And yes Mr. JB I know I could not get a job $%!@ing. I do not think you ever get paid for having fun.LOL

I have done quite a lot of driving over the summer even though I was not allowed to drive the camp minibus I am much more confident now and feel happier behind the wheel. Mum and Dad are both more confident with me behind the wheel then they were but I always get nervous when they are in the car, Dad knows I am a safe driver but he says I go too fast and it will not just be a fine if I get a ticket for speeding. I do not think I will because I want to do everything to take care of beautiful delectable Lucy and not put her in any danger. I do not need to do anything to impress her. She knows everything has seen everything.

And lying naked on my bed and hand caressing my willie anything is possible and a boy needs times like this to dream and with my willie in control even the improbable becomes possible and I go to sleep happy if a bit sticky. Have you ever squirted in the car? Last week I had to pull into a lay-by and pull my trousers down for a 30 second wank.

N0, I do not really want to be a model. It is one thing to frolic naked in your best friends back garden or bedroom, while he takes fun pictures of you with nothing on. And it is fun looking at them together once you are both dressed. Being a professional model is quite another. Not a way I want to go.

The only encouragement Chip needs to spank me is the opportunity to do so. In his book if he can spank me I deserve or need it. I guess it was a mistake to parade naked through his room. As long as I treat his bottom as fair game he will probably continue to spank me. It is not much fun being spanked by him but I get such a rush spanking his bottom it is something I have to risk. And heck, we probably both deserved many more beatings than we ever got . Part of being a big brother I looking out for your brother. He had been given a bazooka spanking and and helping him out with the cold cream treatment was the least I could do. I know he appreciated it it but it did not stop him from crying. It did not matter what he had done. Dad did what he always did again giving him an appropriate punishment. And in different circumstances Chip would do the same for me. Being spanked by your brother or friends is a different experience from being spanked by your dad. Different intent different purpose and different result. I have not giving Chip a proper spanking for a while so I hope tonight I can get his trousers and white briefs down and warm up his bottom before we jerk off together!

Yes it was quite a thrill and a lot of fun for our group of four boys to shuck off our clothes and dance naked in the nude right there on the hillside just off the path. I do no not know what we would have done if anyone had come up the path. I knew my jeans and briefs were right beside my pack just off the path and my shorts were inside it 100 feet away. With boy business done the sunshine was pleasant all our naked bodies so we did not hurry to dress and even when we did we knew how little we are were wearing and that kept us quite excited. I went to the same place a few weeks back. Remembering what we done there made a bulge in my shorts but I did not stop or try to recreate what had once been. It is always a rush get naked outside and even more if you can lie back and take care of things. If you have some dark to hide you why not?

That is all for now. There is something I want to do before I get dressed again


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-09-25 10:25:51

Hello JB I was sorry to hear the sad news about your mother and I can only imagine how you must feel. I think families pull together in times of crisis. i was going to write to you about this and that but right now they do not seem that important relevant or appropriate. Please write when you feel like it. I know there will be a lot of other things on your mind, things you need to do. Keep strong and trust the Lord Deepest sympathy and best wishes Radley

Posted in Parenting and Spanking on 2019-09-13 12:28:40

Hello again Mr. Rick

The summer holiday seems to have gone in a flash. It seems like only yesterday that I was packing up my books rummaging through my clothes looking for shorts and t-shirts and preparing for my summer job at the childrens holiday club.

We are already back at school but Monday was the first day of regular lessons. Of course as older students we have fewer lessons and spend more time in private study. One of the corrals in the library has become like a second home to me. No one disturbs me there and things happen when I am all alone and get bored.

So this is my final year at high school before introducing myself and launching myself on a big wide world out there. But it is a year away and there is a lot to do before that happens. There is a lot that I need to learn as I leave home that they do not teach us at school. Leaving home may sound a bit dramatic but it is the first step on the rest of my life, a necessary step along a well-worn pathway. Even when that happens I will not be leaving everything behind forever. I will have to make hard choices. This year is all that making sure I am ready for that, and make the grades to go to the right university when the time comes. It is also time to start thinking about careers and the future. That will surely influence my choice of courses to take to point me in the right direction, trying to open doors rather than restrict my options. In England your first degree is usually your only one so you need to get it right. Hey, first thing is to get there!

As kids our lives revolved around doing things with our families but now it is much more about doing things with our friends. Chip and I are both active guys play hard work hard enjoy life and keep busy. I smiled when you described my life with Lucy as a training ground for the future. I suppose is it possible one of us will meet somebody else one day who will take us in a different direction. But I know what I learn now will help me in the future as husband or even a dad.

I know I am lucky to have a Dad like mine. I have I said that many times. I value his sage advice even though I do not always follow it. I have always had great respect and love for him and by now I am thankful that he cared enough to paddle me pants down when nothing else seemed appropriate. I am not sure a young dad starting now would do that. I felt bad when dad whipped me but it did not happen very often and was always well deserved. Many people have consigned paddling kids to the past but many still believe a paddle is still useful part of a dads arsenal. Would you still do that if you knew you would get beat?

I hope that as I get older I will have more chances to travel to see new places and experience new cultures. There are not many truly wild places left, but there are some pretty neat places that I have never been to, new to me which I would enjoy exploring myself. I have told you before that there are some wonderful places in the United Kingdom. You could lose yourself here for a week or a month sir without visiting Amsterdam Paris or Rome! I am glad you are getting time to visit old haunts and new ones, meet up with family and friends but always be happy to come home and be home because it likely what you have given your life for and your home is yours, YOUR place. Give me 26 letters and I will tell you everywhere I want to go. Perhaps a bucket list! I am sure that when I am older I will have opportunities to travel beyond our visit to New York. My dad says travelling will open my eyes and broaden my horizons.

Chip and I are no angels but then you probably never thought we were. But we are no naughtier than our friends and some of them are naughtier than we are. Generally speaking we are well behaved and do what we are told. But sometimes we are naughty and I think that that had gone to your school sir or one that allowed corporal punishment I would sometimes go home with a sore bottom. I and Chip knew the meaning of lowering our trousers and briefs or boxers to get it on our bare bottoms. So not much different if the sore bottom was delivered at home. No better. No worse. Just different.

Yes I can remember long days at school when I knew that I was going to have a painful evening when I handed the discipline note to my parents. I practiced forging their signatures but I was too scared of how I would be punished if caught to actually try it. As I said most of the time Chip and I behaved at school. Why would we not?

Thankful for your good wishes

Best Wishes to you


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-09-05 21:23:04


School started back yesterday but the first day of school does not really count as you spend the day getting new timetables new books meeting new teachers catching up with old ones learning about new responsibilities and meeting buddies you have not seen all summer. Classes start today. Most of them will be in the same core subjects as last year but we still have whatwe call electives. I wonder how well school can prepare me for a post Brexit post Johnson and post Trump world.

We always try and do something nice of the last weekend of the holidays to sweeten the pill of going back to school. The holiday club closed on Friday and I think we were all readty for a break. One day I may have children of my own and I hope what I have learnt in 2 years of holiday camp will help me to be a great dad.

Had a garden party out that the back so we put up the awning and set up the barbeque. I love barbecues and I would be happy to have one every week. I even quite like that smoky taste. Friends and neighbours come over kids have fun. Adults have fun. We have fun and Lucy and I have fun. When there are a lot of people aroundthey do not always notice if you are not there. We were not doing anything we should not have been doing. Just wanted some time away from prying eyes, especially our parents prying eyes. I would guess most of my friends knew exactly what we were doing because they were doing the same. Well heck job boys and girls do like each other and do like to do things together, perhaps differently. And have fun.

I could talk about the weather. Anything I could say would be over shadowed by the devastating hurricane whipping through the Bahamas. Will it reach Florida? Will it reach North Carolina? Maybe you will get away with just wind and rain. And wind. And rain. And...? We had a few warm days but it seems like autumn has set in. Although the trees start to colour and the fruit is ready to harvest autumn in England can be a time of rain damp wind frost and early nights. We do not have Labour Day on 1st September and we do not have Thanksgiving although there is much to be thankful for. Sometimes local children come out trick or treating on Halloween andwe have bonfire night when people go to Firework displays or have their own to celebrate what I call democracy day when a plot to grow blow up the King (James I) and Parliament was uncovered and thwarted. Then Black Friday week that frenzy of febrile spending too much buying stuff nobody wants. Thank God for online shopping and Amazon. Then the half who worship the god materialism forget it is also an important Festival for Christians. I think talk about the real purpose of Christmas is misplaced. After all, it is now believed that Jesus was not born in December- remember the shepherds watched their flocks by night- and winter solstice was already a Pagan festival. : think I could talk all day about the weather haha haha, but my mum has a CD with a song called if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me which I think it includes that line. I hope you had a wonderful time in the mountains of Tennessee. My geography is not up to much. Are they part of the Appalachians? And I doubt it is such a lazy afternoon hurricane worry. That aside I hope you are busy with all these students returning to Elon about now (Something pleasurable means something else to me me.)

Of course it is my final year of High School coming up rather than college. At 17 I am excited by most things. I like to learn new things to try new things to test myself face my fears and to do my best in everything I do especially school. I get excited by sports whether watching the Yankees on TV playing outside next doors garage or kicking a football down the street. New things to touch taste smell feel new places to find new things to discover and new things to learn. Delectable Lucy excites me in another way altogether at many levels and only one of them inside my boxer shorts. My aspiration is that whatever I do I do the best I can, to be the very best I can be. A teacher lawyer delivery boy or society man- just be the best. Aspirations for my delectable Lucy? You know I could marry that girl one day. Could be the mother of my children. One day. JB THAT excites me. My focus for this year has to be on school work deciding whether to take a gap year and what to do with it and making sure I get good enough grades for my first choice University.

I am pleased to hear that your recovery continues. Perhaps in the words of that hymn you were ransomed healed restored forgiven. Luke might have been a physician but true healing comes from God himself.

I was confident I could pass all parts of my driving test. It was just a question of whether I would perform on the day. I was not sure I could. Friends are passing their test every day and it does not bear thinking about how they would react if I failed. So no pressure. huh? Yes with practice I will become a better driver but just as I am turning up in Mum's car with me at the wheel with her by my side makes me feel like I have drawn up in a golden carriage drawn by six white horses. No but honestly I feel a lot more grown up a lot more responsible it does feel very very special, and very different from having mum in the passenger seat, better. Public transport is not great where we live and last Christmas I was given a piece of hazel and told it was a bus divining stick! It is about a 15 minute walk to the nearest station and then it is standing room only and the buses drive in convoy.

Having a car or at least driving privileges opens up all kinds of exciting opportunities, a chance to explore new places and to get away from it all to do what boys and girls... no I am not going there either. THAT is not what Lucy and I are at. I will not make that mistake again, however much I think about it and you know what thinking like that leads to once you are lying on your bed with your clothes on the floor and, and. I think we all dream about things that might never happen.

Dancing around the house and garden with nothing on and posing while a friend is playing around with his new camera itsprobably not much like real modelling and although I read about a boy who paid his way through University by doing stuff like that it does not appeal to me. I have seen advertisements for male models 18 plus to populate the pages of gay websites but I would never do that. I would not want to do it anyway and Lucy would never forgive me. But it was fun posing nude for a friend. Once he had turned his camera off he stripped and we had a racy time together. Just two boys doing normal boy stuff ha ha. Nothing you would not have done, nothing kinky. Just some might have been an itsy-bitsy teeny weeny tiny little bit sexual I suppose. But then boys are boys. (Did you ever hear hes got an itsy bitsy teeny weeny barely two inch little peni) As a little kids three of us had to drop shorts ad briefs in the girls locker room as a punishment for flipping skirts

I have heard that modelling is hard and thankless work and most models are frustrated actors or actresses. It is a dog eat dog world and I do need that at this stage of my life. Besides, as you say h I am probably too young to sign up with something like that at. Maybe I am 17, but until I am 18 my parents would have to sign me up and I do not think that will happen. Not anytime soon. It is better if the pictures of me are not shown most of all not to my parents. Even after he told me he had deleted all the pictures of me nude he showed me he still has the best ones. I hope they never come back to haunt me. Many political careers have been cut short by skeletons in the cupboard.

Chip does not need much encouragement to decide I need a spanking. I should have not have been surprised that he seized the opportunity (and seized my willy) when I walked across his room naked. Chip and I why are free and easy with our nudity and used to seeing each other naked. Yes Chip give me a good hard spanking and once Paul was done my bottom was very sore. Chip says that at 17 I am still a boy and so still liable to spanking. I wonder if his attitude will change when I turn 18.

After the New York experience I was quite surprised that Dad took him to task and roasted his bottom this week. He was very surprised . Even as I performed big brother duty rubbing cold cream on his bottom he would not tell me what he had done but it must have been pretty bad. Maybe he swore at mum or something like that. He still sometimes bad mouths people.

Even though it hurts a spanking from your brother or friends is always exciting for both of you, When they were done my bottom was bright red rather than the more usual post spanking pink. I have had enough spankings from Dad add to know there is a difference in Intent and result.

Thank you for telling me about spanking Chip. I will see if I can get him naked or at least with his trousers and briefs down to his knees. I do not know if he needs it or deserves it, but that hardly matters. A sibling spanking usually has a happy conclusion. And I will make darned sure that this time it is Chip who is spanked. Ouch ouch etc. It is always satisfying see a boys whose bottom is freshly spanked and bright red. Especially Chips!

We all have secrets from each other. Although you trust your parents and they just you you is better if there are certain things they do not know, and some things you hope they do not find out about out. Some things are best kept for when you are home alone or thought up in your bed and supposedly fast asleep. There is plenty of punishments around but your parents to not need that to embarrass you Why did you do that or explain yourself perhaos the hardest question in the world to answer. Often you cannot tell the truth and nor can you lie. I have had those conversations too. Once I was caught in action and once I was seen looking at pictures in a magazine. The girls in the pictures were naked and so was I, I was 14 but I had been in looking at those top shelf magazines for a while as my computer and phone had parental controls.

Lucy is the one who get a rise from me It is not always my willy but that is going up and down all the time and it is embarrassing when you know it is making your trousers bulge. That is a small price to pay to have someone awesome, a girl who can make you do that at will. And does just by being there just by talking to me, just by touching me just by, well just other things boys and girls do. I could see myself marrying her one day. Bur neither of us ready for that yet. One day maybe. But what I do have is the awesomest friend. I am lucky that the delectable Lucy is my girlfriend. I think she likes me quite a lot too. Of course she has seen me naked but right now I think she prefers me with my clothes on, at least some of them. This may be a once in a lifetime experience but whatever happens she will always have been my first serious girlfriend. Yes, dead lucky to have a friend like that. Maybe a bit more than that, Summer job over and done. It was a lot of fun with those boys and girls although I was more often assigned to a boys group. It was mainly sport for me. My group played football that you call soccer, cricket, rounders- a bit like baseball- and swam. It was funny watching the boys 10 and 11 unselfconsciously stripping naked running around and trying to catch me big Radley naked (You see us naked Radley) It is always fun seeing other boys with nothing on however old you are, however old they are. Showering with classmates has never been the high point of gymnastics or PE for me, but I would be the last to complain that we have to do it naked. What I will do next summer?

I hope you had a wonderful week with your family vacationing in the mountains. We sometimes do something like that too. To rest recuperate and recover is good for the soul and good for the body,

: I am reminded off that hot day- hot in our terms anyway - two summers ago when we went walking in the mountains of Wales. Do you know where Wales is? Once we were an hours walk from the bus stop we stopped took off our trousers underwear and shirts celebrated that liberating experience of fresh air on the skin and dressed in shorts worn commando style and not much else. Perhaps I should pull-up my zip now and re fasten my trousers.

Ah well!

Bye for now


Posted in Discussion Forum on 2019-08-10 19:42:03


It is it is summer here. It has been warm and dry but today it is more like autumn. Great to hear from you as it is always good to chat. It does not often get up to 90 degrees here. I do not think I would like the climate in North Carolina. It was pretty unpleasant in New York when we were there.

Although term did not finish until the middle of July our summer holiday is already half over. We go back to school at the beginning of September. I still remember the first day of primary school. It will be funny going back for my final year at high school- although it is not called that any more.

My High school does not have air conditioning either. It was really difficult trying to revise for and take exams for but it meant there was plenty of time to be naked at home when no one else was there. I could not help $%!@ing and did it several times each day. What else is a naked boy going to do on his own? But exam preparation went well and I did better than I had expected after seeing the papers I mean the questions. I remember a moment of panic which each of them thinking I could not answer any of the questions. But realising I would not be allowed to leave the room for at least one hour I reread them and tried my best. End of year exams are important and you are supposed use what you have learnt previously as well as what you have learnt recently. But there is more to it than memory you have to think as well. It is another year till I take my A Levels but this years exams used selected old A level questions.

I hope your health continues to improve and you are even keeping yourself healthy and motivated. I also hope your work situation is secure and settled now that the scoring season is over for another year. You said it gave you time for some other important projects in the not-for-profit and at your church. I think it is really good that you are able to take a time out and do something completely different even if it does not pay much. Even during the college vacations there is probably plenty of driving to do. I passed my driving test this year but I don't think I could do it for a living. I live for girls, in particular for one delectable girl. I do like to spend money on her but that is not what our relationship is all about. It has to be weekends and evenings at the moment as we are both working but there is plenty of time for Magical fun. As I told you we are trying to cool things as things were moving a bit too quickly and we were I think doing things we were not yet ready for. Just more action on my own I suppose. Why else does a boy have a bed and a willie? Yes, friends who are just friends without gender being the main thing though of course what do you do with other boys might be different from what you do with girls. It would be. If you do not need that kind of relationship at the moment then good on you.

English people have a reputation for talking about the weather as it swings from hot and dry to cold and damp. But whether it is muggy and thundery or hot and dry it is a good time to get naked, you know, more comfortable even before you get horny. Hell, you know you are going to. Somehow or other with your brother or friends things do happen. Not quite so frenzied now or as often. But even on a day like today, things still happen. Any day I still like to sit naked in front of my computer like now but my fingers are not always on my keyboard ha ha (fiddle fiddle squeeze)

Rushing all over from being outside naked is still quite exciting. I think boys must like taking risks or doing something that just is a little bit naughty. I even spent an afternoon naked at Jimmy's while he experimented with his new camera. I think I would make a good model for anyone, but I think mum and Dad would have a fit. We once did our own version of the Greek Olympics. All we knew was that they used to compete naked so we had a fun afternoon tumbling naked and fumbling and each went home with a trophy -in most cases the one hanging between our legs. I guess sleeping outdoors in England is different. The flies and midges go to bed as it gets cold and dark and there are not many mozzies either. Lucas is a boy I used to go with. When I was 13 and he was 14 he taught me to $%!@e. I do not see him so much now, not for anything like that. The only time we see each other naked is sometimes in the locker room at school. It was fun at the time, but times change. The rush of being naked, outside is still there for this 17 year old

I do not know whether I deserved a spanking or not but Chip was in no doubt. He caught me coming out of the showers after work one day. I had showered and dried in the bathroom and was walking across his bedroom to mine with nothing on. When he grabbed my willie the game was up. He made me bend over his bed and pulled the belt from his jeans. But he actually spanked me with the table tennis bat he prepared a few years ago by drilling it through with holes. He hit me 36 times saying that if the paddle only hits one cheek it is only half a spank. There was lots of moaning and yelping and gasping but no crying. Later Paul came over and said I had not had enough so he picked up Chips belt and between them they spanked me again. This time I was really close to crying. The tears were in my eyes but did not reach my face. My bottom was still red the next day. I wonder if I will think it is worth spanking Chip again. I wonder if you will think it is worth spanking me. Truth? It was more exciting than painful, but there was a good sting. Chip? Yes he enjoyed it too. Who would not enjoy stripping his older brother and spanking him naked? I know you would like to have been there to see me spanked naked. I think secretly would like to join in if it was me.

I agree with you that there were plenty of things it was better for your parents not to know about find out about. Like what really went on up in my room. But we saved most of that stuff for when they were out because it would really not have been very good for us if they had caught us. But even now a boy needs to have some secrets like... Well, it is a secret.

Being naked in Lucy's bedroom is the most exciting thing I have ever done. But $%!@ion and some oral are the most I have done with anyone.

Getting married if I ever do get married is something for the future, something I have not even I thought much about. Right now it is difficult to imagine marrying anyone other than delectable Lucy or spending the rest of my life with anyone. I am sure there will be a few entanglement and disappointments before that is finally settled. I know what I hope will happen and I hope I will not have to pray as St. Paul did. I do not think the bachelor life is for me

I forgot to mention that after he had spanked me and Paul had gone home Chip came into my bedroom in just his briefs and told me to roll over onto my back because he could not, his word wank me if I was on my front. It is a good way for brothers to settle things and to show that things are alright between you so I returned the favor and we both had a happy squirt

Summer break is going well but it is hard work at the children's holiday club. One of the hardest jobs is keeping the kids cool and hydrated. My jobs include helping to supervise breakfast club for early risers, supervise the boys in the changing room and in the swimming pool. It is funny seeing these little boys running around with nothing on. I usually play some form of cricket in the afternoon and generally join in.

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend so far and a fantastic week to come.

All the best