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Congrats woman! U rock! GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw I'm a smart boy (I know that girlz rule and boys suck, and that girls own boys, etc.)

you will accept it, they are girls and can do whatever they want whenever they want to stupid boys.

Hi, When I was 13, I was bullied my 7 year old sister, as we were home alone for the weekend, like usual. Then, suddenly, she jumped on me. I laughed at her and said she was being stupid. But what I didn't know was that she had been lifting my weights, even the ones I still can't lift yet. She easily got me to tap out, and then made me go upstairs on our dog's leash. She made me stand in the corner and made me put on her clothes, as I was a small kid. She then made me go in the backyard and she called all her friends over. They then made me put on dress-up baby clothes, and paraded me around the block. They brought me back inside and stripped me naked. They tied me to a pole in front of our house with tape on my mouth and a sign that read: "I deserve this, don't help me or else." Apparently people believed it, because I stayed there for the night, while her friends slept over and every once in a while brought me inside and tortured me a bit. Then, in the morning, my sister came outside and told me that our parents had called and were going to stay away for the rest of the month, 24 days. She tortured me every day and one day brought me to a park, in the middle of the night, riding me like a horse, and I was blindfolded. She led me into the forest and stripped me. Then she took away my clothes and left me there, tied to a tree. I stayed there for two days. Then she came back and made me promise to do anything she told me to do, no matter what. She has, so far forbidden me to date, to get married when I'm older, has made me do all her homework for her, and I have to pay her all the money I ever get, and she will pick how much money I get to keep when I'm older. She will be allowed to do anything in my apartment/house when I'm older. I am currently her slave, but not the only one. Her "boyfriend" "cheated" on her, and she made him a slave too. Also, my friends (two of them) tried to save me, and she now has four slaves. I now know that girls are the smartest, sexiest, strongest, most important, and most divine beings in the world, and I now worship my sister.