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Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2002-05-21 00:39:08

I guess I won the argument that it is very easy to hurt and to hit a guy in the balls. Nature did that on purpose cause not only are girls superior for not having balls but are the more important of the sexes. Only females can give birth, but any male can get many females pragnant. And it takes 9 months for a female to give birth etc. So that is why nature gave us gals the advantage of an easy way to defend ourselves against guys, but also in living longer etc.

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2002-05-13 17:30:26

I forget to say that these stories are not mine, but taken from the web. It seems that bogden doesn't believe a girl can hurt a guy in the balls. That is why I saved these and am sending them to bogden. lol Lois

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2002-05-13 17:24:39

HI was always curious about how much it hurt a guy to get kicked there. So one day I pretended like I wanted to wrestle with my boyfriend. Well he got on top of me and I grabbed his balls and squeezed as hard as I could. He yelped but I only squeezed harder. Finally after he was almost in tears I let go. He fell over and didn't get up. I said sorry but thought it was kind of funny. I think he was embarrassed his 110 pound cheerleader girlfriend did that to him. Girl Power!

I was at my girlfriend's house and she had 3 of her friends over and we started fighting over the remote and we were lying on the couch and I wouldn't let her have it so she jumped up and rammed her knee into my balls 3 times in a row. her friends thought it was hilarious. then her family was eating dinner and I was still lying on the couch holding my nuts and she was telling everyone what happened and her mom was laughing. I didn't think it was funny but she did get the remote from me.

bad were the injuries(if you know)? (ruptured?): no ruptures bad swelling Womans age and training?: 24 none Comments: I am glad this site is here, I have been wanting to tell this story for a long time. My husband and I had been out drinking on a Friday Night after work about two years ago. I had been telling him that my sister and I were pretty tough and could beat up most of the neighborhood boys when I was young, and that although I had never kicked a boy before my sister had kicked two different boys in the balls. Both times resulting in them falling to the floor crying. Well my husband just didn't believe my sist r and I ever beat up on boys and that neither of us could kick him in the balls. He thought he would kick my $%!@ in a fight. When we had gotten home that night he was really bothering me. I think he was threatened by what I told him and was really push ng my buttons and getting in my face and stuff. Well we both had too much to drink and I never would intentionally seriously hurt my husband, I love him too much. But I thought at the time I had to teach him a lesson and I thought the alcohol would sof en the kick I was about to give him to teach him that lesson. I pushed him against the bedroom wall to distract him and then kicked my foot as hard as I could right into his balls. He let out a sickening noize and dropped to the ground and started crying. I was very worried about him The next day after we woke up I saw him crying because he was still in so much pain and of course I couldn't stop telling him how sorry I was. Ironically he got into an argument a year later with my sister at our house and she kicked him in the balls too, he didn't cry this time but he did make some pretty weird noises on the floor for about an hour, and of course my $%!@y sister had to make fun of him while he was on the ground, she is such a bitch. I guess it didn't cause any real damage though because w just had our first child 3 months ago. And he did eventually forgive my sister and I. Comments: Like a lot of the gals my friends and I found it a game to kick boys in the nuts. Even had contests to see who had the best aim and who could make them cry. Boys 11-14 were the best because they were too embarrassed and/or macho to tell on you, not like the younger ones . They were not big and tough enough like the older ones to get even. So all young girls should try it at least once. Don't be scared, they would do it to you if they could.

I was in senior high school when that happened. One day, during the break between classes, a boy I knew was $%!@ing off a pair of girls. One of them grabbed his little nuts and pulled full force. The boy immediately fell to the ground, crying. He seemed o be in incredible pain. Most funny was that a little girl who didn't know about boys' testicle sensitivity asked me: "what is happening to him?". One of my friends said "she squeezed his balls!". The little girl stared with wide eyes

A few years ago when I was about 13 I caught my little brother in my room going through some personal stuff. He was about 9 or 10 and always pestering me. I chased him outside and caught behind the garage. I was very angry while he was l laughing. I had him pinned against the wall and kicked him in the testicles. He fell to the ground in a lot of pain holding himself. That is the only time I kicked a boy there, but now I know what to do if I need to.

My girlfriend got mad at me and decided I needed to learn a lesson. She kicked me as hard (her statement)as she could twice in my balls. I certainly respect her power over my vulnerable balls. She thought it was really funny though.

) I was in an arguement with my younger sister and she turned and started walking away from me so I grabbed her hair to stop her. She got so $%!@ed off about my pulling on her hair that she made a fist and just swung around. Don't think she realized that her aim was low at the time but her fist hit me right in the balls. My gym shorts didn't take much out of the energy so I dropped to my knees and held my balls. I remember her standing over me and giggling that she had taken my manhood

Someone kneed me in the crotch just to see what would happen. May I please ask all of you not to do that sort of thing for silly reasons. If you are in physical danger, OK, but don't resort to physical violence for other reasons. Girls don't know what it feels like. Well, the balls are very sensitive to pressure, like your eyeballs. Imagine if your eyeballs were hanging between your legs covered by just thin skin like your eyelids and someone hit them hard. Actually, it is even worse than that because the pain spreads all over the abdomen. I was unable to breathe at all for at least a minute when I was hit, because the pain paralysed my diaphragm. I thought i was going to suffocate.

in high school this guy called me a name so I kicked him in the balls. I thought it was really funny because he couldn't walk right for the rest of the day and every time I saw him I just laughed and asked him if his balls were swollen up. I think its fun to do this since only guys have nuts and you can totally kick them into their throats and they can't get you back.

I knew a girl who I liked and I'd play about and tease her sometimes. One day she obviously didn't feel like it so she told me to stop else I'd be sorry. I didn't stop so she got up, tripped me up so I was on my back, grabbed both of my legs, spread them and stomped right on my balls. I was left there rolling on the floor grabbing my nuts and wondering when the ache would stop.

Ok, i'm not really proud of this now, but it seemd cool at the time. in junior high my friends and i were talking about if it really worked to kick a guy in the balls. I mean if it really worked, you know. So i went up to a guy and said i knew a trick that showed how a girl was really stronger than a boy. I told him to grab my hands and hold them up high. he probably thougth it was some kind of arm thing. anyway, i just kneed him as hard as i could. did it work? WOW! he went down right away and stayed there. we laughed alot. i know, i know, it wasn't nice. i think i wanted to know if it worked so i could be confident. it was pretty funny though.

My girlfriend kneed me in the balls she thought it was funny, girls have no concept of the pain they are inflicting on a guy when they do this it is not funny and should only be used in self defense i wish she could turn into a guy for 20 mins and get hit in the balls to know what its like

We have discussed, how many kicks into the balls were needed, to get a man disabled, and I offered the two girls (good friends of me) to try and test it. So I kneed down and closed my eyes and the girls begin to Kick between my legs. First 4 times they do it very carefully and nothing happened. Then one girl put on other shoes with steel caps(Doc Martens) and she try it again. But now she was kicking very very hard and I went down on the ground. Both girl were laughing and enjoyed, so they continued with kicking. At last they grapped my balls and they had very much fun. My nuts were swelled both and very hurt for many hours. three days they were red and a little bit blue.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've had a nice man tell me about how well attacks work on a man's testicles, so I was prepared. I was in an elevator when a drunk man exposed his $%!@ to me. I remembered what I had been told by this other man and decided to give myself the best chance. I asked him if I could get a better look. So believe it or not he opened his pants completely and hung them open. I then grabbed one of his testicles and just started squeezing and pulling. He came right off his feet and started moaning loudly. I just kept it up and put as much twist and pressure as I could. He fell down and after a minute, I let go. He was hunched up holding his crotch and I could see his nuts peeking out behind so I gave him a couple of good hard kicks right in the bag. I could take my time and made sure that I struck the testicles with each kick. There is nothing that is so easy to injure on a man as his nuts, I recommend all women to make sure they use that advantage

(womans age) probably around 20 (mans age) 20 (training) don't know (story) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was at a party dancing with this really hot girl. Anyway, we started to get kind a freaky and I kind of touched her breast. She didn't seem to mind, so I sort of kept going (by the way, at that point I was dancing with her from behind). After a little while, she turned to face me, looked me in the eye, put her hands on my hips and kneed me pretty hard in the balls. My knees were bent ('cuz I was still dancing) and she was pretty upright, and she kind of pulled my waist into her thigh as she crunched my nuts with it. I figure with her position and leverage, she probably could have got me a lot harder, but apparently she had some degree of mercy. I swear, I feel like she could have killed me! I wanted to just drop to the ground right there but in an effort to save face, I managed to make it to the wall to recuperate. I just have to say that that REALLY hurt. Actually, I saw the same girl at a party a few weeks later. I didn't think she saw me but when she and her friends pushed by me in the crowd she gave me a sort of backhand flick to my nuts. It hurt and had me walking a little funny for a couple of minutes, but it was nothing like the knee shot

while teasing my wife in a playfull way,she warned me that she was not in the mood and that I better back off.I,thinking that I was the stronger of the sexes kept going when all of a sudden she drove her knee into my balls twice and said "I told you I'm not in the mood,maybe that will slow you down.At this point,I just got $%!@ed off and approached her again at which time she grabbed my nuts and squeezed and twisted until I begged her to stop.Now I know who is the boss in our family and it is not the man of the house.

This guy was wrestling with me and pinned me against the wall and was being a conceded jerk saying what are u gonna do now wimpy girl in front of all of my friends and his friends so i kneed him in the balls and down he went i felt very powerful because i was like jello wrestling him and now he was on the floor moaning at my mercy. what i found most interesting though is i didnt even think of this move it was a natural reaction and ive noticed girls always seem to automatically go for a guys balls like its programmmed into us or something

A girl came up to me and grabbed my balls and squezzed i doubled over when i did this she stole my wallet from my back pocket. I was in extreme pain lost all my ability to see,think,move,breathe. if she had just taken my balls and said give me your wallet or ill crush you i wouldve given her my wallet cause all my money and ids and stuff are not worth the pain she put me in.

She convinced the man to let her assist him in $%!@. When his guard was down, she grabbed his testicles and jerked them up while squeesing them. He fell to the ground and could not pursue her as she fled the scene. Please contact me for more information about women's self defese. My wife and I have been teaching this for approx. 5 years. See my home page.

Me and my boyfriend were play fighting so i gave him a little love tap back hand to his nuts. he hunched over and and gave a little moan. there was no force behind this strike with a powerful knee or punch or kick he wouldve been done for

i was just walking on the street.3 girls were asking me for money.i said no.so one of the girl kick me to the testicles.i felt on the ground crying.the three girls looked at me on the floor a long time with smile on their face.

My girlfriend and I were play fighting and she wanted to stop but I didn't so she rammed her barefoot into my testicles. I could feel her instep smash my balls. She giggled as I lay on the ground doubled over in pain.

I was playing around with my wife. We were in a water fight. I came up close and threw water on her when she wasn't expecting it. She kneed me in the balls. I fell on the floor. She thought it was kind of funny, I didn't.

Was joking around with my sister in law. I pushed her up against a wall and held her hands above her head with one hand as I tickled her armpit with the other. I asked her, "Now what are you going to do?" She raised her knee into my groin and held it tightly against my balls, and gave me a smirk. I let her go and never goofed around like that again! She could have killed me

looking back on it i think i overeacted but at a party a guy spilled a drink on my new shirt so i kneed him in the balls he went down holding himself and stayed down in the fetal position. im glad im not a guy and have to deal with tempermental girls who know how to hurt a guy

My girlfriend has hit me in the scrotum a couple of times. The first time was a few months before we started dating (we were only friends then). We had been out the night before, it got kind of late and she let me crash on her sofa. The next morning I tried to waken her up by tickeling her. I got into her bed, sat over her legs with my legs spread. I started to tickle her. At first she laughed and tried to tickle me backm but after 30 seconds she wanted me to stop. I didn´t, and she got mad. Suddenly she kneed me in the groin. I immidietly let go of her, grabbed my balls and fell to the floor in pain. She laughed at me and said I only got what I deserved.

One time my boyfriend and I were sort of play fighting. I went along with it. He tripped me and I fell to the ground. He jumped on top of me and just layed there. He layed right on my stomach so I couldn't breathe. I told him to get off and tryed to push im off but he didn't move. I reached down and grabbed his testicles and squeezed as hard as I could. He said "What the $%!@, let go, let go." He rolled over off of me and I got up and left his house. The next day he apologized. I didn't and we broke up.

My girlfriend and I were play fighting and she wanted to stop but I didn't so she rammed her barefoot into my testicles. I could feel her instep smash my balls. She giggled as I lay on the ground doubled over in pain.

was always making fun of melissa cordeck to the point of she really got mad at me. she wanted to fight me but i could not hit her. she said that she was going to fight me after school but i always avoided her on the way home. one day while i was in my l cker with my back turned she kicked me in the balls from behind. i cried so hard and she laughed at me with her cheerleader friends while i was on the ground. i don't think she fought fair and want to fight her but she said next time that she would punch e in the balls and break them. if i knew she would fight fair i might be able to hit her but i am too afriad of her now

I think its neet hitting a guy in the nuts they always grab there nuts make a weird face moan and go down all hunched over sometimes they wimper and cry it is a very powerful feeling for me a small girl knowing that i can take out any guy I have never done this in in self defense but i know it would work id like to know what it feels like but it looks like it hurts them a lot.

One day I was at school and was walking through the halls, and I saw a big group of people gathered together and I knew right away that it was a fight. Well I got up close enough to where I could see, and it turned out to be one of my best friends, and she was getting beat up by a guy! He was standing over her, kicking her. I pushed my way through, and came at him from behind. At this point he was just yelling and pointing at her, with his legs spread a bit. I came up behind him, and kicked as hard as I could between his legs, so that I hit his balls with my shin. I still cant believe how well that worked. He doubled over and fell to his knees, holding himself. I then punched him in the face, and he let go of himself to try go defend. I saw my chance again, and gave him another boot to the balls. I realized that I probably could have just kept kicking him, and there wasn't a thing that he could do about it. He was just there rolling around on the floor in pa! in. It felt great! I will do this again if I ever need to. I cant think of a better place to hit a guy.

I was walking down a flight of stairs at campus and lost my balance at the bottom and tried to grab on to this girl to stay up but I just knocked her books out of her hand into a puddle. I said sorry and she said all men are jerks and than kicked me in the balls and said who s the weaker sex now. I was on the ground for about ten minutes in extreme pain and was sore and afraid of women the rest of the day.

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2002-05-12 23:14:08

In a study among nuns and priests with everyone doing the same work such as teaching, nuns still lived over five years longer then priests. Did you know that 105 boys were born for every 100 girls and that parity between the sexes was reached by age thirty. That is well before any job related factors realy took place. And that your hormones make you more prone to do stupid things like racing cars, going through lights etc. Lets make it clear. I respect the strength a man has because of his hormones and balls, but I do not believe that the pain of a hit to a female groin equals that of a hit to a man with his dangling balls. Lets face it, balls are a disadvantage, why can't you believe that. I will continue this later with some real stories about guys who have been hit in the balls, such as the police man who was kneeded in the groin, then rescued by two lady officers. Why don't you just fact woman are superior by not having balls, I guess you are stupid or something.

Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2002-05-11 02:00:41

Did it ever occur to bogden that the reason that girls live longer then boys is because we do not have balls. It is those nasty hormones that gives you guys strength, but weakens your heart etc, that makes us girls live a lot longer. Did you know that castrated men known as eunichs live almost as long as women. So tell me now how wonderful it is to have them balls between your legs. Or can you just admit that women are superior for having a clitoris and not having those balls hanging dangerously between your legs. And that the nerves in our clitoris gives us the opportunity to have mutuple orgasims, and that our clitoris is somewhat protected by the skins of the labia and vulva, while your balls hang in a sac that can be attacked from the front, bottom or behind. Believe it or not I am not a sexest, I do regret that girls get periods and get pregnant, and have troule peeing in the woods. But for gosh sakes, give us poor girls a brake in saying that we have an advantage in not having balls